How to block advertisements (ads) on webpages using Chrome browser

How to block advertisements (ads) on webpages using Chrome browser

high today I’m going to give you a nice
Windows kept me going to install Adblock or chrome browser extension of the
blocks advertisement on most of their pride at least the ones which have Flash
content those will be blocked and let’s go to you too just to see what will
happen after be installed the adblock extension now here we see an
advertisement on top of this page now install an extension which is free of
cost a.m. it will not pop you for purchasing on or anything of that so
we’re going to take on extensions once we get into settings and scroll all the
way to the bottom and click on this link it more extensions for block and you’re looking at the one with say most
popular and under the tensions should be the very first one it says here and got
off by store close to fight or eating more than $160,000 so we’re going to
click the + button here and it’s got a problem here to add extension gonna try
and stall that extension of your browser in the background and $100 itself it’s
going to open blocked welcome message page and you don’t need to really into
any of that they can close it and I can hear of a drug and the cycle that’s when
you’re sure that extension has been installed so now that install we can
refresh this page A game to see if this advertisement so says there are goes
away and I refreshed it and you can see the advertisement is no longer being
senior so congratulations you have installed at block on here and you can
see this number three on this icon that indicates that the blog free
advertisements on this page and you have various options to you know block and
advertisement of this page or not run on this page you can cause a blog for
certain sides so you have a whole bunch of options within this extension if you
want to play around with it so hope you like this video and
hope it helps your browsing the future thanks for watching

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