How To Start a Youtube Channel in 2019 and Gain 1000 Subscribers FAST!

How To Start a Youtube Channel in 2019 and Gain 1000 Subscribers FAST!

What is up everyone? Welcome back to my channel. In today’s video, we are going to be talking
about YouTube. Now, as I film this video, I’m currently starting
at around 869 subscribers. Can you believe it? At the total, including this video, this will
be my 16th video that I posted to date, and my first video, I actually posted near end
of July. So it’s already been four months since I started
my YouTube journey. It’s really funny that I’m even filming this
video because I remember wanting to start a YouTube channel ever since I was in high
school. Back then, I had a Logitech camera or Logitech
webcam, and I really wanted to start filming videos. But the one thing that was really preventing
me from doing it was because I was scared, I didn’t think that it was the right time,
and so I never did it. I feel like every year after that, I’ve always
wanted to start a YouTube channel and I just for some reason never did. I know for me, for so many years, starting
a YouTube channel was always in the top five of the goals that I always set for myself
year after year. It was really painful every time to kind of
rewrite that goal because I would never actually do it. So that’s why I wanted to create this video
because I know that there’s a handful of people that probably have “Starting a YouTube channel”
on their 2019 New Year’s resolutions list. So that’s why in today’s video, I’m going
to give you four no bullshit tips and advice on how I was able to not only start my YouTube
channel, but also grow it to almost 1,000 subscribers to date. Now the first advice that I have for you is
to just start. Just do it. I know that this sounds really simple and
basic as the first tip, but I promise you that starting is actually one of the hardest
parts of starting a YouTube channel. Because for many of us, fear, procrastination,
perfectionism are the main reasons why we stop ourselves from actually starting. If you’re watching this video, really ask
yourself, how long have you been wanting to start a YouTube channel and are you actually
going to make 2019 the year where you actually do it and take action? Because if you were me years go, then you’re
probably someone who is paralyzed with perfectionism. What perfectionism is is feeling the need
to have the right equipment, the right environment, the right timing, the right season, to actually
start. But at the end of the day, those are all bullshit
excuses that you’re feeding to yourself because you’re scared of starting. I’m actually going to share a personal story
with you. Right now, I’m actually in the same home that
I lived in when I was in university. During this time, I kept telling myself, “The
moment that I move out of this home, I’m going to start a YouTube channel.” When I graduated, I moved to Montreal, lived
in my own apartment, and I still didn’t start because at the time, I was telling myself,
“Oh wait, but I need the right equipment.” Now, I’m back in my home that I lived in in
university, actually having a YouTube channel that is almost at a thousand subscribers using
just the same camera that I had back in university, having a backdrop that I recently bought,
and a stand from Amazon that costed me $15. Those were the three things that I actually
used to start my channel. I still haven’t invested in lighting. I’m still using window lighting or daylight
lighting or whatever you want to call it. That goes to show that it doesn’t matter what
type of equipment or what type of timing or what type of apartment you have, the key thing
is that you actually need to start. That’s why I’m putting this as my number one
tip because if you don’t start, then the other tips really don’t matter. Now the second piece of advice that I have
… ooh, what’s going on here? The second piece of advice that I have is
to actually pinpoint and nail down your niche. I think a mistake that’s really easy to make,
especially for people that are starting out, is not having a niche and feeling the need
to post all kinds of content. For example, one day posting a make-up tutorial,
the next day posting a food blog, then the next day posting tips on business. When you actually nail down your niche and
actually create consistent content on a certain subject, that’s actually going to help you
grow a lot faster. Because when you’re first starting out, you
don’t want to treat your channel like a buffet. You want to treat your channel like a specialized
restaurant, and I’m going to explain exactly what I mean by that. Now, think about it. If you actually want to take out your boyfriend
or your girlfriend to a nice seafood dinner, you’re not going to go to a buffet. You’re going to go to a specialized restaurant
that is known for serving good seafood. The same concept applies to YouTube channels. You don’t want to have your YouTube channel
be a buffet where you have multiple different types of content. You want it to be a specialized restaurant
so that you can be known for the content that you serve and for people to actually trust
you enough to subscribe because they know that every week, you’re going to pump out
