How to Promote YouTube Videos on Twitter

How to Promote YouTube Videos on Twitter

hello everyone thank you so much for
joining me for this video because I want to talk to you about something that I
think is a very important and if you are creating videos or really if you’re any
kind of content creator I want you to make sure that you are using Twitter and
I know there’s a few of you who are thinking Oh Twitter I don’t want to use
Twitter but here’s why I think Twitter is valuable for you to promote your
content and to spread awareness for all of this value that you’re offering to
your audience and I know a lot of folks use Twitter to keep up with trends and
to keep up with news and all of that but here’s a couple of additional reasons
why I find Twitter important do you know that when you share a link to your
youtube video on twitter twitter creates what they call a twitter card and when
you have media files available there someone can watch your entire video on
twitter and if you check your analytics you may see that your videos are being
watched on Twitter now there may be a different
school of thought that says hey I don’t really want people watching my video on
Twitter but in order for them to at least get a taste get a little snippet
of what it is that you’re talking about I think that them seeing you on knowing
on Twitter and knowing that you have a youtube channel that they need to click
through to to subscribe and to connect with you and all that I think Twitter is
a great please to start now I want to talk about
one of the tools that I use and a lot of you guys are familiar with this tool and
it is Tubebuddy okay – Tubebuddy and by the way if you want to get your hands on
– buddy you go to and you get 20% off when you use
the code IleanesBuddy but I want to take you over here and just give you a
little bit of what you can see inside of your dashboard on – Tubebuddy so let’s just
I got my fingers crossed that we’re gonna see the correct screen here let’s
see what happens all right it’s something that and – buddy that is
called the launchpad and once you’ve connected your account and all that and
upload a video there – buddy will process it and let you know that there
are tweets out here that you have not gone and thank the person for tweeting
or acknowledged their tweet so that’s another benefit of using – buddy but
it’s also a good way to make sure that you are thanking your audience when they
do promote your content on Twitter and I also want to make sure that I impress
upon you if you are on Twitter please please please put your Twitter link in
the description of your videos there are so many times that I want to share
someone’s video on use on Twitter their their YouTube video on Twitter but I
want to give them credit I don’t want people to think that it’s my video
because I am a youtuber right so I want to give them credit and then I also want
them to see that I watched it and I shared it and I can’t find their Twitter
handle Oh drives me nuts okay so I ask you guys
please especially if you’re using to buddy is really simple to do you can go
back to all your videos by using the the mass tool that they have there where you
can go back and add your Twitter handle to a link to your Twitter in all of your
videos of course you also want to put your Twitter and your about page on
YouTube and also as one of your social media connected accounts okay and I do
want to say good morning to everyone that’s who’s here I want to continue
with my list I’m almost done and then I will open up for comments and chat ok so
the next thing that I want to talk to you about in terms of Twitter and
promoting your videos is going to be another Twitter extension a Chrome
extension that you can get and it’s called vid IQ now here’s a video that I
did I don’t know if if you were here but if you missed this make sure you go back
and watch this video where Tom Leon from YouTube came on my channel and I want
you to just notice over on the right-hand side as I scroll down we were
talking about creator studio in this video right but notice this little tool
over here on vid IQ that lets me see these tweets that went out in fact Tom
tweeted this out twice I’m not sure if I thanked him or not but it’s so easy
also my friend Larry snow tweeted this out it’s so easy for me to just click
through that and see their tweet make sure I liked in fact I didn’t like this
one and I can like it I can retweet it I can say thanks to Larry and not only will that help me but it
also reminds Larry that hey I appreciate you I’m so glad that you shared the
video okay so you’ve got your Twitter cards you’ve got to buddy with the
launch pad you’ve got adding that link to the description of each and every one
of your videos to make sure people know what your Twitter handle is and also of
it I cute so now here’s another big big big tip I’m gonna make sure you’re
paying attention participate in Twitter chats Twitter chats if you’re not
familiar with Twitter chats usually they happen once a week for example my friend
Madeline Sklar she does a chat that’s called Twitter smarter so it’s hashtag
twitter twitter smarter and it happens on Thursdays I believe it’s at 1:00 p.m.
