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100 Replies to “Is Google always listening: Live Test”

  1. Watch the follow-up video here for various reasons that explain this outcome:

    The single biggest flaw in this video is that I am live streaming directly to YouTube which is of course recording and processing the microphone's audio the entire time. More generally I agree with many of you that this was a poorly done experiment and I contaminated the results rather quickly by clicking on that first ad. Whether it was Google, Cortana, malicious adware, or something else is entirely debatable and I of course make no conclusive statements about the veracity of my results.

    For a much more rigorous and scientific test watch this guy's video:

  2. Its not easy to play counter strike without thinking that the FBI could stand infront of your house at any Moment with google opened.

  3. I saw a movie on Netflix and then a video appeared on youtube of an interview with the protagonists of the movie 👁v👁 seems strange

  4. I just tried that shit on my phone bro i opened google got in a website no ads i closed i was talking about laptops when i opened the website there was laptop ads this shit is crazy

  5. Hey Mitchollow…
    Did you realize that Fark website you showed to look at other websites that you want to find advertisement..
    Was advertising Dog Toys

  6. That’s crazy that happens to me and my ex me and him were always on the phone and he lived in California and I live in New York and we would always talk about trying to get together again to see each other irl again and he would watch YouTube while talking to me then he sees a video that says Road trip to Newyork from California it freaked us both out cause he never searched that and it was for his recommendations

  7. Yeah I was talking about blender and then I went on google and it popped up even though I didn’t and have never searched it up

  8. One time, I never said it out loud, but I was thinking about what blind people see, cause I was like, the don’t see black so, what do they see? Then the next day a YouTube video called, “what do blind people see?” came on my recommended.

  9. I have the same I just sang a song and it was a song of a football team and they give me the live score I WAS SO FUCKING SCARED

  10. “And that’s a picture of a billion Asian people..” Lmfao, I had to pause the video for a bit because that just shoved me right into a laughing fit for some reason

  11. A.I Also can read… have you tried google translator? The only thing i am guessing A.I cannot understand for nowadays is “hint” when you hinting something

  12. Even though Google and Amazon do take what you say into there terms and service, all they want is for you to be more satisfied with your product. What you say is voice commands for the computer, after it hears those commands it receives pages from google and gives them to you. It's not like theres a human on the other side listening to everything you say, and it's not like they record it either. Do you know how much storage it would take to store every recording made by everyone's google home or Amazon Alexa? It would cost billions apon billions of dollars. So if they can't record it, and no one will hear it directly, what could possibly go wrong. See, humans have this thing that when you think about something bad, your brain goes straight to the worst possible outcome that would never ever happen. So when facebook was finally recognized for having targeted ads, people went nuts. I know the thought is kind of scary, but really if you think about it logically, it's just Google trying to make your product better. Now I know you can look up "scary things virtual assistants say" and yeah, it can freak you out a bit, but like I said, you are going straight for the worst. Have you ever realized that you can make Google home, Amazon Alexa, or any virtual assistant for that matter say anything and everything at any time by A. Changing your name to what you want it to say, then asking what your name is. Or B. You can make amazon Alexa say anything at any time with the Amazon alexa app, the app allows you to set a command for alexa to turn on lights, change the channel or even… you guessed it, say anything! So with all of this evidence put together, targeted ads are really just targeted sometimes just leave Google and Amazon alone. The point is, who cares if the microphone is always on! Its giving you ads to make your shopping experience easier. How do you think google and Amazon are the most successful companies on the planet, they take there products and ease of access seriously. Just dont be so paranoid and freaked out, and maybe, just maybe, you will learn to trust some powerful people, or maybe even incredibly large and powerful companies.

  13. This thing is real
    I asked my mom to buy me a guitar or a bass and when I gone to a website it recommended me guitars and bass

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