How to Create Product Launch Funnels Quick Using ClickFunnels Templates

How to Create Product Launch Funnels Quick Using ClickFunnels Templates

at launch funnels secrets if you want to
learn how to use product lunch that I can’t even talk right now how to use
product launch funnels to persuade people to buy your products then this is
the video for you my name is Stacia Kennedy and I’ve been teaching and
training entrepreneurs to generate more leads and sales online for about a
decade and I love doing that kind of stuff and giving you some inspiration
while we well at the same time so let’s get right into it a product launch
funnel is actually pretty cool because it coincides with my philosophy of the
four part credibility building series if you’re a brand new which a lot of us
feel brand new I still feel like I’m brand new I like to use the four part
credibility building series which is basically like a product launch you’re
basically sharing with people who you are why you have any credibility in the
industry of what you’re talking about what you’re selling and you go in and
tell people more about you know how to how to how you actually solve people’s
problems like you just give away value right and I like doing it throughout
videos so with a product launch funnel secret basically it’s a funnel page a
page a actual website where you’re giving people information about who you
are maybe your story maybe more about the product story testimonials and then
actually you know making the offer so a product launch funnel actually is a few
different pages and within that funnel or websites website pages it actually is
explaining the product and service and taking you down into the buyers journey
until the maybe the fourth video or sales page where it actually you know
after you asked for the sale so a product launch funnel would do that so
it consists of more than one actual page and each one has usually a video
coinciding with it and I used click funnels to create these type of product
launch funnels pages you can actually probably you know do this in a lot of
different what wordpress or different other
website builders but I like using clickfunnels
so I’m gonna show you on the screen real quick here a couple of examples and you
can actually grab these product launch funnel templates if you decide to buy
click funnels and test it out there is a 14-day free trial all you need to do is
click the link in the description and then email me that you want these
bonuses so these are some of the most amazing click funnels templates and I’ve
used a lot of these and a lot of times people are like like how did you design
those because I you know a lot of people who are actually already click funnels
users I don’t know that at least you probably already have access to this but
you can get access it to it from me and I can actually actually show you how I
redesign them to make them look you know like my own I mean actually it’s pretty
cool so like for this example like you see that they heard it’s like four
videos and someone would opt in to get this free training and sometimes it’s a
four-part video training series and that’s what a product launch funnel does
and inside each page it would have one video with a new you know training in it
and it’s automatically you know with your email autoresponder that you have
integrate with it you can drip the each day of the different funnels the
different videos to the prospects so hopefully I’m not talking too fast for
you guys but that’s what our product launch funnel is you’re like explaining
something and then once they opt-in for that free gift then they’re getting a
different video and a different page that you know that hosts that video
explaining about the product and service it’s really really simple the four-part
credibility building series if you decide to grab
click funnels which I’m showing you on my screen right now on how how it works
and how you can duplicate this you get my four-part credibility building series
which is actually it tells you exactly what to say obviously in your own words
but what each video would consist of and that’s what a product launch also is to
you can do it different ways where you have a video and you put it on on these
pages on these product launch funnel pages so you download the funnel and
it’s so simple if you’re watching any of my videos I basically go through this
tutorial but you literally click view funnel and downloads up downloads right
into your account you change the colors you change the texts like and each one
so this is the opt-in page and then you go down and then there’s the sales page
and each these three are probably about the same until the fourth one where you
actually give the offer so each one of these is like where you can host the
video you can upload it to YouTube Vimeo Wistia
and then put it on the page or look so simple just like do the video upload it
slap it on this page and then have it so that it drips every person that ops and
every day gets a new video and that’s what a product launch funnel does it’s
like you got a new video and you have your sales page and hey looks so pretty
and it looks like you know they all belong together because they do and you
can have it match your brand you can have the colors you could have a timer
like you can do all kinds of stuff with this stuff so and you can show them what
they’re gonna get next and if you really do this you can really like you know and
it gives you the template right here how to solve a problem in a certain amount
of time even if even if whatever you know so they get their templates are so
cool because it really helps me like get my brain started of like what I want to
put there and they also have something called FOMO scripts guys if you need
help on what to put on your pages you know video scripts on what to say in
these actual videos they have a great program called funnel scripts that will
help you with that too but for the design part on creating these pages you
can like upload your own custom domain you can like change out the videos
change out the background and it’s so simple it’s literally like drag and drop
like you click on edit page and then you just drag
drop the information on there I have full tutorials on it click funnels has a
lot of tutorials on it so I won’t go in further but you can have your order form
in here you can let me go back here and show you more of it because this is the
product launch funnel is basically an opt-in page and then a video and another
video in another video and then the offer and you don’t need to actually
like before I used to have to buy different plugins and different programs
all like integrated until one thing like the one page or WordPress and you have
to buy all these different plugins to take payments and the shopping cart and
all in all kinds of stuff but now I have everything included with clickfunnels I
do still use Aweber which is my email autoresponder that automatically emails
I can have email sequences sent out to people once they opt-in they get the
first video they get the link to that video the second video the third video
and then the sales page right the to actually take the payment so let me go
back there I think it click come a long time scroll down and they have great great
templates for for the order and the confirmation page to can I have all of
these in place and if you still need help on structuring your offers there’s
also something called the one funnel away challenge which I highly recommend
so I’m gonna make sure to put that in the link below to in the description the
one funnel away challenge will help you if you’re a new marketer or maybe you
just need some structure and it’ll give you for 30 days something to do and
implement in your business here is the order page pull this one up and there’s
all again you don’t have to stick to these colors you can simply like go in
and edit and change them out but this is what a product lunch funnel looks like
and I hope you like it yeah all kinds of different templates in here enter their
name and email address they can purchase have it connected with stripe or PayPal
so easy if you have any questions about what a product lunch funnel is or you
want to check out the video series bullet you know that I’ve been doing
here about the different types of funnels make sure to subscribe and click
one of the buttons on this page and we’ll see you on the next video
much love and aloha

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