Kai, tinawag na ganid at madamot si Lucy | Love Thy Woman (With Eng Subs)

Kai, tinawag na ganid at madamot si Lucy | Love Thy Woman (With Eng Subs)

Yeah. The stock market is a
gold mine right now. We’re using all our funds
on our ongoing projects. We’ll get back to you once
we’ve studied its movement. Okay? Oh. Wow. Sorry to keep you waiting. What brings you here this early? Here. This is your share. No, keep it. You don’t need to
get me involved in that business I gave you. Adam, I know you’re rich, but– No, just keep it. Or better yet, put it
in Jia’s savings account. Do that with all my profit
shares in your karaoke bar. Okay? Okay. There’s another thing
I wanted to talk about. Yeah? It’s about Jia
and her promotion. Her promotion was due last year, but until now, she still
hasn’t gotten it. Lucy told Jia herself
that she barred her promotion. She felt so frustrated, she went to Singapore
to find a new job. My goodness. Why didn’t Jia tell me? I could’ve done
something about it. Don’t worry. I’ll do something
about it as soon as possible. I thought you knew everything
that goes on around here? That’s the problem, Adam. You’re unfair sometimes. You took Jia for granted because
she’s timid and tolerant. I said I’ll do something
about it as soon as possible. I’ll hold you to that, Adam. Good morning, ma’am. Well, well. Did you bring some
sinigang again ? Do you see any sinigang ? So what are you doing here? Are you here to get
your allowance? If had known that
I’d see you today, I would’ve brought
some bitter gourd. It’s perfect for
someone bitter like you. I only wanted to give Adam his share of the profits
from my karaoke business. Oh, wow. How admirable. Of course I am. Not like you. You think I don’t know about
what you did to my daughter? What did I do? You belittled and
humiliated her. Even the promotion
my daughter deserves– Will still not be given to her. Okay, Kai? I humiliated and belittled her? It’s all a matter
of perspective. You can’t have
everything you want, just because you’re
close to the president. Everything? We’re not after anything.
We aren’t greedy. Look at you, you’re wealthy
and you hold a high position, but you’re still selfish. I’m frugal, not selfish. There’s a big difference,
you know? Have some respect
for my daughter. Are you my boss? You think you can
order me around? By the way, this is a multi-million,
ISO-certified and recognized company. So, someone who looks like they’re from a karaoke bar
doesn’t belong here. Someone like you. By the way, my karaoke bar
has a promo right now. You should drop by. It might be the perfect
remedy for bitterness. [CHUCKLES] – Shelly?
– Yes, madam? What was Jia’s mother
doing here earlier? Did she collect anything? How much allowance are
they getting lately? Ma’am, the latest is… …an additional 125,000 pesos
for their monthly expenses. So this means you haven’t
given this to them yet. Good job. Actually, ma’am, they
refused to accept this. They’ve been refusing
their allowance for a couple of years now. They’re idiots who
don’t use their brains. Oh well, it’s her loss.

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51 Replies to “Kai, tinawag na ganid at madamot si Lucy | Love Thy Woman (With Eng Subs)”

  1. Ganda ng batuhan ng linya nila Ms. Eula and Ms. Sunshine..

    "Okayyyy Kai.." and the facial expression of Ms. Eula.. Hahaha

    "Boss ba kita? Kung makautos ka."

    Tapos nung sumakay na sa elevator si Ms. Shine, kala mo magbff e.. Hahahaha..
    Galing talaga nilang dalawa!

  2. Bakit ang inagawan ang palaging masama? Doesn’t Lucy deserve some sort of apology from Kai and Adam? She was going through a hard time after losing her dad and her baby. She doesnt deserve to be cheated on on top of everything else. There’s nothing wrong with being depressed. She was mourning. Hindi ba pwedeng malungkot, mag mourn? If anything Adam should have been there for her. Where was the respect and sanctity of their marriage? What happened to for better or for worse? She should fight for what is rightfully hers. I can’t wait to see what will happen with the show! Galing ng mga actress! Feel na feel ang intensity! Go team Lucy.

  3. Sa totoo lang hindi madamot si Madam Lucy, she welcomed Kai and Jia. Kahit hindi bukal sa puso pero kinikilala pa rin niyang anak ito ni Adam. Hindi ko alam bakit palagi yung legal na asawa yung parang ginagawang masama. Im not bashing ha, im just stating a fact regarding sa drama.

  4. Lucy is a legal wife, its normal na ma feel yan nang legal wife, if your decent enough you should know your place as a second wife, pinapangit lang ang tingin sa legal wife

  5. Ang kapal ni Kai.. haha.. oo nga di nga siya kumukuha ng sustento. Pero nagpapakita naman siya at present sa lahat ng family affairs. Pabalik balik din sa office. Mas feeling naman yong ganon. Tas nakikipagsabayan siya sa legal wife. Siya pa may gana magsalita at magalit. Magpasalamat kaya siya tinanggap ni Lucy yung sitwasyon. Kung hindi, siguro iniwan na sila ni Adam. Magisa siguro siya magpalaki kay Jia.. wag na siya maghanap ng mas marami pa. Siya ang may choice niyan. Kaya yung anak niya kawawa kasi mapilit siya sa gusto niya.. bad pa siya sa legal wife eh andami na tiniis noon. Saka yung sa company. Hayaan nalang niya sana. Turuan nalang niya anak niya na maging masinop para makahanap ng ibang trabaho. Gusto niya kasi isiksik si Jia dun sa buhay at mundo ng ama niya. Eh hindi naman pwede dahil hindi tanggap ng tunay na asawa. Kung sana kasi lumulugar siya.. Ang galing talaga ng palabas na ito!! Damang dama ko..

  6. I haven’t been watching Filipino teleseryes for years and i am going to give this a try since i was a big kim chiu fan as a child. We’ll see how it goes

  7. Ang cute! depende rin naman siguro sa tingin nyo depende rin sa ugali ng legal wife at depende sa perspective ng legal wife at depende rin kung paano ka madala sa situation. Di na siguro uso kung sino ang legal at pangalawa o pangatlo ang importante ay kung paano mo harapin ang mga pangyayari. Good luck sa mga pinaglalaban nyo😎

  8. Don't be so mareklamo remember saling pusa lang kayo.Those home wreckers must be in jail cause home wreckers are killers of love in a family.

  9. Ang galing ni Eula talaga umarte β€οΈβ€οΈβ€οΈπŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»

  10. Wala picture si Kai sa office. Ibig sabihin talaga Responsibility lang siya kay Adam. At si Lucy padin ang pinili niya.. haaaaayy.. kawawa si Jia kasi mommy niya nagpupumilit maging WIFE.

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