How To: Set Up Amazon Promotional Codes For Your FBA Products

How To: Set Up Amazon Promotional Codes For Your FBA Products

welcome back to the amazing seller and
right now today I’m about to jump over to my computer with you guys and show
you the exact step-by-step process that we used to set up our promotional codes
now if you setup promo codes in the past you’re probably thinking Chris I don’t
need this and in fact you’re probably right I’d go over to some of the other
videos that we suggest either above below wherever those things are showing
up for you depending on what device you’re on they’re gonna be in a
different spot go ahead and skip this one but if you haven’t set up a
promotional code before make sure that you watch this video because there’s
some things there’s some pitfalls that a lot of people run into when they’re
doing this that you can avoid if you do it with a little bit of thought and once
you’ve done it once you can do it consistently without ever hitting any of
those pitfalls but unless you’ve seen it done it can be kind of an overwhelming
thing so what do you say we jump over to the computer and I walk you step-by-step
through the exact process that we use to do this let’s go all right now we’re
inside seller central and we’re inside of the promotions tab all you need to do
to get here is go up to your advertising the little menu there in the header and
click on promotions right do not click on coupons that will take you to a
slightly different feature on Amazon what we want is promotions right and we
used to use those two terms interchangeably Amazon has a coupons
feature now which is not necessarily what we’re talking about when we’re
talking about launching a product this is something that’s really cool for kind
of conversion rate optimization getting more sales promotions is really where
we’re gonna be if we’re using our email list if we’re launching to an influencer
or any of those kinds of things are gonna take place inside of the
promotions tab now if you’ve never done this before the very first thing that
you need to do is actually create a product selection so you can go over to
manage product selection and that will take you to this tab right here now you
can see I’ve created a couple different product selections inside of this
account already but all you’re gonna have to do is pick something from this
drop-down list and then hit create product selection there’s a couple
different options here the first is a SKU list you can use your manufacturer
SKU to create a list of products or a single product you can use the ASA nason
tends to be what I use just because it’s the easiest to kind of find an isolate
especially if we’re using a handful of different products and you’ll see that
here in a minute browse node list if we wanted to put
everything that we had and kind of like a subcategory so we had a whole bunch of
garlic presses that we wanted to pull in that weren’t necessary
the same brand or on the same listening then we would be able to do that here
the brand name list if we have everything under the same brand we can
create a brand name list or advance product selection which allows us to
kind of dynamically create a list based on a few of these different things up
here I tend to use the Aysen list and you can go ahead and select that from
the drop-down and then hit create product selection it will take you to a
screen that looks exactly like this and you will see product selection name
internal description and the Aysen list the first thing we need to do is we need
to grab the Aysen of the product that we’re taking a look at and in this case
it’s the Zyliss sushi two garlic press so I just went to the Amazon listing and
I’m going to copy and paste that Aysen into the promotional tab so we’re gonna
go back to that product selection tab and paste in that Aysen where it says
East and list if we had three or four different variations you can actually
see on this product that there are a few different variations I could come into
each one of these and grab the Aysen and and drop that into the promotional list
as well if that’s what I wanted to do but in this case we’re only trying to
give a discount on the sushi to I think is what the name that garlic press was
so I’m just gonna grab that Aysen the next thing we need to do is we need to
actually name this product selection I like to make this something that’s gonna
be easy to remember so I’m gonna call this one garlic press 7 just because you
know we have a couple other garlic presses in here generally you’re gonna
want to name this what the product or group of products is so that you can see
it as a glance once you’ve named that you also need to give it an internal
description now I tend to make these the same things just to make it easy but if
you wanted to give this a little bit more detail let’s say you had another
promotion going on for the same garlic press or you wanted to add a variation
you could say garlic press plus garlic roller or something like that and create
those as a different thing but for the most part I just used the same internal
description that I use for the name once you have hit submit here it’s gonna
