How to Know What You Are Meant to Do

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Add Your Social Media Accounts to Your HubSpot Marketing Portal

Add Your Social Media Accounts to Your HubSpot Marketing Portal

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69 Replies to “How to Know What You Are Meant to Do”

  1. you can get into real estate at 18. many people get their licence and become an agent at that age. i started investing at 19

  2. I did what I was told. College, degree, career. Than I started a business and started investing in real estate and found my passion. Now I’ve had success in real Estate Investing and business and have launched a YouTube channel trying to help others get started too. Thanks for sharing GV, good stuff.

  3. Yea man I’m 35 this Friday. This content challenge I just went through got me really excited about the future. Just $5k a month (1,250 a week) I could go full time. 500 subscribers by Christmas and profitable

  4. I finished my military career after 10 years, I wasn't even 30 yet. I found I had a talent and passion for art after that and I'll be honest I could make 60k a year and be absolutely 100% happy. I don't need staff or assistants. I just need to know my family is good and I'm good. The fact I can create something in my mind and make it real and then feed my family with that sale just blows my fucking mind. Never in my wildest dreams did I think I could do this. And I'm only just getting started after being in the art world for 8 years. I think the only reason I have found success so far is because I haven't lost focus or been distracted by failure. I've failed waaaaaay more than I've won. But the wins are sweeter and much more profitable because I didn't take short cuts. I love the people that have helped me along the way and thank them every chance I get. Gary real right here. Stop messing with stuff you don't want build for the rest of your life. Start messing with life long passions because the pay out is life long happiness.

  5. I worked in the oil field area for about 6 years. Everyone I worked around was about 35 years old. I worked about on average 80 hours a week at the end of my time there. I realized as a single dude at 27 years old "what the fuck am i doing here?" the money didn't mean shit, and for that realization I'm grateful. I learned about work ethic as well, forged in fire so to speak lol. So I'm making that transition now, I'm broke as shit but knowing that doesn't define me is great. Self discipline is hard, but it feels great moving in a direction that has some fucking meaning. Good luck to you all out there, believe me when I say the money ain't shit. I've seen a lot of depressed motherfuckers in $80,000 trucks, its just a vehicle brother, and once you realize it, sitting in one has no meaning.

  6. Gary Vee made my life. I started my company last year and it’s doing so well to a point whereby I moved out at my parents’ house and drop out of university. I’m 20. It’s insane! I wish I knew Gary Vee when I was 16.

  7. I'm hitting 27 and just transitioning into what I really love and passionate about. I can't wait to reach people with my story.

  8. Gary, thank you for being who you are. Even though I haven't achieved anything in my whole life of 26 years, I don't feel as hopeless anymore. With every video, speech and picture from you my perspective shifts a millimeter to the right direction. I hope one day those millimeters add up and help me create a new "me". God bless you.

  9. Wanting less means not being scared to try different things; (you won’t be scared to loose much) we are not the industrial generation and thank god we are not obliged to follow our parents who certainly traumatized me in what grown up life was! Break traditions ( that’s just a pretty word for refusing to change something) don’t do what’s practical it leads to misery for sure!

  10. Handing out free life advice and doesnt want a cent from it. Thats a genuine person right there. Talented young man that guy gary props for giving him advice like that 👊

  11. It’s a difficult thing to grasp but I think I’m starting to get an understanding of the message Gary is actually trying to preach. If you don’t have the #eyeofthetiger you’ll only ever doubt yourself and what you are doing regardless of how much money you make, waking up will be difficult

  12. Is that Asante Samuel? What???? That’s very cool!!! I thought Asante is 38 years old. It’s got to be another guy🤷🏼‍♀️

  13. Haven’t watched a Garyvee video in awhile this makes a shit ton of sense though. I guess people want to be “ON” right away and don’t want to work for it over a 2-3 year span. Sacrifice is still always key!

