How to Sell High Ticket Products on Dropshipping 2020 (BIG PROFITS Per Sale)

what is up guys welcome back to another
video on the channel and I think this is episode number 5 alright so one of my
loyal and new patrons support has asked me they wanted to know more about high
ticket drop shipping and is it going to be relevant in 2020 now this is a really
great question because high ticket drop shipping isn’t really talked about in
the drop shipping community there are a couple of videos out there you know
showing you guys you know how to do high ticket drop shipping but they don’t
really tell you exactly what it is and what is classified as a high ticket drop
shipper so basically you got to understand the differences between low
ticket drop shipping and high ticket drop shipping low ticket drop shipping
you’re gonna have small profits it’s going to be a lot easier to sell and
most importantly it’s going to be a lot more saturated and more competition now
with high ticket drop shipping okay you’re gonna have bigger profits it’s
going to be a lot harder to sell but less competition now whenever you’re
getting into high ticket drop shipping guys you got to understand that you know
you have to be good at marketing and you have to find a really great product so
in comparison with low ticket drop shipping you know that you have to sell
a lot of orders right you got to sell a lot of these you know products um you
got to get you know a high frequency of orders every single day in order to make
these the amount that you want now with high ticket drop shipping you can sell
one product and make $200 profit you can sell two products or three products and
make $500 profit now if you ask me you know that sounds a lot better than low
ticket drops um so this probably might be a really good starting point or a
really good opportunity to you know swing through and you know go into high
ticket drop shipping now does classify what a high ticket drop shipping product
is most the time they go about 500 to 1,000 dollars okay and you can you know
you’ll be surprised that you’ll find products that will sell for that amount
now the profit margin that you want to aim for is about 35 to 45 percent now
most of those low ticket drop shipping items are about 20% 15% you know maybe
even 25% you have a wider gap and that’s where
you want to aim for whenever you’re doing these high-tech dropshipping now
in order to find these products you can go on various different websites but
let’s use Aliexpress for example because that’s mostly where everyone is
literally getting the products and it’s a lot easier because you can import it
from there into our bure low or you can go on over low products and find
products that way now what you want to do is filter by pricing now once you
filter by pricing you want to sort it by orders and you want to price your
minimum ok your minimum pricing at about two hundred and fifty dollars maybe five
hundred if you want to get an even higher product profit margin okay so you
can go up to $1,000 for it to get the product but just know that you have to
sort it by order so that you know which products are actually in demand within
this high ticket drop shipping now whenever you’re finding these products
guys you got to understand that these products need to be high valued products
and most the time you know nowadays products are willing to give you money
so you know you can go as high as even $2,500 but know that it has to be in
high value product you got to know that the part the customer is going to be
willing to spend that much on that product you don’t want to get a random
product or you know something that you like and expect it to you know sell but
you want to get something that’s in demand and you know that people and
customers are going to actually buy from the you know from your store for that
specific product alright so I’m gonna give you guys a couple different
categories that you can get into so it makes that process a lot easier and I
got my notes here but you can get into bicycles
you know electric bicycles bike racks really big in this day and age furniture
home improvement digital cameras camera accessories home theater equipment
watches and jewelry that’s a huge one you know I got a homeboy out in Dallas
that is making a killing with his jewelry store he can literally spend
thirty dollars to acquire a customer and still make $100 profit that is the
pleasure of high ticket drop shipping guys that is why you know you guys need
to you know hop in it right now you got home appliances
you got automotive equipment and accessories I know do
that’s making way more than six figures every single day okay not every single
you know month or anything they’re making six figures every single day
selling automated products that’s a really you know highly targeted and
passionate niche you got electronic equipments arts and stationery and
drones ok drones is a big one many people think that’s a trade but it’s
really in demand right now it’s like the gold rush of gold if you want to add you
know get into it so don’t take drones for granted guys and those are the
specific categories you can get into and you can obviously see you know from
these specific categories you know if you have a lot of options here so don’t
take it for granted and hop into high ticket dropship now whenever you’re
going into promoting the specific products know that you have to have a
really good product research because once you go on facebook right you don’t
want to spend a lot of money and then not getting these sales and that’s going
to be a hassle you’re gonna be really stressed out and you don’t want that to