bring you back to this tab and I’ll say your product selection was successfully
created and then you’re gonna need to come back to this standard promotions
tab where you were before you can get there very easily by clicking back on
that advertising and promotion section or I tend to do a right click and open
in a new tab for the product selection you can do that however you want
once we’re back here and we have that product selection created we’re gonna go
ahead and hit create under percentage off we’re not worried about free
shipping buy one get one give away any of those kinds of things we’re gonna
create that percentage off coupon that’s gonna bring us into a tab that looks
like this now there’s a few different steps that we have to kind of go through
here the first is setting the conditions of
that promotional code the very first thing that you’ll see is it says buyer
purchases so we want the buyer to purchase a quantity of whatever the item
is if we want it to be one which is generally going to be the case we’ll set
that to one if for some reason we want them to buy two or three we can change
that to the correct quantity the second thing that we need to do is we need to
tell Amazon what we want a promotional code to apply to so the thing that
they’re buying when does the discount get activated and that’s gonna be garlic
press seven that’s that product selection that we just created if you
didn’t do it the way that I showed you you can hit create product selection
here and go through that same process now we need to tell Amazon when they buy
that thing what do they get off so you’ll see here that there’s actually a
drop down but the only thing you can select is percentage off and that’s
because they didn’t ever change this from a drop down you used to be able to
elect a percentage off or dollars off but right now it’s only percentage off
we’re gonna come in here and set how much off of that garlic press we want to
give people generally speaking when Scott launched a new product we launched
somewhere between 20 and 50 percent off now you can do this up to I believe as
of the time of recording us you can do it up to 99 percent off but I wouldn’t
go that high unless you absolutely need to with our email lists were generally
able to launch between twenty and fifty percent off and get the number of sales
that we want to get and this section here will influence something that
you’ll see here in a few minutes because we’re able to launch products either at
break even or profitably we can give that lower discount and it makes the
entire rest of this process a lot easier for us usually for a launch we’re not
going to change this applies to section right we can either say it applies to
the purchased item which is that garlic press that we created the product
selection for or a qualifying item if we wanted to be able to say okay when they
buy the garlic press they can get 25 percent off our garlic Bank we could do
that but for launches it’s usually going to apply directly to the product that
they’re buying from the thing that they’re purchasing right
you guys may see this blue Advanced Options tab here if you click on this it
will actually let you set a couple different tiers if you want to do that
generally speaking for a product launch you’re not going to do this where it’s
here would come in handy is if we’re saying ok if they buy one they get 25%
they buy two I want to give them 30% so all we would have to do is click add a
tier and we would be able to say ok if they have a quantity of tube then they
get 30% off if they buy 3 they get 35 and so on and so forth but usually for a
launch you’re just gonna have that one flat tier and you’re not gonna have to
worry about that once you have set that first step all of those conditions
you’ve used your your product selection under the purchase items you set your
percentage off and you set your quantity you’re gonna come down to step 2 which
is going to be scheduling now you have to set these promotional codes up a few
hours in advance I think it’s four hours off the top my head in advance of when
they’re actually going to go live I generally like to set them up about the
unit as soon as I can the night before they’re going to go live so if we’re
gonna launch this at 9:00 a.m. tomorrow I would want to set this to go live
sometime this afternoon just so that I can test it before we send it out in an
email before we give it to the influencer however we’re going to do
that so you can see here that this date is set for tomorrow already so I can
come in here and set it to 1:00 a.m. Pacific if I wanted to and then we’re
gonna set the end date right now I have this set to expire at midnight on
Christmas Eve so we’re gonna go ahead and call this our Christmas Eve garlic
press promotion right but you can set this end date to wherever you would want
it to be keep in mind that these times on these so the dates are the dates but
the times are in Pacific time at least for the u.s. solar central accounts
they’re gonna be in Pacific time so if you’re on the East Coast keep in mind
that these are actually three hours behind you so if you wanted to set it
for 9:00 a.m. Eastern you would have to come in here and set it for 6:00 a.m.
