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6 Replies to “How To Write Perfect* Page Titles and Meta Descriptions for SEO (2020)”

  1. 00:39 What are page titles and meta descriptions?

    03:55 How To Write The Perfect Page Title and Meta Descriptions

    03:59 Step 1 — Research

    07:29 Step 2 — Understand Searcher Intent

    08:11 Step 3 — Perfect Title and Description Length

    09:40 Examples of Perfect Page Titles

    11:23 Examples of Perfect Meta Descriptions

    13:01 Essential Tip: Revisit and Revise Your Meta

    13:49 RECAP

  2. Simple Elegant Video! Thank you, sir! I have noticed putting targeted keywords in the meta description also helps in better ranking. What do you think? Do they?

  3. Great Information🖒🖒🖒
    Thanks For Share Information
    How to Rank Website I understand
    only focus on keyword research and use my meta description

    Don't mine My english is very weak

    So you can tell how to speak english fluently

    You are looking so handsome

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