the content that they want. Now, let’s use me as a case study. The moment that I actually change the cover
banner of my YouTube channel to “Millennial’s Ultimate Guide to Self-Help” or something
like that, like more tailored to self-help for millennials, I actually started seeing
an accelerated growth in my subscriber count. The moment the I actually really refined my
messaging on exactly who I serve and what type of content that you should expect from
me, which is business and mindset. Even though I love make-up and I love fashion
and I love all these different things, you’ll never really see that type of content on my
channel because I have a niche and I’m going to stay consistent and loyal to that niche. This is important because when someone goes
on my channel, they can automatically see and know what to expect from me week after
week in terms of content, and if this is something that they’re actually interested in, then
they’re more likely to subscribe. Even think about your own habits. Are you going to really follow someone who
has a bunch of different random videos week after week and you don’t really know what
to expect? Probably not. You’re probably following make-up accounts
or business accounts or finance accounts for a specific reason, and that’s why it’s really
important to think that way when you are starting your channel. The third piece of advice that I have for
you is the really focus on posting educational content that people are actually searching
for. I personally think that a mistake that a lot
of people make when they’re first starting out on YouTube is they post vlogs about their
life. But let’s be real here. No one, other than your friends and your grandma,
care about what you’re doing everyday. Because you have to keep in mind that YouTube
is actually the second largest search engine aside from Google, and that’s why you need
to actually create content that people are searching for on the internet. Now, I’m going to use myself as a case study
again. So, when I was in the position where I was
debating whether to not to quit my corporate job, I found that there were a lot of people
that actually had this problem. But unfortunately, on YouTube, there weren’t
that many videos that were talking about quitting the nine to five. Specifically, I noticed that there weren’t
a lot of millennials sharing their experiences of leaving their corporate jobs. However, in my real day to day life, I kept
hearing conversations of my millennial friends talking about how much they hate their jobs. So then I thought to myself, wow, there is
clearly a need in the market and not enough supply to meet those demands. That’s why I created my Why I Quit My Job
video three months ago. Now, as you can see, with that video alone,
I’ve dominated that topic. If you actually search “quit my job millennial”
on YouTube, I rank number one, and to date, there is 7.5 know views on that video which
is insane. But that’s because this method works. If you are able to pinpoint content that people
are actually searching for but there aren’t enough videos to actually fulfill that need,
then there’s definitely an opportunity for you to come in, create that video, optimize
your keywords, and have it rank first page. Because at the end of the day, very similar
to Google, people don’t actually go to the sixth page unless you’re really bored and
you’re down the rabbit hole. People usually go on the first or the second
page and then they finish their search. That’s why it’s really important to find videos
that will actually make you rank higher in search. Again, key takeaway from this tip is that
no one gives a shit about what you do every day or what type of food you are eating. What they care about is the value that they
receive from your videos. This is especially important when you’re first
starting out. Of course, once you start developing more
subscribers and you actually start building a tribe that cares about you, then you can
create those day to day vlogs or those fun videos that you want to create. But if you really want to be strategic about
your YouTube channel, you really want to focus on what value you can provide and how you
can educate your audience so that they’ll want to learn more from you and stay subscribed. Now my fourth and final tip is consistency. If you actually want to grow your YouTube
channel, you have to be consistent on the platform. Trust me, I get it. This is probably one of the hardest things
to master and the hardest thing to actually implement. When I first started, consistency was one
of the hardest things for me. I actually took two weeks or three-week breaks
between my videos because I really couldn’t keep up with the planning, the filming, and
the editing. I also felt like because I was new and because
I was starting that no one will really care if I didn’t post every week. Well, I was completely wrong. Because the moment that I actually started
posting consistent content week after week, no excuses, I saw so much growth in my channel. I actually every time about a hundred new
subscribers every two weeks, which means that every month, I’m actually getting 200 new
subscribers. I know that if i continuously stay consistent,
that number will actually grow. Now, the key to staying consistent is a lot