Pacific right if you wanted a start at 9:00 a.m. Eastern so just keep that in
mind when you’re creating this once we’ve created those dates we need to
come in and actually give it an internal description and a tracking ID now I’m
going to do the same thing here that I did with the description and the
tracking ID in the product selection portion where you’re gonna see this
description and tracking ideas in your promotional reports and for me I haven’t
really found a reason to make those things separate unless I wanted to give
myself more detail right so if I wanted to call this
Christmas Eve garlic press you know give away hopes if I can type garlic press
give away you know 25 or something like that so I know that I’m giving 25% off
that’s fine and then I can give that that description the same thing now the
tracking ID has to be separate for every individual promotion you create so if
you were doing a lot of Christmas Eve garlic press giveaway is that 25% you
would need to change that tracking ID but what I tend to do is I just make
these things the same so you can call this whatever you want I might even call
this Christmas even launched right just so that I know Wow I can’t spell
launched this is what happens when we do these things on the fly guys Christmas
Eve launch 25% just so that I know I’m doing
it on the launch you can name it whatever you want again if you want to
give more detail any internal description you can do that but
generally I’m looking at these things at a glance and the promotional reports and
the only thing that I really care about is that I know what it is I don’t need
to know the full description and if I call my tracking ID something that gives
me enough of an idea then I don’t have to write something separate you do have
to fill both of those out so I just copy and paste whatever I use for the
tracking ID into the internal description once you’ve done that the
next thing that you actually need to set up is your claim code now this is where
a lot of people get bogged down it will generally default either single user
none depending on how you’ve had this set up single use codes used to be what
we used when we gave you know either product for free or at a very low cost
so if you’re using like 75 80 90 percent off you may want to use single-use
coupon codes they are not very useful for an email list because you have to
actually upload them individually for everybody you can’t send out a bulk
email very easily with these types of codes so we use a lower percentage like
25 percent and we use a group code and what a group code is gonna be is going
to be one code for everyone so when we send an email to our list anybody that’s
on that email list actually ends up youing using the same claim code right
now we do still want to make sure that this box is checked it should be checked
by default but double check just take a look at it make sure that it is checked
one redemption per customer this is extremely important for a few different
reasons one we want to make sure that somebody can only use that coupon code
once but we also if we’re using something like a single-use code or a
group code we want sure that they’re not sharing that right
in the group codes it doesn’t really apply as much but for the single-use
codes we need to make sure that there’s only one Redemption per customer for the
group code we still want to have that checked because I don’t want Scott to be
able to come back and buy it in different purchases now with percentage
off coupons the thing that you need to keep in mind is that even though there’s
only one redemption per customer they can buy more than one unit and still get
that discount right so if they buy three or five or ten units they would get ten
or 25% in this case off each one of those units this one redemption is not
off one unit it’s off one transaction so if they buy more than one unit they
would get that discount off of each of those units you can limit them to one
unit in most categories by setting your max order quantity on the listing itself
right it should be in I believe it’s in the the offer tab inside of your listing
itself and so you would need to go edit that if for some reason you would want
to do that now we do have occasionally people buy two or three I’ve never had
somebody you know really exploit it because we’re giving a lower percentage
off right if we were if we were doing 99 percent off it would be a little bit
more of a concern for me but at 25 percent I’m still making money so if
somebody wanted to come in and buy all 500 of my units I’d be all for it right
because I would sell through all 500 of those I’d make some money yes I’d have
to reorder inventory but I’m okay with that
right so make sure that one redemption per customer is checked it just helps
limit that exposure for you if if that code gets out that way people can’t come
back and buy multiple things multiple times if you combine that with the max
order quantity on your listing most categories have that you can limit the
number of units that people purchase which would limit them in the
transaction right so whatever you set that max order quantity to so now that
I’ve kind of rambled on that for a minute the next thing that you need to
do is go into your claim code and you can either use the suggested code here I
don’t like to do that I like to actually name it something that I can see again