Eastern so you can go over there you can get some more Twitter tips from Madeline
but you want to look for hashtags or possible Twitter chats that are in your
area of expertise where you’re going to be able to meet with others and also to
make those connections and find out what are the topics and the trends that
people are talking about for your content so it’s another way to you know
connect with the community and also to promote yourself you don’t go on there
and blatantly you know spam the chat that’s not my point
but people who ask questions and it’d be very handy for you to say Oh as a matter
of fact I’ve done a video about that and you know I talked about in the video all
right so as it comes up as a course of natural
conversation but of course you don’t go to anybody’s chat and spam it alright so
make sure that you find a Twitter chat and guess what if you can’t find one
start one there’s really no rules for it but there’s a lot of recommendations as
far as making sure that you do it consistently you have a hashtag that
people follow so they know when they can join the chat it’s nice if you also have
the questions all prepared ahead of time okay I’m not gonna do it to hold
tutorial on Twitter chats but I’m sure I’ve got one somewhere here on the
channel okay so the last thing that I want to recommend and I want you guys to
that are here live and if you’re watching this in a replay give me your
Twitter tips for promoting your videos do that right now alright because I’m
gonna move into the very last tip that I have you could call this a bonus tip go
live on Twitter okay just like right now I’m live on YouTube but you can use
Twitter at Twitter live or also known as periscope to promote your videos you can
let people know what your going to be talking about you can let them know what
time your going to be going your video your next video was going to either go
live if you’re going live or whenever you upload you can let folks know your
schedule like I said you can give them a teaser about the content that you’re
going to be presenting in your videos and also that’s a good time to resurface
you know people talk about repurpose right I say sometimes we have to
resurface you have that gem in your archive and your video arsenal right and
it’s evergreen content and you want to make sure everybody knows about it so
you go live and hey you guys may have missed this video
so there you have it I want to make sure that you guys know what a powerful tool
Twitter can be for promoting your content but especially video video
stands out on Twitter and there is a lot of interest from folks that are on
Twitter because people who aren’t Twitter they’re looking for content to
consume and you know some people like to read some people just like to look at
the funny gifts or whatever when they’re on Twitter but when you have a video
that really speaks to them and what it is that they’re about what they’re
trying to learn about or it just speaks speaks to them in terms of you your
online presence you being on video all the value that you offer in your video
Twitter is a powerful way to spread that message so thanks so much and be sure
that you subscribe to future videos here and check out some of the past videos
that I have here so now let me bring my attention over into the chat I see a lot
of these wonderful community members here I just so adore you guys thank you
so much for just stopping what you were doing and coming over here and hanging
out with me so I’m just going to make it so much quicker and I’m going to do a
screen share of the chat I’ve always told you guys to to connect with one
another so I want to make sure you’re doing that let’s make sure I share the
right thing there it is here’s the chats I’m going all the way back to the
beginning we got DJ tattoo mix Haiti and Donna just being real the Creator
spotlight everybody’s saying good morning hey hey
and Shawanna creative circles and my girl Pam Gomez was happenin lady and
Monique is here Shawanna is creative circle and advicing hi to one another to
techie is here and Michael heel hello hello my girl dryer buzzing Oh digital
and super Dale TV oh my gosh you guys are amazing thank you so much for coming
so who’s using Twitter let me know please leave your comment and and let me
know I see Pam is saying wow I’ve not been on periscope in forever
well think of it as just being Twitter live you can just a real quick recap for
those of you don’t know you can use the periscope app and make sure that
periscope app is connected with your Twitter and then of course you will
appear on Twitter alright your live stream will appear on Twitter and I
don’t know if you guys notice but when you go on the Twitter app now if you
open it up on mobile one of the things it will tell you is see what’s life so
if you do a live stream on Twitter it’s going to be up at the top and you know
they’ve give people an easy little link to tap to get up to the top of their
Twitter feed and if somebody’s life you’re gonna see it
alright so I’ve used that and it’s great when I go on Twitter when I’m going on
they’re looking for content I’d love to see if somebody’s life because I’ll
chime in so people can watch your video from the Twitter side as well as the
periscope side and I don’t know if Twitter’s ever going to combine that and
I think they’re just happy with the way it is right now so just know that you’re
really alive in two places because there’s people who are on the mobile
periscope app as versus versus the Twitter and the desktop experience
so you’re really on four places because you can do periscope desktop periscope
app Twitter desktop Twitter app so hey and go for it guys go for it and also
let’s see dryer buzz is saying that she’s loving Twitter Sports Talk has
been awesome yes I’ve seen you talking about sports
dryer buzz so I’m glad that it’s working out well for you I know you got your
sports teams down there and in the in the a dryer buzzes from Atlanta y’all
okay so look I want to make sure that you guys are all connecting with each
