Lesson-16: Landing page: How to Make a Beautiful landing page | Ankur Aggarwal

Lesson-16: Landing page: How to Make a Beautiful landing page | Ankur Aggarwal

Hey guys, landing page is an extremely important
part for any new business to acquire new leads. Even I use them for the same purpose, so let’s
directly go to the live example. Hey guys welcome to the latest video of our
digital marketing mastery course. I hope you’re not just watching the videos
but also implementing everything and sharing your results in the Facebook group. In the last video we learned about email marketing
and today we’ll learn about the next important step which is landing pages. Now whenever we are talking about email marketing,
an important part of email marketing is creating a high-converting landing page. So what do I mean by a high-converting landing
page? But before talking about that, let’s even
learn what the hell is a landing page? Now landing page is a stand-alone webpage
specifically designed for the purpose of a marketing or an advertising campaign. So you can be an ecommerce business or an
individual entrepreneur, you can be selling a service or a product, or software as a service,
or be it anything… you need a landing page. Whenever you are driving people, be it Facebook
Ads, Google Ads or any other media channel, you are driving people to a particular page. Either you can drive them to a homepage or
you can drive them to a landing page. But you have to understand two different things. But you have to understand one important difference. On your homepage, there is too many distractions. And does your homepage cater to all the needs
of all the different kinds of customers you are driving from? Also you might be selling multiple products. So if you put all the products on the homepage,
then the prospective customer will only get confused. So landing page is where a visitor land when
they click on a search engine optimized search result or an online advertisement like Facebook
Ad or Google Ad. And the landing page is specifically designed
for one purpose, it can be generating email leads, it can be generating a sale. If you’re doing a retargeting Facebook Ad,
you might be driving people who have seen an offer to a different offer and it might
be a sales pitch. Now sales pitch is also kind of a landing
page. So there are various kinds of landing pages,
there can be squeeze landing pages, splash landing pages, I’ll be showing all of these
through examples. Now the most important landing pages include
the sales landing pages. It takes a lot of work to create a landing
page. if you think that you’ll just create a landing
page, add some texts then your landing page is ready, it doesn’t work like that. Even there are specific jobs out there, specific
freelancers who charge a lot of money even $10,000 or $20,000 just for creating a landing
page. That’s how important it is. So there’s a flow, there’s a strategy
behind creating a landing page. I will be sharing that with you later in the
video. So there are various other landing pages like
click-through landing pages, webinar landing page… but since this is a beginner digital
marketing course, I won’t be going to the advance stuff, but going for the basic lead
generation landing page and the sales landing page. Since you’re watching this video you might
have seen my landing page, this “Learn Digital Marketing for FREE”. This is a landing page I’ve created and
I’m driving traffic to this landing page. And I’m driving traffic to this landing
page from various sources, Facebook Ads, Google Ads, I’ve also bought banner ads and so
many different places. Now what is the purpose of this landing page? For me the purpose of this landing page was
only to get email leads. That is the name and email ID of the person
who wants to learn digital marketing. So if you have seen my Facebook Ads video
then you have already seen the different campaigns I have created. I have created a traffic campaign, I have
created a conversion campaign, I’ve also created retargeting campaigns. Even credit campaigns for video ads. So all these campaigns where created so that
we can drive targeted traffic back to a landing page, which is this one. So you can see a trend here or an overall
strategy here, which is interconnected. We have Facebook Ads which are driving customers
to our landing page. Then we have landing page- then you need to
know all about landing pages, how to create one, what to write, what not to write, there
are the different strategies that you need to do. Then you also need to know how to nurture
the emails. Once a person enters their email address,
how do you nurture them? How do you show them value? How do you convert them into a paying customer? So this is the overall process of digital
marketing, you have to strategize everything. When you start your digital marketing career,
you’ll start with one sector. May it be landing page, may it be SEO or Facebook
Ads. But once you grow into your career, maybe
will go to the digital marketing manager job, then you’ll be coming into the strategy
part. Then you need to know about everything, like
how to draft a strategy, what Facebook Ads will be shown. What will be shown on the landing page, how
will we nurture the customers, what kind of articles to write, what kind of images to
share, how to create the sales pitch, what’s the product like? The copywriting, the title- so all these need
to be strategized and that is the job the digital marketing manager. So now coming back to the landing page, so
what was going on in my brain before I created this landing page? Why did I add this title? What’s the purpose of the image here? How to choose the image? What to write, what not to write? Let’s discuss more about this. So first of all let me tell you the software
