Intro to Web Development - 1 - Introduction

Intro to Web Development – 1 – Introduction

what is going on everyone my name is Cody Moore and welcome to the very first episode in the intro to web development tutorial series this series is aimed at anyone who wishes to create their very own website or for anyone who wishes to learn more about the development process of creating a website so you're going to learn how to create a proper good looking and functioning website by the end of this tutorial series and you don't need any prior programming knowledge whatsoever to follow along with this series because I'm going to teach you guys everything that you need to know now I'm going to give you guys a quick broad overview of what we'll be covering in this tutorial series we're going to be doing a lot of HTML HTML is the core part of every single website then we're going to move on to CSS CSS adds style to your website it allows your website to look good then we're going to do some JavaScript Java Script adds functionality to your website it will allow the user or the viewer of your website to do many things on it and then throughout this whole entire tutorial series we'll be talking about good and bad design techniques when creating a website as well as how to fix any errors that you may encounter while creating your own website and of course we'll be doing much much more in this tutorial series now what do you need to follow along with this series well you're gonna need a web browser this is probably the most important part the web browser allows you to see your website I'm going to use in Google Chrome but you can use your favorite web browser you can use Safari Firefox Opera Internet Explorer and there's a few more out there as well but whichever web browser you use make sure you get the latest version of your web browser try and update your browser to the latest version possible older web browser versions might not work with the code that will be writing so try and update your browser to the latest and you're going to need a text editor the text editor is what we're going to be writing our code in our HTML CSS and JavaScript in I'm using notepad plus plus in this tutorial series it's 100% free it's a really powerful text editor the link to get it is down below in the description but you can use any text editor that you wish notepad sublime text or anyone out there there's many many many text editors so use the one that you're most comfortable with thanks for watching everyone and I hope to see you fall along with this series it's going to be really awesome

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