other so here’s my reminder this is what community is all about you see someone’s
chat you scroll over to the right hand side you see those three dots and then
you go to their channel so I do want everyone to go over to one another’s
channels right now and go ahead connect with one another and make sure you
subscribe in because we all got to survive together right here on this wide
platform of YouTube and you know you guys have all have something in common
so nothing else you guys all our subscribers here to my videos so I
appreciate and hey if you’re not a subscriber remember my hashtag – taps –
taps right what’s the – taps let’s see one tap to subscribe the
second tap is that little notifications Bell right and for those of you who are
regulars here – taps the first tap is to tap on that
little like button I only see two little thumbs up what’s up guys don’t forget to
tap like this video and the second one is to share it out so share share share
okay okay she wanna see you honey thank you
for coming so that’s what the two taps hashtag two taps is all about so I do
want hear from you who else is using Twitter
I see of course dryer buzz is using it with the Sports
Talk but you there’s got to be some other folks that are using Twitter and
are able to reap some of the benefits of it let’s just do a little screen share
why you guys are thinking about that and I’m gonna do a mobile screen share if I
can if I can get it together here now thanks for the thumbs up yeah yeah okay
so have a little difficulties get my screen shared from my mobile you know I
think Catalina has put a monkey wrench in some of my things here because it’s
telling me that is sharing and and yet alas I don’t see it
alright so there it is okay so I had to tap on the air server that’s what I’m
using to do the screen share so let’s see if we can just get some stuff going
here with Twitter so I’m gonna just go over to Twitter and I have a couple of
Twitter accounts alright so if you notice that no old thing popped down to
say tweet it so this is just letting me know that there’s new tweet so that’s a
great way to get up to the top of Twitter so right now I don’t see anybody
as being live over there but you can easily see who’s been the last folks
that have interacted engaged with your content either they retweeted you or
they said hi or whatever like for example since I’ve been on here and okay
I see you’ve got more guys are coming in saying hello and jean-michele junior
professor Eileen’s master classes in session thank you and Michael Hill is
saying diamond painting looks nice hobby to pass away the days yes I have been
hearing about diamond painting so I need to go and check out and see what that is
so I’ll put you guys up on screen cuz I think I forgot to put you up earlier
and a super Dell TV loved him and Shawanna oh she’s doing the diamond
painting there and that so I’m putting these comments up to techy I’m gonna get
you over on Twitter if it’s the last thing I do on the Creator spotlight show
oh my gosh hi how are you so sorry I did not see your comment earlier and then
Monique and my girl Pam and Donna you guys are incredible I love you so much
alright so let’s just see if there’s anything that I did not cover here with
Twitter because I have more than one Twitter account and so let’s just go
into my other that doesn’t seem like anybody’s live today so but if if there
were some folks that were live we would see the little pop-up come down oh there
we are no I’m not turning on notifications I
don’t use notifications on Twitter but I know some folks do so here we go
so see what I was saying earlier about Twitter putting the live streams up at
the top see it has sonic serve there and you know I’m not gonna tap through
because I don’t have permission to share his content but I just wanted you to see
that the way that they are promoting that content that is life so you guys
know I love life streaming too but it’s just really cool to see what videos look
like one so let’s see if I can give you guys a little example of how the video
looks on the front end hang on let me just go back to my alright so let’s just
go back to the screen share all right so here’s where
I posted that now that was just an image so that didn’t come through damage let’s
see if I can find one that was actual video I just love how Twitter gifts look
on Twitter if you aren’t using gifts let me know guys if you want to see a little
training about using gifts because I am even creating my own gifts nowadays so
I’d be happy to share that with you guys if you want to see that yeah I think
most of the time when I share I usually share an image and I I am actually
making people go through a little bit more extra steps because now they have
to click on that in order to get over to youtube but that’s okay because I think
the image gets the attention and and that’s what you want to do you want to
break up all the text that people are promoting there and we don’t want to go
too far down my rabbit hole of my Twitter and I complained a lot about
yesterday I was complaining about all the people doing videos about earpods
because I’m like geez everybody apples doing their own videos now too so that’s
good oh good morning Paul Peck drywall I just
want you to know that I were watching your videos and my friend who he does
those kinds of things he’s repairing a ceiling and even though you were talking
about the conditions in Florida and you know he was looking he didn’t want to
admit that he didn’t know a couple things that you shared in the video but
I know I never saw him do some of those things before so anybody wants to learn
about DIY project especially relating to drywall make sure
you file a Paul Peck it’s got amazing channel over there and showing you how
to repair your walls and your ceilings and all that good stuff so you guys are
all putting out valuable content and I just want to encourage you to continue
to do that continue with using YouTube you know a lot of times people may get
confused about what platforms they should use when they’re talking about
