How To Promote Clickbank Products

How To Promote Clickbank Products

Hey, John Crestani here. I’ve made
millions on the internet and I’m going to show you how you can promote Clickbank
products which is a major affiliate network. And make money online in 3
simple steps. Let’s watch. I will be showing you live on my computer here
exactly how it’s done. Okay, so come over here real quick and I’ll show you how to
make money using Clickbank. Now, I’ve made millions of dollars on Clickbank. I make
hundreds of thousands of dollars per month on Clickbank right now. I’ve been
making money on Clickbank since 2012, is when I hit my first $1,000 day. That’s
$1,000 profit in one day. Very exciting stuff. That day changed my life but
I’ll show you how you can get started advertising and marketing products from
Clickbank marketplace. So, first off you’ll want to go to And
Clickbank will accept people from every country in the entire world except for 2.
And I think that’s Nigeria and North Korea. So, if you’re in any other country
then Nigeria and North Korea, you can use Clickbank. But what you have to do is you
have to sign up. So, first thing you do is you create an account and it will ask
you for some personal information. It’ll ask you, you know, your address and all
your bank account information. Because that’s what it needs to actually pay you
money. But that being said, Clickbank is a company that has been in business for 21
years. So, it’s a trustworthy company. It’s been around for a long time. You can look
it up I’m not going to do the research for you. But it’s a good company and I
work with them a lot. Now, the next step is you’ll go to the marketplace and
you’ll see this. This is affiliate market place. And this is where you’ll find
products that you want to advertise. Now, the first step. Number 1 promoting
products on Clickbank is choosing what what niche you want to be in. And
choosing a product to promote. So, come over here. What we’re going to do is we’re
gonna look at products to promote. Now, as we see. We’ll see there’s a bunch of
categories right here. See right there. And we can choose what category we want
to promote stuff in. So, let’s say you want to promote, you know, green products.
You can click that or you can click in the search bar you can click “Find a
product.” So, let’s say you’re interested in, you know, it could be fishing. It could
be babies, it could be walking or running. It could be fitness. But for this the
purposes of this demonstration, I’m just going to say the keto diet. Because that’s
something I’ve been looking into recently. Trying to trying to work off
this belly right here. I’ll just search keto in the search bar right there and
then I will click this search button so we see right here we have a lot of
products. See all these products that scroll down. Now, in order to find the
best product to advertise, what I’m actually going to do is I’m going to do
this setting over here which is called gravity. And what I want to find is…
Gravity is sort of like a stand-in for popularity. But you want to find products
that are being advertised by other affiliates. So we’re just going to… We’re
going to keep moving this up until we only get stuck with one. And we’ll see this
has a gravity of 138. Which roughly means about 138 other people are marketing this product and making
money with it each week. Now, that’s a really good indicator. Because would you
rather open a… You know, if you’re starting a business would you rather
open a McDonald’s or would you rather open a you know bucks burgers? Which one
will people likely go for? Well, there’s a lot more people making money with
McDonald’s. There’s thousands of people who own McDonald’s around the world. If
not tens of thousands. And they’re all making money for a reason because the
McDonald’s system works. It’s well marketed, it’s well branded it has the
right food that people want. The system works and it makes profits. So more
people open McDonald’s. They have a higher win rate. I want to make this
clear. There’s no rooting for the underdog on the internet. You want to go
with what’s already proven on the internet. That’s why we use gravity. So,
the first thing we do is… To get your link, we would actually go
over here and we’d click promote. This is how you get your affiliate link. And what
you’ll see also up here is the information of how much money you make
for a sale. Now, you see right here, it says $23. So on average, if somebody buys
these keto resources, you will make $23. So right here, we click promote. And when
you sign up for Clickbank, you’ll be given an affiliate ID. And you’ll just
enter in your affiliate ID, you know, let’s say it’s Trevor321. And you will click generate hop links, okay?
Now, what you’ll do is you’ll copy your hop link. You can copy it or you can
click the… This button right here to copy it. And says you successfully copied your
hop link. Now, what you need to do is you need to put your top link up places. I
call it your affiliate link. You need to put it up places to get people to click
on it who would be interested in buying whatever it is you’re selling. So, the
easiest way to get people to click on your hop link is, you know… And I’m going to
talk just the simplest way without even a website. Now, I run a business I don’t
have any employees. And I’ve been making millions of dollars a year. And for a
long time, I didn’t even have my own website. So you don’t need a website
either if you just want to get started. You can start off with I did a search
for keto diet on YouTube here. And you can put up, YouTube videos for free. And
what you’d want to do is you want to put up videos that are just teaching people
