Hypnotist Bernie’s Exposition Episode 205 with Violet (confdence/Axiety)

hello welcome to this episode of
hypnotist Burnie 6 muster soon joining us tonight is viola how are you doing
good how are you well you have been here first time
you’ve been here was 2007 you were in the UH you ain’t in the studio right
yeah yes you still have to be live where it isn’t right
so what are you up to lately probably all kinds of things since then but um
tell us those stories with the catch up with you what kind of stories what have
you been doing I like to hike in my spare time I love being outdoors what has changed really since I guess
think it does in let’s give us some times it doesn’t in I think it might be
earlier than that let’s do 2000 change all kinds of things that probably
changed and no like did you learn anything probably
learned more things than I could list okay you take any classes I’ve actually
probably taken all kinds of classes because I’m a very curious person by
nature but I also I like to read and whatnot and I’ve probably read
everything from self-help books to survivalism in the
wild how do I identify mush all kinds of things can you identify several
different types of mushrooms that are regional to this area because it changes
up a little bit you can tell which one we can eat in which we can whoa they say
every mushroom can be eaten just some of them can only be in once but some of
them have different levels of like toxicity and whatnot – so some could be
eaten twice there’s there’s some that are like do forage can you go and forage
I’m I do know how to identify a lot of different plants in the area and stuff –
and I actually do work on a farm and one of the things
we do is we make textures and we prepare things that are wildly harvested but
also things that are grown on the farm that are more they’re not they’re not
wild doing what kind of teacher I’m a teacher from all kinds of different
plant matter just about everything and anything that they have on the farm and yeah like what what kind of like I’m
guessing us for medicine wrong but this is no purpose of it yes like what kind
of ailment could you could you thing to do for your friends well I mean there’s
probably something that would be supportive for just about any any
condition really what I have somebody stressed there’s probably a variety of
different routes that you could go and it might even depend on like the root of
the stress maybe the herb that might be suggested one that I really like
that’s very mild very gentle is the wild roses not the cultivated roses because
they don’t have properties anymore I’ll make a tincture from those and those can
be really good they say for stress related to grieving or loss especially
but that’s very calming very mild very gentle mist attention made with water or
oil I actually usually use a vodka because they were last longer so I
thinking can you make like a cocktail with danger
actually people are doing stuff like that they infuse with herbs in their
vodka and stuff like that the bartender’s actually your doctor okay
this is just only whoa whoa are there strong spirits it’s actually suggested
to use it Oh Everclear is supposed to be even
better what is the bills oh it’s another clear
alcohol okay and supposedly I don’t know if it’s
because it’s a higher proof that it extracts it better I can’t remember
should I hold me oh do you find that liquor sighs okay a liquor store but I
know that people do make their own homemade every click oh yeah but would
it work with like scotch or like tequila what a Djinn Djinn itself it’s kind of
like herb thank you what I’ve never asked like one of my teachers what their
thoughts are on things outside of Everclear and vodka I just know that
those ones are usually recommended and they also do like you know the teacher
could make a lot of money opening like a medicinal bar you know like I like it
could get a cocktail for that depression maybe come right at all the insurance
what what else what other kind of tincture do you have you made like for
example like if you are tired and you need something to vertical boost like
what would you recommend I think instead of coffee could I get
some tincture you know that was actually a question that came up I was like what
do people use to wake them up and my teacher was like there’s something in
nature that could replace coffee that you could make a tincture I don’t know
if there is something good that in a stimulating way like there might be some
people approaching it more from oh this might help you get a better night’s rest
therefore giving you more energy or you know it’s kind of a different route is
there any tension or that could make you like prepare for exams and sometimes it
keeps you focused that’s a good question I’m not 100% sure on the best what would
you recommend hmm focus I don’t know for that one I’d
have to I’d have to look that one up because we were kind of learning all
kinds of stuff but for kind of different areas of the body so we didn’t really
focus on that okay so what I do like how does that system
work so does it target like air winds or does it target like a organ how you look
at it you say like disease spaced like like this tincture target this illness
or distinct your target boosts that function you get the difference I think
