How To Adjust The Web Master Pro Harness: A Ruffwear Quick Start Video

How To Adjust The Web Master Pro Harness: A Ruffwear Quick Start Video

Hi, I’m Moira with Ruffwear and this is my little adventure hound, Jada. We’re here today, on this beautiful day in Central Oregon, to talk about our Web Master Pro. We’re going to learn how to properly fit and adjust it to your dog Jada’s going to help me with that, even though she’s a little bit more interested in the squirrels. Now we recommend that you adjust the harness on your dog before you hit the trails. We find that by loosening up all the straps first… and then putting then putting the harness on your dog and tightening them down is the best way to get this guy fitted. OK, so we’re going to start off by loosening up the chest straps. One thing that you’ll notice with Web Master Pro is we use all metal hardware. So, you’ll see metal sliders on the shoulder straps and chest strap. As well as metal hardware inside the chest plate… and on the girth straps on the side, as well. So let’s go ahead and loosen it up. First, what you’re going to do is start with the chest straps. You’ll pull on the metal sliders down toward the chest piece, here. And that’s going to lengthen them up. Pretty simple. I’ll do it to the other side. Pull down on the slider. This is going to lengthen it…open up the neck. And then the chest, as well. So you pull them all toward this chest plate. One great feature about having metal hardware is that it holds up to a lot of temperature variations. So, whether you’re going from sub-zero cold… to really hot conditions, the metal hardware is going to be very durable and strong and last the test of time. Okay… Once you have the chest all loosened up, turn it over on it’s side, where the buckles are. To unlace it, you’ll have to find the tail end, which can be tucked in to the strap cover… So, once you get the tail end, you can unlace it from the buckle, itself… …by pulling it out…all the way… …until the strap hangs free. And I’ll do the same for the back. Until the strap hangs free. Now that we have the harness fully loosened up at this point, we can put it on Jada and get our fitting started. First thing you’re going to do is slip it over the head… …just like this… …and you’re going to center the chest piece over their sternum bone. You’re going to pick up the right leg and pull it through the hole and pull up the first girth strap behind the front leg. Now to hold it in place, what you’re going to do is lace this up…get it nice and snug. Right at this spot. Nice and snug, against the body, and then lace it back through the top bar. Do the same for the back strap. Pull up. Get it nice and snug. Lace it through the top bar. Now here’s the key, with these buckles, what you do is a double back lacing system. And don’t worry if you forget this, there’s a little cheat sheet on the inside that shows you how to do it. All you do, after you’ve laced it up one direction, is you double back over on itself and back down through the lower bar. This really locks the strap in place and keeps it from slipping. So, I’m going to do the same on the back strap, where I double back over and down through the bottom bar. If you have some tail left over, you can tuck that back in to the girth strap cover so it’s not dangling. Now, last, we’re going to tighten up the chest, here. Just the same way that we did before when loosening it. We’re pulling on this metal slider and we’re getting this shoulder strap nice and snug. Now, you can adjust the center chest strap, if you need to. Jada has a pretty deep chest, so I’m going to keep her’s pretty open right here. Next, I want to point out some cool features on this harness. First off, we have two stash pockets. One on either side. They use coated, reverse coil zippers to
keep out the snow and ice. As you can see, when you open it up you
get these nice, stretchy mesh pockets so you can stuff items down in there to keep them protected. We get a large, padded handle on the back, that you can use if you’ve got a glove on, or something like that. We have two leash attachment points. The standard V-Ring up front, like our other harnesses, as well as the tow loop, that you can clip to right behind the padded handle. And that’s the Web Master Pro. Again, I’m Moira and this is Jada with Ruffwear. We want to thank you for watching today. And see you out on the trails. Go get the squirrel!

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10 Replies to “How To Adjust The Web Master Pro Harness: A Ruffwear Quick Start Video”

  1. These are absolutely the best harnesses. I have 2 Ruffwear harnesses for my Labrador Retriever, and she's a lot happier compared to a traditional collar. People comment all the time if shes a rescue dog, since the harnesses I own are both red.

  2. No way I'd feed those straps thru every time off and on. Why isn't a buckle used that can be set at the right adjustment and a left alone?

  3. Should I wait until my puppy is fully grown or at least close to It? I have a 6 month old australian cattle dog that weights 31 lbs. I am not sure how big he will get since we did not get a chance to see his parents when we rescued him. He is purebred and this breed's eventual size can vary drastically.

  4. RuffWear makes THE best harnesses hands down. All 4 of our dogs have these. A lot of thought went into this design and they didn’t scrimp on anything. It commands top dollar and its worth it. Once you’ve used one of these – or even their Front Range harness – you’ll never go back to those crappy cheap big chain pet store things.
    Why would anyone downvote this informative video? Makes no sense. And people will complain and comment negatively about ANYTHING. Ridiculous

  5. This looks to be the only pack style you do for 'xs' or 'xxs' size is that correct? Have been looking at getting your Singletrak or Palisades, but the smallest size is 's' size in them. Then saw this webmaster pro with some pack capability in an 'xs', but unfortunately doesn't have the easy clips (for the reasons you gave on someone else's comment). I'm in Australia and more likely to be in hot conditions than cold ones and that metal buckle would just be a branding iron for dog, and me, when touching it, ha. FYI have the webmaster in 'xs' already, love love it (although some wiggle when done up at it's tightest), just looking for something with pack capability for an xs/xxs pupper.

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