doing video you know Facebook of course is one of the options and like I
mentioned doing videos on Twitter and all that and then of course you have
Instagram but baby baby let me tell you you have got to use YouTube if you’re
creating any kind of videos I don’t care if it’s vertical I don’t even care is as
those really short videos or even if it’s really long if you’re doing
webinars and all that you need to put them on YouTube because YouTube gives
you the most chances for visibility of your content because of search and
because people are coming to YouTube to watch videos you know videos may have
their place on Facebook but for the most part people don’t go to Facebook to
watch videos you know LinkedIn has been promoting their LinkedIn life and it’s
so funny I follow this one podcast cuz you guys probably know I’m a big
consumer of content so I subscribe to lots of different formats and one of
them is podcasting and that gives me a chance when I want to give my eyes a
break or if I’m in the car going to work I can listen to podcasts so and I get
tired listening to the same people all the time right so I throw in this person
that I listen to who does a LinkedIn podcast and this podcast is very popular
LinkedIn do you know he was talking about how live video how he just don’t
want to watch live video on LinkedIn he doesn’t want to get notifications when
somebody’s live and I said you know what I’m glad he said that because once again
that proves my point you should be here on YouTube even if you are doing video
on LinkedIn cos hey everybody’s got opinions just like this person did
alright but when YouTube you don’t see anybody saying I don’t really want to
watch videos I don’t want to be notified when somebody goes live no because we do
we’re here because we want to consume this kind of content and of course we
like live videos and of course I know you guys are all gonna agree with me cuz
hey you’re probably watching me live my my pal studio geek is here hello hello
hello so studio geek is Young Band and he’s using Twitter and the reason why I
mention that guys and so you guys follow him studio geek 32 the reason why I
mention it is because young people have a tendency to not use Twitter but
Twitter is is amazing because of the ability to get your news to find out
what’s going on in your local area and it’s also quick and easy way to make
connections okay so I want you guys even if you have young folks in your life
encourage them to use Twitter and Twitter can be fun because you can post
the gifts and the emojis then we’ve got hashtags and all that stuff and I know
you use Twitter and and this is what I’m saying I’m so glad that you do use
Twitter and I you know I know I’ve done a lot of research looking for accounts
because of my day job this is how I found out that a lot of
younger folks don’t like to use Twitter but it’s it’s super powerful and I want
you to encourage the young folks in your life to just you know come on Twitter
even if they don’t post use Twitter to consume content that helps as well but
if you have a video that you need promotion for or you have a video
platform which I’m recommending YouTube but it doesn’t have to be YouTube it
could be any video platform could be even Facebook you can share your
Facebook videos on YouTube I mean on that on YouTube too you can do that as
well but on Twitter I recommend that you let people know that the video is on
Facebook okay just just a little tip you can test it out yourself
but I think that if people see videos on Twitter they’re just assume that they’re
on YouTube but you might want to just you know cuz some people not even on
Facebook believe it or not yeah there’s people that are on Twitter that are not
on Facebook okay but most people that are on Twitter are probably on YouTube
as well alright so you test it out and you guys let me know if you’ve got an
experience that’s different from mine’s because hey it all depends upon your
niche the type of content that you’re putting out there because I talk about
tech so and Twitter is like a lot of people that are in the tech space use
Twitter especially journalists and all of that so maybe if like for example
with Paul he does drywall stuff and I know that Paul’s on Twitter but let’s
just say he was only tweeting with people that do home repair that
experience will be different than my experience right but I think that Paul
should do some some live streaming over there on Twitter even if it’s like I
said earlier just to announce your video let people know
I got a new video coming out are you having this problem of drywall that
keeps cracking I’m just making something up right I’m gonna be talking about that
and my video and just let me know what your questions are just like I come on
and I say guys you let me know what your questions are and so what I’ll do is I
will probably because I didn’t think of it ahead of time go live later on
because I got to go out when I come back I’ll do a quick little live periscope
and talk about this video and let people know I shared some tips so with that
guys I am so glad of all of us well not all of us but most of us in the u.s. got
that extra hour of sleep last night baby baby I needed it I don’t know about you
but I did and I feel so refreshed and studio geek is saying he goes live on
Twitter a lot yeah and Twitter will you know keep your videos and so you have
that video archived there and you know I’ve gone over that before in Prior
videos so I appreciate each and every one of you who’s here watching alive
I plan to trim this video down but we shall see I might just leave it as is
and so if you’re watching here to the end be sure to check out these other
videos that’ll be here recommended just for you and I’ll see you guys in the
next video

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  1. At the 10:00 minute mark, one of the twitter tips I use is hashtags in my tweets. I often use #SouthsideSunday #SouthsideTribe to help promote church content from

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