How to Convert an E-learning Template to a Gamified Interaction

How to Convert an E-learning Template to a Gamified Interaction

alright so in this de trauma do a quick overview of how we took an existing template it was kind of a meet the team template where you can meet different team members and then we're going to convert that to something that has some gamified principles or elements to that so let's look at the original template the way that's designed is I'm going to meet the team and then I've got these different team members as I click on a team member I can collect some information and close it and then I can continue and meet all the team members so this was the existing template and this is something we may run into at work we have some existing content it's not a bad exploration activity right because I can collect information what we want to do is use that ability to collect information so you can explore you can collect somewhere in the process we want to add some risk we want you to assess if the information you've collected is valuable or not and we want you to use that to make a decision so let's look at how we modified this template so let me come back here so let's look at the game of fide template we're still going to use that core structure so what we want to do here is we're going to interview the people so that's the meet the team structure that we get out-of-the-box what we want to do though is as we interview them is we want to collect the information and that'll go into a notebook that we see up here right so you're going to interview them if you think what some what they give you is important you can go ahead and hit this collect button and that'll load up that information in the notebook and then somewhere else in the activity and you would have access to that the key is that you want to interview people and we want to add some risk in there as you interview people some interviews or good interview some are bad you need to know to make the right decision that's part of the learning process and then as you make decisions you're going to get points assigned and if you exceed your points my Security's gonna come and escort you out the building so in a real activity this is just a mocked up activity but in a real activity a part of the learning process is who should I ask who should I get information from who should I not bother and then that adds some risk to that and the more correct people you ask the more information you can collect if you ask the wrong people and you get escorted out the building or you know the interview process is stopped then you have less information to make an informed decision so what we did here is if we start this we're still using the meet the team structure I'm still gonna click but when you click you're gonna get some information so we'll assume something happened you need to interview people and find out what happened what information you need and then you need to determine if the information is important or not and then somewhere in an activity which we don't have built out in this demo somewhere in the activity you would use that information to make a decision so what we did here is we kept the meet the team structure to click and collect information what we did is we added a progress bar so you have ten potential people that you can interview so we have the progress bar here and that's keeping track of how many interviews interviews you've completed and all we're using is the variable that's counting that and then each interview is assigned a point value so you get up to 12 points so some of them like you click the ones down here they're worth like two points you can collect more interviews if you get to people who are let's say more important and or don't want to be bothered or maybe they have something to hide really it just depends on how you set it up you're gonna get like this will give you ten points so you can only interview probably two people before you get escorted out so let's look at how this works well click on Brian first when I click on Brian I you can see Brian's giving me information really doesn't matter what it is for this mock up I think it's important I'm gonna go ahead and collect that you can see I'm tracking that I've already had one interview if I close this and I go to the notebook now you can see that here's the information I collected from Brian and some are in that process I'll use that information to make a decision the learning process is you know who should I interview that's part of it and then the other part is you know what information is important there may be some distractors in the way I present the information and then we'll go ahead and click through here collect that do this here and you can see I can go go on now I messed up something on the progress meter but there's this should show – let me click on one more person here and it's showing three here we're going to close that and we're going to go ahead and click on here you can see I interviewed her but I didn't collect the information so you can see how that structure works and if I click on someone who's not the right person we'll go ahead and collect that I'm gonna go ahead and close it I went over the points now I have four people that I interviewed it's gonna say you only talk to four people hopefully you have enough information but I went over the point totals so that's kind of how that works so as you can see if we go backwards here the way the course structure works is that I have a point values assigned so that adds some risk as a learning experience I have to know what information I need to collect so I have to have some some idea of what's going on I need to determine what information is important what's not important and collect that and then there's that sense of risk and the exploration that we added in here and then when it's all said and done I have this kind of learning journal and I can use this information later in my course maybe this these are some clues or things I can use in my scenario so these might be HR people giving you some tips or co-workers you know however you want to structure that hopefully this is something you can use and it gives you some ideas how you might be able to modify an existing template on your own

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