How to Optimize Your YouTube Channel

How to Optimize Your YouTube Channel

hi it’s Krystal King I’m this social
media professor for HubSpot Academy and today I’m going to talk to you about how
to structure your YouTube channel for the best success but before we get going
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YouTube channel set up and ready to go perhaps you’ve uploaded a few videos but
how can you make sure that your channel and your videos are really going to be
successful and if you haven’t set up your YouTube channel yet make sure you
check out the HubSpot Academy guide on creating your YouTube channel let’s talk
about how you can optimize your channel for the best results first your channel
art the banner that sits at the top of your channel giving the sizing right
isn’t always easy so check the resources section for a handy guide on sizes your
channel art should be simple and compelling a simple name or slogan can
be great such as in these examples from HubSpot mkbhd and Moz British pop star
Emma blackery even goes for the ultimate minimalist style but you can also use
your channel art as a call-out for a product or sometimes even a call to
action such as in this example from Pixar or this one from tasty if you have
a spokesperson to highlight featuring a person in your banner can also be
eye-catching next is the trailer a trailer helps people understand what
your channel is about you can use it to give a general overview of what to
expect on the channel or you can use it to highlight a specific product or
initiative you should change these up somewhat regularly definitely have two
trailer videos one for people new to the channel who have not yet subscribed and
another for returning subscribers channel trailers are typically 30 to 60
seconds in length and should tell viewers what they’ll see on your channel
be succinct ask people to subscribe both vocally and visually next think about
how to use the about Us page know that the first 48 characters that you use in
the description on this page show up in the youtube search results so filling
out this section is important for YouTube to serve up the best snippet of
content and search use keywords here that will help aid in search it’s also
an important place to tell people about your company and give a quick overview
of your products okay now let’s really
dive into some things that will make a big difference for your organic youtube
strategy namely optimizing your videos to best rank and search just like with
on-page SEO it’s important to optimize your videos title and description titles
are what people first read when scrolling through a list of videos so
make sure that yours is clear and compelling it should make searchers
curious about your content or make obvious that your video will help them
solve a problem do some keyword research to better understand what viewers are
searching for include the most important information and keywords in the
beginning of your title keep titles to around 60 characters to
prevent text from being cut off in the results pages next description YouTube
will only show the first two to three lines about a hundred characters of your
video’s description to read beyond that viewers will need to click show more to
see the rest for that reason always include important links or CTA s in the
beginning of your description and write the copy so that it drives views and
engagement use the description to include links for products discussed in
the video and to help your audience reach other links on your site that
might be relevant I asked YouTube vlogger Amy Landy know
what advice she had regarding the description for the youtube description
there’s a few things to consider here first of all again second largest search
engine to the world only two adopted mommy Google so with the description you
get a meta description as well on Google YouTube is going to look at the entire
description when they’re trying to figure out what is this video about and
how can we categorize it but Google is only gonna look at the first two or
three lines so when you’re looking at what’s the title of the video what’s in
the description what’s in the tags if there’s a major keyword that you’re
hoping people will defined your video when they’re looking for something in
that area you really want to make sure that keyword is at the very top of the
description somewhere we’re not just listing keywords in the description it
needs to be copy like you’re talking to somebody and they’re reading it but you
really want to make sure that those keywords that matter or at the top tags
are the next thing to talk about make sure that you’re highlighting your main
keywords and your tags tags associate your video with similar videos which
broadens its reach when tagging videos tag your most important keywords first
and try to include a good mix of more common keywords and longtail keywords
then attention to the category the video
belongs to after you upload a video to YouTube you can choose a video category
under advanced settings video categories group your video with related content on
the platform on YouTube you can sort your video into categories such as film
in animation autos & vehicles music pets and animals and more next is the
thumbnail when I talk to Bella Valentini my colleague who overhauled the HubSpot
Academy YouTube channel she said that one of her biggest surprises was the
uptick and watch time after she revitalized the thumbnails for visual
consistency in fact YouTube reports that 90% of the best performing videos on
YouTube have custom thumbnails when filming think of high quality shots that
accurately represent your video YouTube recommends a 1280 by 720 pixel image to
ensure that your thumbnail looks great on all screen sizes the thumbnail is
super important here what YouTube expert Nick Newman says about them having the
right thumbnail is is extremely important on YouTube because one way to
think about it is on YouTube the very first point of contact that people have
with your content is your thumbnail on your title if you are not winning those
clicks then you are going to lose YouTube gives us the click-through rate
and pressure data now which is amazing because what that does is that tells us
exactly how people are responding to our thumbnails so you can look at your
thumbnail and you can say hey my data inside of my analytics says that people
aren’t clicking on my thumbnails as much as I would like them to so I need to
figure out what I need to do to my thumbnails in order to make my audience
respond to it here are a few examples of what a
YouTube thumbnail could look like note you must verify your YouTube account to
upload a custom thumbnail image you can do this by visiting forward
slash verify and entering the verification code YouTube’s send you
another important way to optimize your videos is by adding subtitles and closed
captions they help viewers but they also optimize
your video for search by giving you another important opportunity to
highlight important keywords you can add subtitles or closed captions by
uploading a supported text transcript or time subtitles file this is called a sub
rip subtitle file or SRT check the resources section for more
information on how to create a custom SRT file you can also provide a full
transcript of the video and have YouTube time the subtitles automatically type
the subtitles or translation as you watch the video or use the service such
as read comm to transcribe the video which might be more accurate and will
save you time to add subtitles or closed captions head to your video manager and
find the video you want to add subtitles or closed captioning – then choose how
you’d like to add this note that your view may differ than that shown on the
slide depending on if you’re using creator studio or the older YouTube
video manager the last thing to consider is translation translated metadata may
increase the videos reach and discoverability translated video titles
and descriptions can show up in YouTube search results for viewers who speak
those other languages viewers who speak other languages can also find and watch
any of your videos with subtitles same language captions make your videos
available for hard of hearing or deaf viewers non-native speakers and viewers
in loud environments there are three ways you can translate videos either by
uploading your own translations asking the community to help you by adding
their own translations or turning on the feature to use speech recognition
technology to have captions automatically added for the videos
original language note that these may not always be accurate so that’s
something you should consider optimizing your channel and video should be a major
part of your youtube strategy doing so will help you be found in search and can
help you increase interest in your video

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