it could go either way right depending on what it is and what songs views are
there obviously there are certain things that there has been more scientific
based studies to prove how well certain herbs work on certain conditions and
then there’s other stuff that you it’s more folk remedy
um and we don’t have the science to back it up depends which herb in which
condition do you forage the herb or could you like
to find those in that confidence that that depends too on what it is and also
you know someone’s you know the region that someone’s in or the time of year a
lot of the times will be foraging stuff and then also harvesting stuff out of
the garden in the summer and in the fall around here in this kind of you know
what’s the gut signature New England danger a typical New England teacher
like a signature one like people come to New England with this particular herb
well so I can’t say a lot of people come to New England for this but one thing
that I have found that’s like I feel like it’s very New England is the
cranberries that we have the wild cranberries and making a tincture out of
that and that’s good for anybody that is say prone to like infections of the
urinary tract or else you help support that okay so how does how how odd
Henchard’s made well there’s a couple of different methods i am a fan of the folk
method which is pretty useful though bicep so that we can all make this at
home kids try this at home or maybe don’t so i mean the focus is really
simple it’s a mason jar and you cut up your herbs and you mash it down where
a pestle to pack it into the jar and then you top it with vodka and you want
to make sure that the vodka is covering all of the plant material okay so it’s
like a lot of stuff in the jar yeah okay and it pretty much just needs
to be shaken like once a day okay and do you have to mash the cranberry or just
put the whole food in there I um I kind of you know if some of them are still a
little hard I’ll cut them okay and then mash them down into the UM you know good
as many as I can in there and how low how low should it be I leave it for a
month we can then strain the plant material off okay in just the the vodka
in the end okay that’s thus the vodka lose is alcoholic
potency as it should alcoholic potency be diminished or should it be up the
alcohol changes at all okay I think it does I can’t see that for sure but I
don’t think it does does it is it necessary to keep the percentage of
alcohol for the thing to work or does the alcohol just help extracting the
medicinal ingredients alcohol helps extract it in the alcohol also makes it
so it doesn’t it doesn’t spoil because people also do it with glycerin to make
an alcohol free version for anyone that can’t have alcohol the glycerin also
will spoil a lot faster and it’s also done with vinegar but that is yeah the
aftertaste is a bit but so it’s plants the only thing that
danger could it be like incense I’ve never tried that and I would – okay I’m
just asking I have no idea somebody else I have not and I’ve been to some creepy
stores though I’m if you went to like a Chinese medicine store you’ll see like a
tarantula like that and herbal medicine is the Chinese herbal medicine I’ve seen
like different healing properties I guess I don’t know much about that
though I do think it is interesting I’ve just seen them I never trained no
how would you have to work with ginseng I love ginseng okay dad have you tried
it I am you know I used to do the ginseng extract and maybe I should get
back into that because thinking of it they do that a lot in like in Asia their
training career they production chains right so they don’t do what’s over there
but like so clear strong liquor that’s it
that I guess that is the one herb that would be perfect for you like you
mentioned earlier mental clarity and stimulation and that maybe I should now
that you bring it up yeah that’s great oh so it’s great catching over you so
like what would you like to accomplish with hypnosis
I um I would love to feel more confidence and okay also living in the
moment being able to live in the moment and be more present okay tell me more
like when was the last time you you feel that you should be more in the moment
but you had an adventure instant I just noticed that sometimes like you know
maybe I’ll be too caught up in my head with distractions and anxieties and
sometimes I’m like ah I should be enjoying being out where I am
more than I am okay sometimes you know not always but is there like a location
where you wish maybe it can be in social settings maybe a little bit of social
anxiety distracting me could you name like a location like a party or or a
concert where there’s a lot of people around so there can be a lot of
distractions and I’m a little bit like in my head look what’s going on what’s
going on here what’s going on there and and I and I wish that I was kind of I
was more there I was enjoying the concert in front of me and said it was
like being anxious about everything going on around me I guess this is a
couple weeks ago like I said it was just like you know I wish that I was more
there like present in the concert but I was a little bit you know looking over
there looking over there and my attention was a little divided and
everything else going on around me and in maybe I wish that I was a little
bit like more there and really excited for the concert okay and what how do you