  14. When someone gets that talk…and their reaction is still “ can I get a photo” . I wonder if it really sunk in. I feel like the reaction should be “ fuck , I gotta go think . Can I email your when I figure this out?”

    But I’m not him. I’m probabaly wrong.

  15. I am 21, a law graduate, pushed myself to start my master’s degree this year – got in, started that – perhaps, a couple of days ago I actually left all of that comfort zone stuff behind and dropped out of uni. I think what gave me the courage to do that is :
    1. Reminded myself I’m young.
    2. Uni is always going to be here – but not my time & my dreams.
    3. If I fail: at least I tried cause I got sick of the “what if’s” at some point.
    4th and foremost: it’s about happiness:).

    I am finally letting in my entrepreneurial journey and can’t wait to live it up.

  16. You love to see a young smart entrepreneur in the NFL. So many people go broke in the league. Hopefully this guy’s teammates listen to him and follow his stuff.

  17. Oh of course real estate is the next best thing. Please find out what a real estate agent makes across the country 😱 you got to have 6-12 month of back up income. I been a real estate agent and broker since 1985. Real estate is changing. Hard work and big corps are taking over. Learn from Gary and really interview agents across the US before you dive in and spend your money. I am trying to learn social media for my biz because coldcalling doorknocking sending receipe cards is out. A good website is ranking lover then the big Corp websites. Our commissions have dropped , so bad, the risk for getting sued is higher, everyone has a friend as an agent Dont want to be a dream crusher but educate yourself before you dive in. If you still then like to do it Welcome, like to do a transaction with you. I am in to referrals as well. Real estate has different niches as well. Good luck my friend 👍 Pease dont get used because of who you are. Any Brokarage Firm needs bodys, they'll make money of you. Your just a money # for an agency. If you dont produce or get in trouble cause buyers and sellers complain they'll send your license back to the real estate commission 😎 really do your homework. 😍

  18. The only problem with this gary, is when you have kids and no mom or dad to help u still try to find ur passion it becomes more difficult. You have to really grind in whatever comes your way to try to feed the kids while paying rent when you have no degree with a minimum wage job. I get it what the overall msg is but realistically not everyone has the kind of money or backup to find their passion some people just trying to keep heads above water

  19. He had something on his heart he wanted to ask and Gary V kept cutting him off. Didn’t you just do.a talk on listening?

  20. “I made it” according to society standards and i was still not fulfilled. This second phase for me is figuring out what I want to do that I’m on fire about.. i don’t judge myself anymore when I start something and don’t finish. Because why?? It’s just a thought 💭

    Do what is essential – life always works out 💪🏾 unless you’re dead. And something is always guiding you in the present moment. Which is all there is! ❤️🙏🏾

  21. I wish people in their 20's and early 30's without kids would stop thinking they are so OLD. Try being in your 40's with a spouse and kids and you have to do what's valuable in order to create a decent living to support that responsibility. It's awesome to taste things when you're younger. You should certainly do that. It's harder to GRIND on your Smurf Collectibles Blog (like Gary likes to say) and  Hustle at night when that's the only time you have because you're a dad or a mom and and a day job person and you have to make real money to support your family. It's possible, it's just way harder.

  22. 25 and transitioning into what I love doing. All i ever want is to focus on storytelling. Storytelling through my YouTube channel. Storytelling through my books. The medium doesn't matter, it's all I ever wanted to do as a child and practicality and fear of getting old got to me. Never again. Thanks Gary.

