Interview With Gopal Datt | Unfolding Stardom E08 | Digital Companion

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36 Replies to “Interview With Gopal Datt | Unfolding Stardom E08 | Digital Companion”

  1. Bro we know he was in "Tere Naam". Even i remember his dialogue from the movie "Radhe bhayaa fas gaye baman ke ladki k chakkar me"

  2. Mujhe hamesha hi lagta tha he is from uttarakhand because the way he talk is kinda pahadi.. i searched in google too but couldn't find much details..

  3. Still remember his shayri from Tere Naam. "Phle usne ras kaha fir usne gul kaha. Phle usne ras kaha fir usne gul kaha, iss tarah zaalim ne rasgulle k tukde tukde kar die." ?

  4. Tfv and tsp ke office per raid kro.. Aur tour kro… Jaise ghar ka krte ho… I am sure unke waha ki stories bhi best hogi

  5. Arey Gopal dajyu to pahadi nikle…huge fan ..I belong to bhowali and I have loved him right from his appearances in Cyrus brochas The week that wasn't to TVF…felt so nice to hear about his journey to stardom…Gopal dadi…wishing you loads of success in your future endeavours…"The office " is also turning out to be nice version of the original…

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