Introduction - Web Development

Introduction – Web Development

welcome to lesson 7 this lesson is going to be a little bit different from the previous lessons and that is going to be me and a couple other engineers sharing with you our real-world experiences so we'll start with how reddit is architected today so when I started reddit I knew not much more than you know right now and over the years we've had to scale reddit to quite a big size and we're I'm going to talk with Neil Williams who's the current lead engineer at reddit and we're going to discuss reddit's architecture and how it serves billions of pages per month it's quite a bit different from the sort of stuff we've been working on so far on this class but you'll see how we got there and then I've spent some time talking with Chris you who's one of the Udacity engineers and Udacity actually uses App Engine to serve their entire website just like you Iowa's new to Udacity a few months ago and I've basically learned as I've gone through this course and I've actually really learned to love it and so has Chris at Udacity and so we're going to discuss some of the real-world problems they've had the face that we haven't yet had to encounter now nothing in this lesson is required for your final exam so it's just sit back and learn and we'll have a good time

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