happen so you do have to do some research guys now I will say that when I
first got into high ticket dropshipping I did not get it the first time and most
likely you guys aren’t gonna get it the first time either I have more experience
than you guys so I’m gonna tell you you know what I’ve been going through
whenever I was doing hi to the dropship I’m not gonna sit here and lie and say
oh it’s a smooth selling process you know you’re gonna get the first time it
takes about a week to add a couple of products you know you do your product
research boom you make a million dollars it’s good to go no it’s not it’s gonna
be completely harder than doing low ticket drops and so you have to get into
that mindset and you got to know that okay I need a big budget okay what how
do you have my how am I gonna get that big budget well I need to have a job
okay I need to you know maybe do some side hustles maybe I news do some
volunteering and do some community things maybe I need to you know make
some sacrifices and not go out to the club or you know maybe not hang out with
my friends or do any of that stuff so that I can have enough cash flow for my
business so I can supply you know doing this high ticket dropship model because
it’s a complete different ballgame guys so understand that you
once you have a good budget you have a better chance another thing is your
Facebook advertising you need money to run Facebook Ads right and Facebook Ads
is only going to increase and be more expensive come 2020 you know whenever
you’re doing low ticket drop shipping you already have high competition right
so you know the thing is once again it’s a high ticket drop shipping you have
less competition but the playing field is still the same you still got to go
against all those advertisers so you definitely need to understand that you
have to have a budget whenever you’re getting tired to get drop shipping guys
and I really highly recommend finding products that are you know highly in
demand and necessity so this is products that people really need and you can find
these products you know on YouTube most of these products you know these
youtubers you know they do product reviews and then on the comments section
you know that people will say okay you know I was actually thinking about
getting that product maybe I should actually get it from the link in the
description or you know where the case might be that’s a really good sign to
actually promote that product and you know start you know making these
advertising campaigns in these specific niches so for an example if you’re in
the jewelry niche you know you want to actually check out you know a couple of
these jewelry competition stores um and see how
they’re actually advertising what kind of styles are in demand on Instagram and
then you can add those products and then you know target that you know the
specific age group like Millennials or you can target those customers that are
in demand for those products another great another great tactic for product
research for high ticket dropshipping guys is finding products that um that
you know people are passionate about right so for example like bicycles or
people that are you know they’re trying to you know improve their health or you
know they like to go mountain climbing or scuba diving or surfing you know you
can find really good height to get drop shipping products in those specific
field because those guys are passionate about it you know they live and breathe
those you know those niches and products right for example like me and on the
fitness guy I like fitness products so I’m gonna you know look out for my
health and if I can find something that that I’m willing to spend that’s going
to greatly improve you know my performance or my skills or my health I
will purchase it so pay attention to those
passionate products those are gonna be the key sleepers whenever you’re doing
high ticket drop shipping now obviously I got to include this one guys you have
to find trending products so you’d like I said you can go on or below or
Aliexpress sorted by orders and it the product research does doesn’t stop there
you have to you know put that product on Google you got to put it on Google
Trends you know you got to put it on Facebook search and see if people are
advertising it you got a kind of model after what’s actually working in you
know you have to have a blueprint a foundation so that you can build off of
that so because these are high ticket and you know drop shipping guys so you
got to know that you’re gonna be spending the big bucks just to acquire
customer but know that the word at the end is gonna be a lot better than to say
you know you know spending you know a thousands of thousand dollars just to
make maybe you know a thousand dollars profit right so high ticket drop
shipping is going to be really big in 2020 if you want to distinguish yourself
from the competition high ticket drive serving is definitely the way to go and
there are different ways than methods and strategies so all you have to do is
really hone in and actually watch a couple of videos you gotta what read a
couple blogs do extra research and implement do research implement then you
know you’ll climb up that letter on as fast as you know possible that you want
to be so if you did enjoy this video guys make sure you smash that like
button and subscribe if you’re new comment down any type of questions that
you would like to hear make sure you check out my patreon and link in the
description my course everything is down there and I’ll see you guys in the next

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