How To Make 2-Ingredient Pizza With Ben Feldman, Ryan Michelle Bathé, Danny Seo And Kelly

How To Make 2-Ingredient Pizza With Ben Feldman, Ryan Michelle Bathé, Danny Seo And Kelly

– And speaking of visions, last year I had a vision for
a rooftop garden at my studio, in fact we named our raised beds after one of my very first guests who also shares my passion for gardening Mrs. Jennifer Garner. The garden has taken. One clap. It’s good, I love her too, it’s good. (applauding) We love you Jennifer. The garden has taken off though,
so this week our gardener Reid stopped by with a group of kids, to start our 2020 harvest,
y’all take a look. (upbeat music) – [Reid] This is arugula we
planted just a few weeks ago, and it’s already ready to eat. These are violas and they are so pretty, they’re a lot of different colors. – I wanna get this rose. Oh, that one. – Next, we’re gonna harvest broccoli rab. You can try that part. – That for sure tastes like broccoli. – This is kale. – What is kale used for? – You can either eat it
raw or you can saute it. So we’re gonna cook with what we harvested and make something great. (cheers) – All right y’all, well
Reid is here today, stand up for us Reid. (cheers) He’s our gardener. The kids look like they had fun. – We had so much fun, we had a blast. We harvested some great vegetables like, arugula, kale, violas. – You wanna stand, you were like no. (laughter) I’m trying to give you the spotlight Reid. – Thank you, thank you. and yeah we even tasted
some which was really fun. – [Kelly] Yeah. – I’m such an advocate
to teach kids and garden, and show them that the
food that they consume, – [Kelly] At a young age yeah. – Yeah and it’s so
important to like you know do it with the family and also teach the next generation about really where their food comes from. – Yeah. It’s medicine, food is medicine. We are celebrating our 2020 vision hour, we are all aproned up and
ready to go and get healthy, our healthy cooking on
rather and as you can see, the kids who helped harvest our garden are ready to see how their veggies taste. Say hi to Lilly, Aniston and Jordan. (cheers) All right, we have the perfect
man to help us whip up, a delicious dish. He’s all about living your best life, in a healthy and sustainable way. He’s the editor of naturally Danny Seo. Whose winter issue is available right now, say hello to Danny Seo, y’all. I love how you. Yes, You’re funny by the way. (laughing) What do you think of the vegetables that you harvested today y’all, What do y’all think about those? Did you like them, the vegetables? – Yeah. – [Kelly] You picked them and
you’re like this is definitely tastes like broccoli. I heard you. (Laughter) So what are we making pizza? – We are making pizza today, because I feel like if
you’re trying to incorporate vegetables into a diet and maybe
you know a vegetable hater, right, who doesn’t love pizza? And so this is one of my easiest recipes. It’s the most downloaded recipe we’ve ever created with the magazine. And guess what? It has two ingredients. – [Kelly] All right. – And guess what the secret ingredient is? – What? – It’s yogurt. – Oh yogurt. – Yogurt? – So you’re doing a full
fat Greek style yogurt to make this and basically
it’s one part yogurt. – Okay. – Two parts self rising
flour and that’s it. – Okay. – So does it make it kind of sour at all? – It doesn’t what it does, it
replaces the need for yeast. Because there’s a probiotic and yogurt, but there’s also protein. There’s also calcium and your liquid too. And so when you add self rising flour that has the baking soda already in it, so you just dump it. You dump it and you stir it. – [Kelly] Okay. – And like this is such
a kid friendly thing because you can’t mess it up. – My five year old loves to help me. – My kids would mess it up. – Yeah, no, my kids love to help. This is fun, and she
would love to do this. – And one of the things I’ll say is maybe someone at home right
now or in the audience is like oh I can’t eat gluten or know somebody who can’t eat gluten. – Yeah. – You can get the one for
one gluten free alternative. – Yeah. – So to this recipe just
add one and half teaspoons of baking soda so its three
ingredients instead of two. I’m sorry. – I’m out. – Your out? – I’m just kidding. I need the
gluten free so that’s good. Do y’all cook? – I do. – You can? – I do yeah. We had 43 people at our
house for Thankgiving. I cooked everything but the turkey. – You had 43 people. – 43 people. – Wait, everything but the turkey. – Everything but the turkey. Dressing, mac and cheese,
sweet potato, greens. You name it. – You name it. – Do you cook? – I can make guacamole
and I can scramble eggs. No I can barbecue if its outside, I can cook outside for some reason, I just can’t cook inside. – Very caveman of you, I like it. Okay, okay. – So this is the right recipe for you. – Yeah this is– – By the way this recipe is
fantastic to make on the grill. – Oh really! – So you get one of those
pizza stones for the grill and you can just do a whole
party and just rotate pizza’s. – We have one of those at
our house and never used it. – Now you can. _ Yeah – See, this is perfect for you. – When I bought the house, I was like what the hell is
this and then it was like okay, oh, I don’t know. – Its so simple, I know you can make pizza like basically guys you just mix like this until it comes together in a ball. You don’t have to let it
prove, it doesn’t have to rise. You roll it out. – Yeah, I love how you have prepped it. – And so what you do, you can put a little cornmeal
underneath if you want to. And of course what do you need for pizza? – Marinara. – You need some sauce. – This guys like sauce and beer. – We gonna put lots of sauce on the pizza. – All right – And this is where I think
its really fun for kids to actually help make their own pizza because what I love what you
did with the garden Kelly. – Yeah. – Is that the kids actually got to see where vegetables come from. – Exactly, that’s what
we done at our house and they love it, they think its so cool. They do it at their schools now too. – Its so important. – Yeah. – What I like to do is– – Does the sauce only go in
the middle, did I over sauce? – Oh no, and there is no right way or wrong way of doing this. – Oh she did real good down that end. – Everybody has done great. – Can we just decorate. – Yeah we decorate. And so I like to hide the vegetables – Okay. On top of the sauce. – And then take cheese and put it on top. There is even other
flowers you can use too. So like there is something
called cauliflower flour. – Yeah. – So if like you– – I use cauliflower crust, I have to, yeah – Yeah which is healthier,
you get more vegetables and its lower in carbs. But instead of like
grating fresh cauliflower and it gets all soggy. You can actually buy it in the store. – Amen, that’s what I do Danny. I’m definitely not at home whipping it up. In all my spare time. So then you just put this in. – So guys, you can actually
make fresh homemade pizza at home in less than 15 minutes. Load it with all the
veggies that you want. You put it at 450 degrees in the oven. – Oh TV magic, here it comes. Oh my gosh. – When you have– – She told me– – Whoa. – Yogurt pizza. Yours is a little different
we used the cauliflower. – Yeah thank you – Flour for this one. And I’m gonna slice this up
because guys you want some? – Do you want to try some? – Wait yeah, give, I feel terrible. – I dont know if your like mine. – I’ll take it, I’ll take it. – His the worst. – I don’t know what
happened to this pizza. – Just like what I do at home. – I shouldn’t be touching
you food, I’m sorry. – I know, I wash my hands,
I just want you to know. – Your better than my
children and actually eat what I serve them and not look
at me like I’m crazy person. – And that’s why I don’t
cook, that makes me so made. I’ve been in the kitchen, I’ve
worked so hard and they like I wanted take out. and I’m like you know
what i don’t have time. Like I’m so made, I spent two
hours , it’s like whatever. – This is actually really good. – What you think? – Its good. – Good. – Very good. – Good job Lilly, that’s awesome. – That’s so good. If you have impressed
children, you’ve won.

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