that I used to create this landing page. As I’ve mentioned earlier as well that I’m
a big fan of thrive theme membership. They are providing so many different amazing
plugins, that for a very cheap monthly cost. So I use all of their plugins, ThriveThemes
on all my websites. The theme of my website is thrive rise. So I use this for the same membership. Again I use thrive leads on all my affiliate
websites as well for capturing the email IDs and then making money from them. In the last video of email marketing I showed
you how I made multiple thousand dollars from GumRoad and Impact affiliate. Just email marketing, and even this digital
marketing course is delivered to all of you through emails, then again thrive leads play
a major role in that. You have seen all my articles, my income reports
here and this article on how to earn money online. So all these articles look so beautiful with
formatting, these charts, they even open up when I click here. The proper formatting, this bar, this content
box, all these formatting and all. The article looks really good- adding these
buttons- adding these horns, here in the bullet points, these arrow marks, these dollar signs. All of these are possible because I used this
plugin called “Thrive Architect”. This is also part of the membership. I create all my landing pages here through
thrive landing pages. And there are so many different plugins that
come with this membership, which is extremely cheap. You can see that I’ve already bought the
annual membership at $228. So you get all these plugins here. All you have to do is visit thrive membership
here in “ankuraggarwal.in/blogging-tools/” Click here and you’ll be taken here, to
the website. And you’ll see all the benefits that you’ll
get. Either you can pay monthly, $19- either you
can pay quarterly for $30/month or you can pay annually for $19/month. I have already purchased the annual plan,
because I love all of their plugins and I use all of them. And honestly I make much, much more money
compared to this $228 that I spend in using this plugin. So let me show you how this plugin works. So here with the, I’ll click “edit with
thrive architect”. So I can change everything, I can change the
background color, I can change the logo, the design, the title- font heading. My bullet points, adding the image… So what is the goal of the landing page? Why do you need a landing page? First of all you must have an objective. Like in my landing page my objective is to
get the email ID of the person who is interested in a digital marketing course. So my title here is “learn digital marketing
for free”. “Free” in India is really loved. So my title is really grabbing in nature-
my title is really enticing. Because first of all my course is free, also
my course is video in nature, people are visual learners more- most of the time. People are visual learners, they prefer videos
compared to text. And I’m giving 20 videos for free, that
too with a community from Facebook group and so many other benefits. So definitely I’m getting a good conversion
rate on my landing page, by conversion rate I mean by the number of people who come on
my landing page, how many people actually put up their email address. And growing an email- I’ve already shown
you the benefits of growing an email list in my earlier videos, that having an email
list is vital for your business. So I’ll be using thrive architect to create
a sample landing page for you guys, to show you how you can do it as well. There are other tools as well: Unbounce, Instapage,
LeadPages and Getresponse. But I don’t want to pay extra for landing
page creation, when I can get all the plugins all the benefits in just one thrive membership. So I highly recommend opting for the thrive
membership for all the amazing plugins they offer. So let’s go to the structure of my landing
page, what’s the reason for me to create this landing page. first of all, look at my hook. The title is the most important area of your
landing page. Because that’s the first thing the person
will see. Most of the time the person makes the decision
on whether they want to look at the rest of the landing page, just by judging the title. So right now, I have kept the title here as
“learn digital marketing for FREE”. While keeping “free” with orange color,
just to stress it out. But while we’ll be driving traffic to this
landing page, we’ll keep testing the title. We’ll try different variation of this title. Like “become a digital marketing pro”
, “like become a digital marketing expert in a few days” or something like that- we’ll
keep testing various title and see which one is giving us the maximum conversion rate. Then this is the main heading, then this is
the subheading, here I am mentioning that “sign up for a free 20 videos digital marketing
course”. The reason I mentioned videos is because people
attach value to videos, compared to text form. And also there are so many institutes and
various- that are chargin 30 – 60,000 rupees just for this digital marketing course. And I really hated that when people- when
students are spending so much money just for a digital marketing course. I really want to create a community of digital
marketing where people can learn everything for free, share their knowledge, where I can
share my insights, grow as a community- this is why I created the digital marketing course
for free. So first of all this course is free and with
20 videos, so it adds value to the course, and hence, the conversion rate will increase. So there was a reason why I wrote “videos”
here. So 20 free step-by-step comprehensive video
lessons. Here in bullet points, I’m mentioning the