of planning and also a lot of organization. I feel like this deserves a whole video in
itself. That’s why next week, I’m going to actually
upload a part two on this topic and I’m going to show you exactly how I plan my content
and also how I organize my days so that I can stay consistent and keep up with YouTube. But for now, all you really need to know is
that in order to grow your YouTube channel substantianally … substantianally .. substantially,
you need to stay consistent on the platform, even if that’s one video per week which really
is only four videos a month. It’s something that I learned from Natasha,
she is a content creator and also a coach, I’m going to link her socials below, but what
Natasha taught me is that you have to treat your channel like a restaurant. I know that I keep using these restaurant
analogies but they’re so great. So think about your favorite restaurant. Wouldn’t it suck if you went to your restaurant
one day and there was a “Closed” sign right in front of the door. Even though on Google, it tells you that it’s
open, that’s a pretty shitty feeling when you go to your favorite restaurant and it’s
closed. Use this same analogy and apply it to starting
a YouTube channel. It really sucks when you aren’t consistent
because your audience is expecting you to post a video week after week. Again, I know, when you’re first starting
out, you’re probably thinking, well who’s keeping tabs on me? No one cares if they miss a week of my videos. Trust me, I was there. But you also have to think about it this way. How can you expect anyone to take you seriously
as a content creator if you can’t even take yourself seriously? Really think about that. The moment someone told me this was the moment
I really kicked it into gear and started posting week after week after week, no excuses, no
delays, and consistently pumping out content. Because I know that if I want you to take
me seriously as a content creator, I need to take myself seriously. That’s the truth. But anyways, guys, as you can see, the sun
is setting here in Vancouver and I guess it’s time to conclude the video. Those were my four tips … I can’t right
now, the sun is … I’m just going to take this off. Those are my four tips on how you can actually
grow and start your YouTube channel. I have to say that I’m really thankful for
all the people that have watched my videos and have supported me because I know what
it feels like to have so many fears around starting a channel. I’ve seriously been there. This channel was maybe like six years in the
making because I had so much anxiety of actually starting. But if you actually look at me and see me
as kind of living proof that it is possible even in 2018, even in 2019, because I know
that a lot of people also stop themselves because they think that YouTube is really
competitive. But what I think is that even if it is competitive,
that shouldn’t stop you from starting because if you don’t even start, then you’ll never
have a YouTube channel. That’s all I really have to say. If you want more tips from me and if you want
more support from me, then definitely join The Fearless Boss Network. It is a YouTube … not YouTube … it is
a Facebook group that I recently started about two and a half weeks ago. There’s already over 300 members in the group
officially starting today which is awesome, and in the group, it is a mastermind of millennials
that just support each other and every week, I not only hop on to train the members that
are in the group based on the topics that they want to get trained on, but I also invite
guest speakers from different industries, different careers, different business ventures,
to interview and to also train members in the group. If you are someone who is aspiring to be an
entrepreneur or you are an entrepreneur or you’re someone that’s just a business boss,
then definitely consider joining The Fearless Boss Network. I’m going to link how you can join in the
description box and the comment section below, and yeah, hopefully I’ll see you in there. But anyways, guys, it’s always a pleasure
to talk to you guys and I’ll see you next week. Bye, guys. Also, guys, I’m not done yet, I just wanted
to show you the reality of starting a YouTube channel. This is really the equipment that I have. I have this … and please don’t kill me because
I have a messy room, but I have a backdrop here that’s literally falling apart and it
barely fits the width of my screen so I have to sit really close. Then I have a meditation stool where I squat
and I sit because this doesn’t really go that high. Then I’ve got the stand that literally falls
apart every time I try to use it, but it works so that’s why I keep with it. Then I have the camera that I’m using right
now, which is the Sony A5 1000. I’ll link how you can get it below, you can
spot it on Amazon. But this is really all I have, and then I
have natural sunlight. It’s kind of annoying sometimes because as
you can see, the sun is setting so that’s why the end of the video was so yellow, but
you do what you can, right, and you want to start scrappy. Just start, that’s the key. Anyways, guys, thank you so much and I’ll
see you next time.

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