  23. When I was young, I did what I was on fire about, and man oh man what a mistake! A mistake for which I have paid and still am paying, a LOT. If only I had taken a boring corporate or .gov job for a few years — one of those "soul crushing" things that people complain about — to get a leg up. Even just 6 or 8 years of decent money, early on, would have made a WORLD of difference. Try doing financial planning later in life, looking at a $700 SS check. It ain't pretty.
    I think Gary V has some good advice, and it may fit for a lot of people, or at least some people, but not everyone, and sometimes it can go disastrously wrong.
    One needs an holistic analysis that goes far beyond just the question "are you on fire about so-and-so?". Fine and good to be on fire, but success has many other ingredients that, typically in combination, can be much more important than passion, such as:
    — Social skills and emotional intelligence
    — Political and sales skills
    — Street smarts (impossible to quantify, hard even to define, but clearly real); lack of sophomoric gullibility and naivete
    — Freedom from serious psychiatric problems (mood disorders, personality disorders).
    — Freedom from serious drug or alcohol problems
    — Intelligence: I.Q. of 90 = probably have a hard time being a free-wheeling entrepreneur or follow-my-passion type; I.Q. of 105 = much better!
    — Sufficient self-awareness to know if you are the free-wheeling entrepreneur or follow-my-passion type (some people really are better off in "boring" — i.e. reliable, consistent — jobs)
    — Middle-class background, including non-impoverished family, personal history of non-poverty, and network of contacts that are doing at least OK in life
    — Decent early family life: no serious violence, no serious drug/alcohol stuff, no severe trauma
    — Good looks, including, for men, height (large and underappreciated factor in success)
    — White race (in spite of all advances of recent generations, STILL undeniably a factor)
    — Social circle of people with most/all of the foregoing, or skills and personality (outgoing, extroverted) sufficient to acquire such a social circle
    …. Long list! That's what occurs to me off the top; there may be more.
    Of course, none of those things alone is a deal maker/breaker, but they all add up and to an extent synergize with each other; the ultimate effect can be overwhelming. In my case, even having several big pluses (e.g. white race, tall and good looking, middle class background, intelligent) was not enough to overcome crippling deficiency in the others. I was on fire, and I worked hard for many years, but all that was not enough. Not even close.
    Gary V writes, above: "don't play it safe, especially while you are young. Take risks while you still have plenty of time to go and get a stable job if it doesn't play out." He also says (at 0:45 of video) that "you can always go on prevent defense". But is that true?
    GOOD stable jobs (i.e. real jobs with decent pay and bennies, not bullshit walmart stuff) don't grow on trees. They have been dwindling for ~40 years, with no end in sight, and the best time to get one is when you are young. Age-ism is very real but you will not appreciate how real until you've sent out 500 resumes and not gotten a single bite. Older people seldom get hired in to good jobs. Even older people with fantastic resumes have trouble, sometimes ending up chronically jobless and in poverty or precarity. (And if you've been "following your passion", it is unlikely that you'll have much if any resume!) Some of them end up dead, long before their time. The middle class has been hollowed-out, we have an epidemic of "deaths of despair" (suicide either directly, or indirectly via drugs, alcohol or lifestyle-related disease), and our life expectancy is now declining instead of increasing like every other developed country. Gary V does not talk about this stuff, because it does not reflect his personal experience (big success while still young), and because he does not pay much attention to public health statistics (no big deal; after all: who does?).
    I say, to at least some of you out there: go on prevent defense right from the start, the earlier the better, while you are still highly marketable. There'll be plenty of time to follow your passion later, and with a little luck and a lot of frugality, you'll be able to afford to follow it. The boring corporate or .gov job won't crush your soul, if you keep it for a limited time and save every nickel to establish your material beachhead (and work credits history for decent SS checks later on; do not underestimate this, as I did!). In this connection, Gary V's recent advice to "move back home" (give up the bullshit vanity spending) is very good.
    Money can't buy happiness, indeed, but happiness can't buy groceries. Be sure the groceries are covered, I say, and THEN follow your passion.
    I speak from long hard experience. But YMMV. I have no way of knowing whether or not this advice applies to you, specifically, and what proportion of people it applies to. Maybe it is good advice for only 10% of you out there; maybe you are all budding Gary Vs or Elon Musks, in which case my advice would compromise your brilliant success. OR, maybe it is good advice for 90%. I don't know.
    I DO know however that the great majority of new businesses fail (statistical fact) and that numerous highly persuasive motivation-and-success salesmen are in the business of promoting the idea that Yes You Can, when the reality might be that No You Can't, depending on a lot of things: see my list above (factors never mentioned by said success salesmen, because fatal to what they are selling), and augment the list with other things I did not think of. Further, if you try without first creating a safety net for yourself, you might fall on your face, and likely no one is going to be there to pick you up. A LOT of people are falling on their faces these days (another statistical fact), and indeed not just "these days" but always; it is just that you don't hear much about them.
    Capitalism likes to feature inspiring success stories, and prefers not to tell us about the quarter-million broke depressed folks, out of work for a decade, who blew their brains out or OD'ed on fentanyl last year. (And for every suicide/OD catastrophe, there are of course a score of lesser disasters.) We lap up the success stories, because it feels good! Success stories are a sort of addictive drug, which our pusher (capitalism) is all too happy to supply.
    Where are the youtube channels featuring people who failed in life and are now struggling to stay off the bottle and to afford their blood sugar meds? There ought to be at least 10 of them for each success-motivation-Yes-You-CAN channel, to accurately reflect reality. But I'll bet you can't name one. There might not even BE one, let alone dozens. This is what brainwashing looks like.
    Thanks for reading this long rant. Which as you might have guessed has been brewing in me for a good long while. And there's more. Haha.