benefits of the goal of this landing page. Giving people more reasons to enter their
email address. Guidance for their digital marketing career. Majority of the people, even after finishing
their digital marketing course from these institutes or even after paying a lot of money,
they still don’t know how to get a job. So that is something- a big hurdle for them. So I really wanted to stress on this, that
yes, we’ll be giving you guidance as well on how you can grow as a digital marketer. So again I am tackling one of the biggest
objective a person has, in this checkpoint. And the last point I am mentioning is “free
access to our closed ‘digital marketing mastery VIP Facebook group”. Because the best learning comes, when you
are learning with others. When you’re accountable to others- I’m
also doing Facebook live in our Facebook group just to solve all the doubts. So our community is an extremely important
part of this digital marketing course. So people really want this community, and
hence, this is one of the benefits that I’m offering to all the people who are visiting
this landing page. So this also helps me in getting a better
conversion rate. And you can see that majority of the good
information is directly on the screen. When a person clicks on the link of my free
digital marketing course. So the person does not have to scroll down
to see the benefits. The main benefits are directly listed and
the rest of the landing page are selling off the idea on why they should join, right? So here they can enter their email ID and
name… and this is also another conversion hack, instead or writing “join”. You can write something like “yes, I want
these free lessons”. So I’ve seen that this gets much better
conversion rate, compared to a button like “sign-up” or “join now”. Also you’ll see that I followed a consistent
theme here. Like my ads follow the same color. The same background, the same orange button,
the same black text. So this coherency is also extremely important. You can see in our ads here, the Facebook
ads here, the same background, the same orange color, and the same black text. Now all this is because the more coherent
your background, the more coherent your color scheme is, the higher conversion rate you’ll
get. So these are all advanced strategies I’m
sharing, I hope I am not overwhelming all of you with all these knowledge. But I’m sure- but rust me guys this is some
golden nuggets that I’ve learned over the years of spending a lot of money and I’m
giving all of these for free. So please don’t ignore all of these. These will definitely help you in creating
an amazing landing page for yourself. After the basic things are done- creating
an eye-catching image- also you can see that I’m pointing towards this box. I’m looking at my benefits, this is your
drive people. We will be testing this as well. If I’m looking in front of the camera, then
people don’t have a reason to look at the benefits. But when I myself are looking at the benefits,
automatically psychology of people start looking at the benefits and start reading them. So my ultimate goal is to tell them exactly
what I am offering. That is why I am looking at the benefits. Now I am giving more reasons for them to join
the course. Because majority of the courses are charging
RS 60,000 and I’m giving it away for free. So this is a good benefit that I can show. Again I’m giving- stressing the same benefit
of learning with others, and also I’m giving free tools. Majority of the tools can be used for free
as well, so I’ll be sharing all these tactics in this free digital marketing course. So this is also a good benefit that I can
show on my landing page. So on the landing page is giving people the
reason, on why they should complete the action that you want them to take. For me the action is to get their email ID,
for you it can be sale of a purchase… then you can show them the benefits of the product. Like if it’s a weight loss pill you can
show them how it will help you in the weight loss or if it’s an exercise program then
you can show some video testimonials. You can show the extra benefits, like the
community that you’re offering. Or the various diets, supplement charts, or
checklists that you’re offering. Similarly let’s continue with the landing
page. I’m also offering a free course completion
certificate. Which they can use in their interview, and
help them out. And you can see one more thing. That I have kept the call-to-action multiple
times. If someone clicks here, a box will open. This is another opportunity for me to grab
their email address. I’m keeping the call-to-action multiple
times. Here, here, here… on the top, here. Then again, here… then again at the bottom
here. Right. So I’m giving a course completion certificate. Here in this landing page, we are trying to
edit it. Images will change. These are the stock images. Here we’ll change the images and add the
video testimonial. There are students who have already taken
the digital marketing course, and they’ve already provided us the videos of their testimonials,
so those will be added here. And this is the last call-to-action for them
to join. “Boost your digital marketing skills, join
2,000+ other members”. So this is the last call-to-action for them
to join. So this is one variation of the landing page
we have created. But an expert digital marketer will know that
you never create one single variant. You create multiple variants of the landing
page. As you can see I’ve created 1, 2, 3, 4,
5, 6, 7 different variations of this landing page. And you can see the percentage of traffic,
16% , 16, 14, 14, 14… so let’s say a hundred people would come on to this landing page. So I’m using thrive architect along with
