How to get quality backlinks on your website (fast!): 10 link building tips you need now

mmm how can I build quality backlinks
fast here are 10 things you need to know now I’m Caria watt the creator of the
Caria cares show and a digital strategist with nearly two decades of experience in
marketing and communications it’s my mission to help you achieve and exceed
your marketing goals through a tailored digital strategy for your business and
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because it’s free to build backlinks you need industry connections all the
ability to leverage other website connections search engines used to
analyse your web page to find relevant keywords to rank high on search now
search engines like Google pageRank algorithms looks at how many websites
have linked to your web page to determine the quality of your web page
and with updates like Google’s penguin search engines now focus on link quality
and not just link quantity in this video I have learned 10 ways to build high
quality backlinks fast a backlink is simply a link from one website to
another now search engines like Google use backlinks as a ranking signal
because when one website links to another it means they believe the
content is noteworthy high quality backlinks can help to increase a site’s
ranking position and visibility in search now link building is known as off
page SEO that helps you gain more website traffic but links must be
diverse there must be a from authority web pages and they must be built on a
consistent basis a high quality link is from a website that is reputable has
Authority and with a large readership these might be things like the New York
Times all the good men project rather than a general no name
blog so here are the 10 best SEO backlink techniques you can implement
today. number one social bookmarking it’s a great way for people to search
organize and manage bookmarks of webpages users save links to webpages
that they want to share using a social bookmarking site to store links examples
are de.lic.ious and find the most popular social bookmarking sites with
high authority and submit your website or blog to receive a backlink number 2
directory submission submitting your website to popular
business directories is another way to get decent amount of traffic to gain the
authority for Google there are many blog directories or website directories that
accept your link and list it in their directory number 3 forums now do you use
forum to engage with other like-minded individuals about your niche forums or
communities are a great source to boost your off page SEO practice answering
questions on forums is another way to get high quality backlinks if a forum
does not provide a follow link it is good to use forums to increase brand
awareness and generate traffic back to your website
number 4 article sharing you can add great value to your blog by submitting
an article on popular article sharing platforms try looking at our brain or
scooper to get genuine backlinks that are of high quality
number 5 question-and-answer platforms you can get tons of traffic and
backlinks by answering questions on web sites like Yahoo answer there are so
many people from each news who ask questions and want answers on a daily
basis on these types of platforms you have a wonderful opportunity to solve
problems relating to your niche and convert browsers back to your blog
number 6 document sharing now try using document sharing sites like SlideShare
you can upload your article as a PowerPoint slide share or a PDF file
getting backlinks from these type of sites
will ensure your targeted keywords are also optimized number seven blog
commenting being in the habit of commenting on blogs as an extremely good
practice for of page SEO there are many benefits such as analyzing common
questions being asked you can submit your comment and make sure you let
people know more about who you are and your blog or your website number a
competitor’s backlink you can find backlinks of your competitors by using
tools like Mars and semrush these platforms show you where your
competitors are getting their backlinks from and you can follow this practice to
generate similar backlink back links to your website number knowing business
reviews now business reviews are another off page optimisation that plays a big
role in off page SEO you can increase your brand awareness by giving reviews
on popular sites like Yelp putting your website URL on a high authority review
site will help get your brand to the top of Google search results number 10 guest
blogging posting an article on other people’s blogs and getting a backlink
adds great value to your website guest blogging is another great example of up
page SEO that earns high quality backlinks to your site but there is a
word of caution there are a couple of red flags to think about to avoid making
you appear spammy make sure that person isn’t getting paid
to publish your post also sites avoid sites that solely publish guest posts
and make sure the site is related to your niche in my experience being
published on a thority of relevant site with a backlink can help you rank high
on Google search quickly now what is one thing you can do this week to help
yourself get a reputable backlink and reach out with any questions you have or
let me know what topics you’d like me to cover and remember to like and share
this with a friend who could use a helping hand
why because #CariaCares about women helping women and men who could use that
again until next week peace

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