How to build an Online Business with NO Tech Experience (Builderall Review 2019)

How to build an Online Business with NO Tech Experience (Builderall Review 2019)

In this video I’ll show you how to build an online business without any technical experience and you’ll also learn how you can make
passive income with the same system. Digital Normals #RedefineYourNormal What’s up guys?! I’m Frank from
Digital Normals and this channel is all about marketing, mindset, and more. Today
I’m gonna show you a platform that allows you to build and grow your online
business without any technical experience no matter if you want to
build a website, sales funnels, landing pages, stores, blocks or even apps. It’s
all in there but not only that… Let me jump right in to show you some more here. Right here on top you have the builders. If you open that you have a
drag and drop system to build websites but also sales funnels. If you for
example choose sales funnels you have all these presets no matter what you
want to do. If you want to launch a product, if you want to create a lead
magnet, if you want to create a webinar funnel. If you select a funnel you see a
video that explains exactly how the funnel works. It even shows you how many
minutes you will need to customize the funnel. You have different kinds of
presets here and then you can edit the headline, you can edit the image… so
whatever you want to do, you can do this here. Down here you can also see the app
creator. Next you have the mailing boss autoresponder. Here you can create email
lists, automate the follow up with your prospects. You can also connect the
platform with another email autoresponder like Aweber or GetResponse. Next you have a design area here. If you want to promote an e-book or an app you have all these presets. You can just upload
your images and insert them here. You also have a presentation builder and a photo studio. Videos…you can animate videos or create floating videos. Then
you have an app section. If you open it you will find a lot of cool stuff
like an own Facebook chatbot for example, SEO tools,… you can create your
own webinars down here and then down here, what I think makes the platform
really special, are the tutorials and training videos. You actually have videos
that explain every single area of the menu. How to animate videos for example, how to program when an object enters and exits on your timeline. And in
addition to that you have the training section. Here you can actually
learn how to build a website or how to build a funnel. It’s all in this one
platform, what’s pretty crazy… Well guys, I don’t know what kind of business you want to start but I think by now we all know
that you can definitely build and grow it with this platform. They aren’t only
the best overall price and quality product on the market, they also have a
7 Days Free Trial (no credit card required) I leave a link down in the
description so you can have a look for yourself again, play around a little bit,
see if you like it or not and even if you purchase, you still have a 30 Days
Money Back Guarantee, so there’s really no risk at all. At the beginning of the
video I told you that you can make passive income using the system so
here’s how: If you are serious about your business and you go with their business
plan then they automatically give you affiliate status what means that you can
start earning commissions right away by promoting the product. Now you have to
know that they have one of the best affiliate programs out there because if
you get somebody to sign up you earn 100% in commissions and after that you
keep earning a lower monthly commission from that person because it’s a
membership based product but not only that… If the same person gets somebody
else to sign up you will earn commissions for that person as well so
you receive two levels of commission on a monthly basis. There are people out
there making six figures only by promoting this one product as an
affiliate. If you want to know more about affiliate marketing and how a new
haircut can change your life then check out the video right here and I’ll see
you on the next one! So what is affiliate marketing? As an affiliate marketer you
are selling other companies products or services and you earn a commission for
the traffic or sales that are generated from your referrals.

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