something about the keto diet. Again, you can look up information on the internet
to find more information about the keto diet. But as long as you are offering
value to the world and somehow organizing that information in a better
way, you will… People will watch your video and they will hopefully buy from
your link. Now, here’s a good example. Let’s find… Let’s find an example
here. Dr. Mike tries keto for 30 days. You could put up a video that says you know,
whatever your name is, tries keto for 30 days or some whatever
your name is tries keto. And what he does is he
talks about the keto diet. Now, what you could do is you could put up a link to
you whatever you’re selling in the description and tell people to go to the
description if they want to learn, if they want resources to help them out
with the keto diet or like meal plans or whatnot. And you’ll see that’s what Dr.
Mike does here. He has a link. He has an affiliate link for some other company in
the description here. I don’t know how much money he makes from this affiliate
link. But he probably does alright given that this video has 1.4 million views.
Okay? Even if one in every thousand people clicked on that or… You know,
bought from that link, you’d be making a fair amount of money. Let’s go over to
another method. You know, Facebook. I just searched for, you know, keto in
Facebook. We have a big group here that has a 169,000
members. Ketogenic diet for beginners. That’s a lot of people. And you can use
this group. You can create groups around particular topics in Facebook to help
people learn about a specific topic. I mean, keto diet. Who would have thought
there’s 169,000 people who would join a
Facebook group about this one diet? But again, when you’re on the internet,
you’re talking to the whole world. You don’t need to talk about broad topics to
get a lot of people interested. Here, here’s a post. It says are you currently
taking apple cider vinegar, see how it can help with weight loss. So, you could
put up a link just like this person is putting up posts about how you can lose
weight with keto. You could put up your link in this group. You could simply make
a post and you could, you could write a post in this group if you owned this
group. And you could get people buying from your link because you say, “Hey,
here’s some free… Here’s some keto resources if you want meal plans.” And the
third way is… Look at… Check this out. Keto transformations. 319,000 followers are
following keto transformations. And check this out. They have… They have a bunch of
affiliate links here. Look all this. Look at all these affiliate
links in their description right here. Now, if even one in a thousand people… It
looks like they’re putting up a post 2 hours ago, 2 hours ago,
2 hours ago. I mean it looks like these guys are putting up 4 posts a day,
okay? So, if one in every thousand people from this group clicks on you know… Ends
up buying something from one of your Keto resources, over a year period, that’s
like a thousand posts. Let’s do the math here. 319,000
followers. Let’s say 1,000 people buy… 1 in every thousand people buy
times 23. That’s still a cool 8,000 bucks. Now, if you got more,
if you had more things to sell people, you could make a lot more money. But the
point being, there’s… These are free methods to making money online. Free. You
don’t have to spend anything. And very easy to do that. So that’s really… That’s
really how you you market products on Clickbank. You want to find a niche that
you’re interested in. Second is you want to get an affiliate link to a product
you can promote in your niche. I searched I use keto as my example. And the
third step is you want to talk about whatever your niche is a lot. So in terms
of keto diet, you just keep posting about it on you
know an Instagram page or a Facebook page or group. Or a YouTube channel. And
you do this consistently. But the trick is consistency because what broke people
do is they jump around, okay? Broke people jump around. They get… They
they see one thing and they want to go to another thing and they go to another
thing and they go to another thing. Because everything sounds so interested
and you’re starting from scratch. But if you really have something where you want
to bring value to the world, again, you want to pick a niche that you resonate
with so you can be consistent in talking about it on the internet. Because nobody…
Nobody wants oh well maybe some people do. But most people don’t want, you know… A
you know, to be closed on a one call close. Or most people don’t want a one
night stand. People want relationships. And so if
you’re just… If you’re hopping around businesses, you’re not going to do very well.
So you want it… You want to focus on something. Build up your YouTube channel.
Build up your Facebook group or build up your… Build up your Instagram page and talk
about a specific topic. And get an affiliate link that can make you money
for your niche. Now, that’s 3 simple steps. If you’re interested in learning
more about affiliate marketing, that’s what I do.
I make millions of dollars a year doing this with absolutely no employees. You
can subscribe to my channel. There should be button or somewhere around. And
subscribe to my channel and you’ll get access to a free course on affiliate
marketing. Okay? That’s on my homepage. It’s a 10 video course where you can
learn about what I do and what’s involved in being an affiliate marketer. Like this video if you learned something. And comment below if these
tips helped you out and what you’d like to learn about in the next video so I
can help you learn as much as possible in this subject matter. Talk to you soon.
Hope this helps. See you.

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