think it would come out differently that you’ve been fully engaged do you feel you miss anything
missed anything it was so a good time and I guess that was just one more
example but I do notice that the times that I did I do feel like I’m living a
little bit more in the moment you know those are like the most memorable nights
you know the best times and then sometimes when I’m not living in the
moment and I’m not more present and I’m not more in there those are times maybe
were I feel a little bit like Falls a little
flat or whatever oh yeah and how would you see yourself differently being able
to enjoy more of the show instead of being anxious and in my head okay do you
think anxiety is more of an issue then lack of confidence or how would you
describe anxiety well I know the anxiety to be the root of the lack of confidence
so maybe yeah you think that is you do you like that I’m sure I don’t have to is that how you see you I did need to
first overcome your anxiety then you can be confident you can be confident and
really shaking at the same time you know okay like does that not cross have to
ever cross your mind that every confident person could also be shaking but do you feel that they have to be
mutually exclusive I suppose they don’t you can go give a great speech right the
same time if they were feeling truly confident would they have these things I
mean with the anxiety what why not only does it have to be can
you like feel confident yet at the same time like how would you how would your body
describe anxiety I’m just checking the time there you’re wondering why I’m
moving my head on the top of my head how would my body
describing say mm-hmm like just symptoms that I feel what um how would you know
you’re experiencing it well it’s it’s hard to verbalize
sometimes to think about okay wait you suck you slowly you know yeah what was
the first thing that comes just feeling mentally I guess you know me a little
bit disconnected or confused distracted racing heart can’t really pay attention having fear okay we have like ten
seconds and then we’ll come back in thirty well we hold that part of a
continue this join me in three minutes at 8:30 this is hypnotist Bernie on CCTV
nine all right welcome back to this episode on happen with Hispanics
exposition if you just joining us now this show started in equality Anna this
is the second half of the show and we are here talking to violet here
and we’re helping her to feel more confident and then right now we we were
just talking about how she feel exactly when she’s in chosen situation yes and
she feels that if she is last anxious she will feel more confident so uh we
were just talking a minute ago how does your body feel when you say you
experiencing anxiety and you do that right now maybe a little
bit not too much but you know there’s a sense of uneasiness and you know rapid
heart rate feeling unfocused or panicked stuff like that and if you were fully
competent in your world how difference would you feel this is impossible
language right without using the word not how would you believe you should
feel when you are confident I suppose someone that is confident is there there
in their power I guess they’re there they’re trusting
that it’s all gonna work out and they’re gonna do well and they believe it okay
with that body you feel different I’d like to think that it would that they
would be more at ease because they’re confident in their abilities that are
confident in what they’re doing or you know whatever is going on now go back to
that social situation you talked about I guess a minute ago how good if
everything works out and you are absolutely confident in yourself how
difference with the night turnout I guess I would have I would have been
maybe I would have been a little more relaxed do you think just filet how
would you describe feeling relaxed which is expanding without without using not because that
is that a requirement because I was gonna say you wouldn’t be worried it’s
like if you say not do something you will gravitate you work that something
so without so so that makes it harder but it also makes it more permanent and
real you know say if I don’t eat burger what do I eat so like Coco that I ration
is better than just not even burger steak so without using not how we
describe like I guess like you use the word relax this is that ultimate cool
yeah I would I would enjoy feeling more relaxed than at ease in general okay
okay let’s try something different so just close your eyes very briefly so
let’s pretend you are building ancient way back to that concert time where in
the body do you feel this energy is blocked let’s pretend in the everyday situation
your energy is flowing where are using infer energy it is coins or maybe like here okay how do you feel
over there I do see like a blockage kind of like in this area do you ask me how I
feel right I did like like you said like a blockage
okay okay so maybe we can just do you think that maybe we can clear that do
you feel that without a lot of time but you feel like any other areas in your
life I kind of stuck yeah I guess um oh there’s there’s some things that I
feel may be a little blocked with at times dealing with my physical health
but then also you know recovering things from my upbringing okay so I’m not gonna
