Is WordPress Killing Web Design | Interactive 2010 | SXSW

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Project Amrit: Promoting Deceased Organ Donations

Project Amrit: Promoting Deceased Organ Donations

>>Good afternoon all. So, today I'm here to speak about rather emotional and a very serious aspect of ones life,

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  1. sorry, but that's called revolution, it's not killing anything, it happens when amazing things appear and make things much easier and cheaper for people BUT making our horrible and pathetic system crash, it's change

    i bet coachmen complained a lot back then when cars where invented, but that doesn't have to stop the industry and revolution for a better world

    too bad for designers because their talent pretty much becomes useless and only a few will survive this change, but it's how it is

  2. how is WordPress killing the web designers? is like saying Photoshop is killing a graphic designer. WordPress is a Tool just like Photoshop.

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  4. Yeah, a website that look like everyone else. As soon as I get the fund, I'm hiring a real web designer that can come up with something new and innovative.

  5. WordPress is allowing even less talented people to create websites for clients, which just lowers the bar for the industry/profession. It's like anyone and their dog can now make a "nice" website.

  6. I was frustrated..
    (about ready to die actually LOL)
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  7. Good question! Graphic design inside a CMS can be a bitch. YMMV. One thing I know – Content is King and is "designed" every bit as much as the graphics for every site I do. WordPress lets web developers easily post up and manage content. So to me, WordPress is killing web design as far as content trumps design.

    To the design; the interwebs is square. You're going to be designing in boxes whether divs or templates, so get used to it!

  8. Since moving from Static Design to CMS Design it's been easier to customize WP templates than start from scratch. The good thing is I can build them faster and customers like it when they can update themselves.

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  10. People take design for granted these days as anyone who knows what they are doing with WP can use a template and throw content up, A lot of time goes into creating these themes but when people get used to using them they design sites in half a day and charge small money for it, the design gets taken for granted so when the client meets a good designer who does it from scratch they don't want to pay for the time, templates cheapen design, designers are under rated and accountants don't understand

  11. Interesting talk… I use WP for my blog – and because I rather wanted to focus on content my site looks "WordPressy" too. It's a blog software primarily and my site, while has some "static pages" is 1st a blog so I chose pretty basic blog look with minimalistic theme to minimize all visual distractions and allow the reader to better focus on text. I've modified the theme and wrote add-ons, WP allows that, but doesn't force anything – only thing I hate in it is that it's written in PHP.

  12. WordPress is allowing amateurs to enter the market because they can target people on a low budget that professionals don't really want to spend time with. That is a good thing, students can get sites together quickly and earn a little. Problem is, too many so called professionals, the guys that say they have years of experience, are failing to come up with unique themes/designs/templates. I don't think it is CMS like WordPress that is effecting those developers.

  13. WordPress works if it's providing your client the kind of CMS they need – however, if there's not enough or too much control available then a more personalized CMS is the way to go. As for design, it comes down to personal choice for platforms, time and end results. Building out of Sandbox is not much different than Dreamweaver, BBEdit, etc.

  14. @cssadiction I personally hate dreamweaver for the same reason; however, while it is true that WordPress does make it easier for novices to do web (which is a good thing!), it also true that WP offers designers a challenge – using it to power our sites and bring our designs to life. For me it has also been a stepping stone into learning PHP and now into Ruby.

  15. Web design is a field for lazy people in the first place. I can't believe what some of these lazy people charge for nothing. I for one, do it in my spare time because I can't justify charging people exorbitant amounts for nothing. I'd rather create something physical than a fleeting pile of pixels.

  16. @JenJW Look for an inexpensive program called Artisteer, it's a bit like a WYSIWYG theme designer for many CMS systems. It is far from perfect, but it will get you headed in the right direction.

  17. The use of WordPress has allowed me to continue to find decent work in this crappy economy. My clients are thrilled with the idea that they can (somewhat) manage their own website and save themselves some serious business cash.

  18. @chilled99
    Exactly man. Well said. Drafting in Photoshop, front-end HTML/CSS coding and above all apply the proper WordPress tags. Easy as pie and you can focus on your design, not the CMS. I would say that is killing back-end developers "creativity", and making front-end designers life easier and funnier.

  19. I started with wordpress… then I stopped web development for about a year and went into python and java to get a better grip on programming… and then I came back to web development… Let me tell you, I wrote the entire site 3,000+ lines of code from the ground up,(and yes, it's still a lil' buggy, due to rapid dev)… personel preference is for solid libraries( thank you soooo much jQuery ) CMS's are for people who want to do what's already been done

  20. I've been using WordPress for a while now, but when it comes to designing a theme, I can't seem to latch on to how to do it. I know basic web design, but I'm very confused by WordPress' language and can't seem to turn a web theme I create into a WordPress theme (let alone any of the other CMSs).

  21. WordPress can be very helpful sometimes. I think it actually it is actually on a per project basis if it is going to be useful.

  22. @TenTonBooks Hear hear, jolly good show! I'm a longitme web designer and I've jsut gotten into WordPress – What I thin kit does is free a designer to focus on design without the time and cost associated with setting up or building a CMS. It lets you be a designer again with the added bonus that the site is robust and manageable for clients.

    Stick THAT in your workflow pipeline and smoke it!

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