Las mejores HERRAMIENTAS SEO del 2020

Las mejores HERRAMIENTAS SEO del 2020

Hi! Curious social networks. A few days ago, I explain in detail that
was SEO and why it was important to work it with great care. I have here … And I promised, that would make a list of the
best SEO tools on the market. Both free and paid … Well … today we will talk about all this,
and if you want to be informed, continuously, feel free to subscribe and give the bell. 3 videos featured each week. I’m JJ Priego and this is Easypromos TV! Vamoooossss !!!! INTRO What is the best SEO software? Well, there are many good platforms that
will help you achieve your goals. These are the best SEO tools by
2020. one. GOOGLE SEO TOOLS First, we can not ignore the tools
SEO Google itself. Since these are undoubtedly the best software
free you can find. A part of the Google Analytics itself, there are
other tools like Google Keyword Planner, el Search Console, Google Trends,
o el PageSpeed ​​Insights. The “Search Console” for example, is a
tool that allows you, among many others things, mobile compatibility check
your website. Or you can also see if you have problems
SEO both titles and descriptions duplicate. Even, you can receive alerts by e –
mail when Google identifies problems on your website. Therefore, it is a tool enough
good for instant verification of the possible technical problems in your
website, but beware, they will not compete against the best SEO tools. Another free and very useful tool is the
own “Google Adwords” but now Google Ads call and that is the platform of
pay per click Google. Initially consisted of text ads
only, now also it includes ads Image and video on Youtube. Well, this tool, including
the Google Keyword Planner also will help to get many keyword suggestions. As you know, keywords or keywords,
are the terms that people introduce on Google (or any other search engine) to
find a solution or an answer to the term we seek. Therefore, it is a very useful tool. That if these tools are fine if you
do not have much budget, but has disadvantages regarding payment tools. Since the free have limitations and
lack of statistical data. two. ALL IN ONE SEO PLATFORMS SEO platforms all in one, usually
more practical to use. Because with them, you have no need
to move between the different tabs your browser and not have to make reports
separate. Thus, with a single platform, you can focus
on your goals, while the software responsible for most of the drudgery. Well, one of the tools most commonly used
is SEMRush. A tool that started as a software
analysis metrics competition. But after a few years of work,
it has become a comprehensive software SEO. Ideal for working is comfortable, efficient and fast. You also have a free option,
although limited in functionality, it is not as well as most others, providing
some value in its free version without be subject to a period of testing,
so you can use it indefinitely. Really interesting … Another interesting tool is Ahrefs. A tool that the beginning was specialized
in checking backlinks. As you know backlinks, are the links
or inbound links that point from other pages own. And the number of backlinks of your page is
important because the more relevant pages you link, your website gain more notoriety
in the eyes of Google. And eye, it is important to ensure that links are
natural and convenient, always quality before quantity. Ahrefs think was one of the bases
of data backlinks larger, more 16 trillions known backlink. Well, besides their specialty, then
they decided to develop more tools SEO marketing and offer a platform
more complete. Now we can compare websites, find words
organic key and a long etcetera … And all from $ 99 / month. Another tool is widely used WebCEO. One of the oldest tools … and
that has advanced tools for all SEO professional. From keyword research, research ,
backlink, technical audits and code, monitoring social networking, and so long … With very limited but free version
functional, with prices starting $ 99 / month. Another tool is all in one Moz. A comprehensive tool to search for words
key, exploring links, rate pages SEO and other online tools. Very popular tool but, for
example, have no tool marketing or social networking tool
for keyword research is not of the functional whole. By the way, you have some free tools
very interesting … The ultimate tool all in one that I
want to teach is SerpStat. SEO platform relatively young,
it has a set of tools very decent for web optimization. From keyword research, analysis
of backlinks, site audit and many other … And all this from $ / month 69. 3. RESEARCH TOOLS WORD
KEY There are also many tools specialized
in something specific. In this case we will talk about those
we help find keywords. One of these tools in the Public Answer
a free SEO tool and also payment, offering many suggestions of words
key in both Google and Bing. A SEO tool really great to
find those keywords in which You never thought. Another interesting software to search for words
key is LSi Graph. To get in position, the keywords
LSI, latent semantic indexing means, those keywords that are related
semantically with a main keyword. And, those keywords help
search engines better understand your content. Well, LSIGraph helps you find this
kind of keywords. Some keywords will not get you
the position number 1 to the moment, but position will help you in the future. Another interesting tool is Ubersuggest,