put you on the spot right so usually you can just not over you should put your
anguish so usually it is something that you think you may have done or didn’t do
and it’s kind of like a guilts kind of blockage you can feel in the stomach so maybe something you promised but you
didn’t do so I that’s why I said you know I don’t want to put you in a spot
you know they tell me the time you left your friend in so if we can focus on
clearing that part of your energy blog you can feel that you stopped like just
by talking to you and you can just watch yourself to you know just watch yourself
as in as total stranger talking you can tell something is like kind of like
blocking your energy and whoever is watching this show you know those of you
practice Reiki or something you can probably tell that you
so maybe what should clear that you know you can feel energy flowing more freely
and you can just you know how sorry I mean you know how to be confident to it
it’s not like a skill question either one thinks that like you know if I just
tell you let’s trick I want you to pretend to be confidence when I can
minute you can go and do that right I think so because you know how to do that
it’s kind of like telling a computer guy – okay just worried that network over
there you know yeah who can do that’s like if I tell so it helped me to do
that helped you know I’m confident but I don’t know how to do
that right so like you have to steal to do that but but for you to do that
persistently and consistently you feel that as this blockage right in your
stomach right no it’s not like your organ but like this like this blockage
of flow going through you yeah so once we’re able to it’s kind of like it’s kind of like you know like like
it’s imagine like a pipe flowing and then there’s a lot of debris and I
didn’t airing of the pipe at that and then that pushes a lot of pressure and
then that one point so when we clear up that gunk over there all right so let’s
do some crab noses you have been so you have to come to the show before we’ve
done some hypnosis before and you’ve also done something no she’s out sound
issue right so you’re quite comfortable right so I
just want you to just okay you’re sitting in the correct position just
have your arm can I touch you okay just okay hold your arms over here just relax
relax relax let’s just let it hang there get relax even more whatever relaxation
they allow yourself to enjoy now just a minute ago allow yourself to enjoy that
relaxation ten times more stead of handles and slide your I said
gobo have disappeared like it joins see this interfere lookit better than
before there isn’t a little bit better than
before just take your arms like hanging just hanging loose and relaxed like a
ragdoll a coalition you can tell you’re holding on to some tension there want you to open your eyes I want you to
just focus on the spinning pocket watch right here Peter counts backwards so
three two one when I reach number one I want you to
just close your eyes close your eyes I want you to open the oxygen and watch
this pocket watch still you can hear the sound of children
playing you can hear the sound of the ocean caresses against the shore let’s close you can see the affected everything was so real to you with each number accounts you find yourself relaxed Oh yourself sink to so was it hard to find leaving the body through your eyes and
just feel my eyes and the more energy I think so and I want to try this one more time but
instead of opening your eyes I want you to focus all your energy out of this
spot right here I want you to feel all the anxiousness negativity that may be
holding the screen out of your brain opening whatever negative emotions and
you may or may not know how to describe it that’s fine you can still feel my
touch long after this session is over now I just want you to imagine that
blockage in your stomach in front of you whatever that is yes what I just want
you to think that blockage is over opening up and you just feel the entire
body and voila paying in this white light I just feel this white like just
pushing through this blockage right now it’s pushing through this pocket right
now that’s right and you’ll find this
process continue on after this session is over whenever you feel inside in the
future you can just feel that spot in between your eyes right there now you
can feel the excess anxiety nervousness negative emotions just drained out of
your body and your mind and at the same time you can just feel your energy are
are just pushing through this blockage and from now on in every social
situation you feel yourself much more in the moment much more at ease much more
relaxed much more yourself you’ll find yourself freely enjoying every moment of
your life living your life to the fullest enjoying every moment to the
fullest extent your energy expanding good now can
account wasn’t it when I reach a number time I want you to come back to this
rule alert in the metros fully confident fully relaxed yet living fully in the
moment six seven eight nine whenever you’re ready you can open eyes really
great deep breath in feels great doesn’t it
it’s feel a little bit different from the moments before so this is all the
time we have for two nights join us next week on CCTV China nine
Cambridge thank you for coming

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