How to Get Free Traffic to Your Offers Online

How to Get Free Traffic to Your Offers Online

Hey, Tanya Jennings here from Ueconomy Lab. Welcome back to the channel. I want to talk about traffic today, and I’m
not talking about driving around traffic. I’m talking about the traffic to your offers,
so how to get leads and turn those leads into sales. And how can you do it for free, because let’s
face it, you want as many eyeballs on your offers as you can get, but it normally comes
with a cost. Because whether you’re running Facebook ads,
Google ads, solo ads, it cost money. But how can you get free traffic? Well, I want to share three websites with
you today of where I actually advertise for free. Not going to cost you anything. The first one, just let me share my screen. The first one I want to share with you, it’s
called Now this is free classified ads, all you do
here is you go on and you just create a classified ad. There’s a few of these online platforms where
there’s people on there that are looking for services. They’re looking for things, whether it’s they’re
looking for things to buy or whether they’re looking for a business. You can actually place … You can see here,
place a free ad, and all you do is you just place your ed and it’s online. People can then search for it. The other two that I’ve got a to share with
you is globalfreeclassified Again, same thing. It’s a classified ad platform. I’ve just gone in, I’ve actually logged into
my account and I’ve gone down here and this is one of the ads that I’m currently running. It’s for one of my automated programs that
I advertise, where you know it’s all done for you. So they actually send the traffic and they
close the sales and it’s high ticket sales. So we’re making anywhere from $500 to $12,500
per sale. So you’ve got up to 400 characters, you can
actually put in whatever you want to put in your description. The beauty about these two other platforms. So there’s global free classified ads, and
the other one is, they’re not as strict as Craigslist. You’ll find that Craigslist trying to get,
if you’re in the make money online space, trying to get those ads approved on Craigslist
is a bit hit and miss. Whereas these other two platforms are quite
free. They’re quite happy to share whatever you
got on offer. And obviously the other one is Craigslist. This is Craigslist here. So what you need to do is you need to have
an image and you need to have a description. Now, you might go, “Oh well then how do I
create an image?” So I want to share what I do, I actually use,
it’s a total … Again free, free software. It’s actually called Canva, so and you can create … I create
all my graphics in Canva and as I said, it’s free. So I’ll just open up my actual classified
ads that I run. You’ve got templates within Canva, so you
can actually just choose the template that you want and obviously just swap out photos
and swap out the wording. So you can see on the side here, these are
all the different templates. You can just pick one and then I’ve just put
my image in here, $1,000 per day, bit of a blurb about what it is. And then I’ve got my website address. Now and you might go,
“Well that’s actually, that’s my website address. How does my affiliate link connect to my website
address?” And I’ll share with you how I do that as well. Look everyone, my friends and family laugh
at me because I’ve got more domain names than I do shoes. I seriously have a problem, I’ll think about
something and then all of a sudden I’ll see if the domain name’s available. And next thing I’ve bought it and it’s an
investment. So, I use most of the domain names that I
own. I think last count I’m at about 60, but how
do you actually connect your affiliate link to … So I’ve got getpaidliketanya and it’s
because it’s easy to remember. And I’ll go in, I’ll go over to … I’ve got
domain names with various different places. So there’s name cheap, go daddy and crazy
domains, because I’m based here in Australia. So I’ve actually got domain names with all
three of those domain name providers. And what you can do is you purchase your domain
name. I’ve got It’s about $12 a year. Very, very cheap to do. And the reason you’re doing that is because
if you’ve got your long affiliate link, people aren’t going to remember that. It’s quite hard to type in and it’s just easier
having a short name, whatever name you want to come up with. But what you do is, so I’m in my Namecheap
account here, I’ve purchased a domain, you go down here and it’s got redirect domain. So I’ve got redirected. So that’s redirecting to my landing page. And I can change that whenever I want, I can
change it to whatever I want. And then when you click on it, it actually
redirects to the landing page. So that’s how you redirect it. And that’s how you get a specific aim, a specific
URL, like getpaidliketanya. So that’s three free traffic sources. So if I just go back over them again, you’ve
got over here, you’ve got globalfreeclassified, and the last one was So you know just, you can place as many ads
as you like on there as well. And you can actually choose the area. So whether it’s Sydney, if you’re in Australia,
whether it’s in the U.S., whether it’s in the UK, New Zealand, these are worldwide platforms. So you can actually specifically target specific
areas with whatever it is that you’re selling. So I hope you got some value out of that. Please consider subscribing. I do put out regular videos and it’s all to
help you build, grow, automate, and scale a successful online business and bring in
that passive income. So I’ll catch you on the next video. Thanks. Bye for now.

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