  24. I'm leaving my job and traveling for the next 6 months. I'm 24 and my dream is to become a full time youtuber / photographer. Time will tell of what will happen but I'm excited and a little nervous at what will happen

  25. How do you become patient when youre chasing a sports career? Because age is a factor that can make or break you. I am 18, and started playing when I was 13 and obviously started later than most people and I'm not 6'9+. I've never made the team at my school and just got cut from varsity my senior year. I am struggling with choosing if I should be practical and possible do something that I don't love or keep trying and possibly be delusional. Im more excited to wake up and practice before and after school than play in games, but I don't want to be in my 40s later and regret spending so much time on basketball when I could spend it on something else. It just feels like what I'm doing is not working and idk what I should do. Please reply….

  26. Doing what you love is a luxury not a choice for most people. Making money from what you love can take months if not years. In the meantime who is going to pay for your life/bills?

  27. 2:11 NO, try being on a second chapter at 44 and the only job you’ve had was in education and transportation til that bad bus accident at work happens. And it lead to me creating an after school reading strategies and development program for middle school students and now just got myself incorporated by the state and mentoring high school students at 2 high schools while building a nonprofit. Before all of that my first thoughts after my accident was Dee you just hit a lick and you got some serious decisions to make cus whose going to hire you at the age of 43-44😂 11months later I’m building my nonprofit for middle schoolers, I got bought out by my employer because of the accident AND I’m mentoring students on self Awareness and leadership. It’s been a scary awakening and journey in 2019. 2020 bring it, cus I’m READY and I refuse to ever work for anyone else again. #ImFree 🌟🙌🏾🙏🏾

  28. I just turned 25, I’m from New York City. I want to become a full time artist (rapper). I feel like I make good music but the money just isn’t coming in yet and my social media isn’t where I want it to be yet. I’m doing an internship for IT right now but I don’t know where to go with it. I’ve put music on pause for awhile just to focus on IT since it’s very time consuming for me. I barely know anything about computers (I’ve learned a bit more through this process) but I hopped on the opportunity of joining a program for it because my part time job at the time was something I hated doing. The internship i have is going okay for now, I don’t feel like I’m learning that much just a bit. It actually was really dreadful for me to do that to myself but I wanted to do it because I realized I need to make something happen financially for myself. I’m also working on starting my first podcast airing on Saturday November 16th at 6PM (Eastern time zone). As an artist getting older it’s discouraging to not see much progress. I’ve been making music for the past 2 years, if someone can give me some feedback or advice on anything I’d appreciate it. I don’t enjoy the feeling of being this confused, thank you Gary.

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