an SEO tool created by Neil free Patel, one of the influencers on SEO most
famous of the world. And eye, which declares itself as an
SEO platform, all in one, offering tools for research keyword
research domains, research backlink sites and audits. And since it’s free, I strongly encourage
the Proveis. Another tool to find keywords
is Spyfu. Another tool that has been playing this
for more than a decade. Dealing with keywords, but also
helps us to investigate and analyze the competition, SEO analysis, ranking and backlink analysis,
analysis SERP and more. And that SpyFu, SEO tool is a very
known and recognized to spy on competitors. And finally, I’ll talk about Keywords
Everywhere. An extremely useful and convenient tool
which shows search volume in a query when a user begins to write. Keywords Everywhere uses data from Google,
Bing, YouTube, Amazon or EBay for example. An application that can be installed both
on Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. Install it now and see how cool to see the results
SEO It is clear that both Google as the
web visitors love the sites load quickly and have zero problems
technicians. Therefore, you should audit your website looking
for errors regularly. Well there are several tools that help you
to it. For example DeepCrawl. A tool that is designed to make
the sites accessible and effective. Offering great capabilities to solve
technical problems and SEO. And you can use from 120 $ to the
year. We also have BrightLocal. Which it is a great option for those who
work for local businesses and are Local SEO doing. With this tool, you will find it very easy to
discover technical problems. BrightLocal most useful is the ability
to audit, clean and analyze sites More popular. In addition, BrightLocal never forget
register and update Google My Business. Such as Google Maps or Google Places. Something important for local SEO. 5. ANALYTICAL TOOLS AND BACKLINKS
As I said in the video where I spoke of SEO, it is important to improve your profile
link and boost your rankings. To do this, you have to build quality links,
we must find the best links and the tools that we can provide
help. And you should examine your link profile. If your site is new, this may not
be very important. Since you not have links pointing
to your site. But on the other hand, if you have a site
web for several months or more, there are enough likely you have some links
pointing to it. Some may be good, some may
be bad and some can not move the needle in any direction. Therefore, it is important to understand your
link profile, as it will offer a clear idea of ​​whether or not you’re on the right track. Well, there are tools that help you
to it. For example Majestic. Software that shows special metrics
like trust flow, flow quotations, index historical, index again, and many more. And of course, with all these metrics you can
see your improvement and progress. Link Research Tools is also a tool
very useful designed for construction and análisisde links. Here we can see some features
excellent links as prospecting, but most popular feature is Link
Detox, which scans and displays all backlinks those at risk of a penalty
from Google or already penalized. Another tool is Linkody, software that
monitors backlinks that every webmaster should own. Its main focus is set to monitoring
your backlink as well as monitoring of the success of your efforts in building
links. In addition, eye, Linkody automates the entire
process. 6. Tracking Tools RANGE The search engine Google is increasingly local,
does not teach the same thing to a person in Barcelona in Seville. And so, you need to track
your search engine rankings, at all locations where you expect
your customers are looking for you. And there are several tools that help you
do this. That if all pay. For example Pro Rank Tracker that offers
tracking range, analysis and research and reports. A good tool for rankings
SEO updated and easy to analyze for your website. Another tool is Woorank that lets you
keep track of your ratings of global and local key words by country. And also can track
changes in your ranking throughout weather. Other software is SEOmonitor showing your
SEO performance in a large dashboard. And that takes data from Google Analytics,
combined with their rankings and allows you solve problems. O Advanced Web Ranking is a hybrid
between a research tool keywords and a tracking tool
range. Its functionality has much in common with
SEMrush, for example. So it’s very interesting. And no, here they are all the tools
of SEO I wanted to teach you. In conclusion, to choose among all these
tools, you must first decide which tools and SEO features you really need. Sometimes … you can benefit from tools
Free Google, but most cases, you’ll need a complete list
of SEO tools. Therefore, you must calculate your budget
monthly, remembering that there may be limitations and hidden costs in different tools. But … I ‘m sure this will help in
SEO. How have you been curious and inquisitive? What do you think of this video? You can leave your opinions in the comments,
read them all … And nothing, apart from him like a video, subscribe
and campanita … Watch this video here is brutal … If not a subscriber, give this
button ya !!! And these two buttons is my other channels,
both as science Science Stories History. And remember, knowledge is a requirement
essential for survival. Many thanks.

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