at a glance and the promotion reports and know so I usually do something like
brand name so the amazing seller three things that are gonna tell me what it’s
about you know three letters because it has to be 8 characters so this is gonna
be TAS garlic and then the percentage off right so 25 so TAS a garlic 25 I’m
gonna use that claim code now one final step here
that’s extremely important is gonna be in this customized messaging drop-down
but before we get into that claim code a combination about maybe once or twice a
week generally speaking you’re gonna want to use exclusive unrestricted and
preferential means that there’s just some different ways if you have multiple
promotions running that Amazon will treat promotional codes they’ll either
give this one preference or though you know you can use as many promotional
codes as you want which would be unrestricted or you can have exclusive
so if they have multiple things from you in the cart they’re trying to use
multiple promotional codes this is the only one that it will let them use right
so that’s what we want to set up especially for a launch now we need to
come in to the customize messaging section here and we need to make sure
that something is unchecked now I’ve seen some screen shares from some people
where this is unchecked by default but I always always always always double check
this which is the detail page display text and this is just a habit from when
we were giving away units at a really high discount but I still do it because
I like to make these these codes exclusive for my list or for the
influencer or whoever we’re giving it to if you do not unde they scroll down to the promotions
portion of your listing that you have a promotion running when this promotion
goes live and it will give them the details on how to do it if you want this
to be forward-facing then you can leave this checked generally speaking though
if we’re giving away twenty five thirty forty percent I only want the people
that I tell about it to no I don’t want every customer on Amazon to know so I’m
going to uncheck this box and that is going to make sure that it doesn’t show
up on the front end of Amazon the only way that people will know about this
promotion is if we send it to them either through an influencer through our
email list however we’re going to do that now if you’re using you know that
higher percentage off you are gonna want to use single single use coupon codes
here and this process will change slightly here for you in just a minute
but if you’re not if you’re using group which is what we like to use especially
if we’re using an email list we’re gonna go ahead and hit review and that’s going
to take us to the review process for the promotional code and we see Christmas
Eve garlic press launch it expires at Christmas Eve you know 11:59 p.m.
Pacific so it’ll already be Christmas on the East Coast but that’s fine with me
we’re gonna double-check all of the details here so yes I wanted them to
by one garlic press they get 25% off and it applies to that purchase of the
garlic press I wanted to start at 2 o’clock today so that I can test it and
I wanted to expire at midnight on Christmas Eve we’re gonna see the claim
code here one redemption per customer and that is it okay that’s all you have
to do once you’ve double-checked all of these details what you’re gonna do is
you’re gonna hit submit and it will submit for processing okay that’s all
you have to do once that is live you’ll actually see it here in your manage
promotions tab I’m not gonna go in there because we have a few things running
but once that promotion is live you can see it in there you can make sure that
it’s running what I would suggest is if you’re gonna do something like you know
launching to your email list right you’re gonna send that at 9 a.m.
tomorrow just double check that the promotional code is working right before
that message goes out you can’t actually do it with your account that you’re
using for solar central but if you have a different buyer account you could test
it there if not you can always have a friend test if they don’t actually have
to purchase the unit they just have to get to the place where they can enter
the promo code and make sure that it’s working before you send that to an
influencer before you send that that’s your email list you’re gonna want to
make sure you do that if you guys have any questions about how to set these
things up let me know there is one additional step that I can show you guys
in a separate video if you’re interested if you really want to create those
one-time use codes but basically what happens is after you create that code
there’s another button that you click once it’s approved that will generate a
list of those one-time use codes for you if that’s what you want to do but we
don’t use those anymore and the reason we don’t is because we’re sending them
out through an email list it’s kind of a giant pain in the butt to upload those
into an email service provider and deal with all of that so we do lower
discounts and we send them directly to our email using that group code like I
said if you guys have any questions any comments about this process let me know
inside the comments below and we’ll be more than happy to answer all of them
for you here on YouTube you

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