the same plugin called thrive optimized. What it does is it helps me in creating multiple
variants of the landing page and testing the traffic. So let’s say a hundred people come on to
this landing page, what thrive optimize will do is, out of those 100 people, 16%- that
is 16% of people will be sent to this landing page, 14%- that is 14 people will be sent
to this landing page, and similarly the traffic will be distributed among these landing pages. And then I can check my conversion rate in
the backend. Which landing page is converting the best,
and then I can keep the variant which is converting the best. This way, I can keep the best converting landing
page for all the future audience. This is called “A/B testing”. We also covered a/b testing in Facebook Ads
as well. That we create multiple variants of our Facebook
Ads, and then we’ll be testing which ad is clicked the most and which ad is giving
us the best conversion rate. I’ll show you one other variant of our landing
page. Here we’ll be adding a video here, the same
landing page instead of photo we’ll be adding a video here. And also we’ll be adding the thumbnails
here and we are giving the list of the videos, that are included in this free digital marketing
course. And we’ll see what kind of conversion we’ll
be getting on this landing page. it might perform better or it might perform
worse. We cannot presume unless until we test it. So this is why creating multiple variations
of landing page with different styles and different areas- with different styles and
different settings is extremely important. To find the one landing page that is converting
the most. So let’s create a new landing page just
to show you how it’s done. We’ll create a test landing page, we’ll
click “launch thrive architect”. We’ll go to settings, “import landing
page”, okay. We’ll go to advanced settings- so you can
click here… and choose another landing page template here, let’s take this one. You can change almost everything in this landing
page. So you can change the background color here,
click here. Click the background style, choose a color. Any color you want. You can change the image, you can change the
text. Free… then we can change the color of this,
text here. I’m not looking at the color combination,
I know it sucks right now, but you can change it. Similarly you can change the colors, the text
here, anything, everything you can add- elements here. You can add a button. You can change the button. You can even save the buttons, like if you
want to- you’ve added some kind of formatting to it then you can save the button in the
form of a symbol and import the same button again and again. The best part about thrive architect is that
you can copy anything. So, you don’t have to recreate everything
you can just, click here and you have copies created… I can add the video testimonials here, you
can just search for the video element, drag-and-drop it here. And then you can add the YouTube video or
the Wistia video. Wistia is the more advanced media player. It’s a very expensive one, I use it… but
if you’re just a beginner, you can go for the YouTube video. Add the YouTube URL here and you can also
play with the advanced settings like autoplay, hide the logo or hide the full screen. And add these features… and similarly, you
can directly integrate it by clicking here- you can even edit this by adding the form
element. Click it here and change the color. To anything you want. And you can directly integrate the lead generation
element. Click done, click here and connect to the
service. And connect it directly to the email software
that you are using. Be it AWeber, Drip or any other software…
whatever website you are using. Similarly you can connect this as well. If you want to add 2 columns, you can do it
like this. You can select- let’s create… 3 columns. Then you can add a button, or an image, or
a template. Image or select the image… you can even
add a text element or a video element. So this is how you can do it, you can even
play with the position. Like the position of let’s say, 40 indent
margin, so this way you can even change the indentation and all. So you can really create a beautiful or any
kind of landing page that you see on the web. Almost anything can be created here, with
the thrive architect. Just click on the save work. And if you want to create a different version
of this landing page, click a/b test… and just copy the landing page and name it version
2. And this way when you start editing it, just
name it version 2. And click on edit variation. And let’s say you want to test a different
headline, just change the headline here, like “become digital marketer in 20 days”. And if you want to change the image element
into a video element, let us select the video, add it here, delete the image and then select
the video. So here you’ve created a different version
of this landing page, and just save all your work and when you click here on the a/b testing,
you can allot the different percentages that you want- Let’s say you’re driving a hundred people,
how many people do you want on this particular page, 26% and 74% to this. This way you can create multiple variations
and test your landing pages. And make sure you click on the “set up and
start the a/b test”, when you start driving traffic to the landing page. So what are the difference between a good
and a bad landing page? See landing page is made for a very specific
audience with one very specific conversion goal. Like in my case the conversion goal was the
email address. But for an ecommerce company the conversion
goal might be a purchase. Make sure the landing page has one specific
goal and make sure to settle the benefits of that goal to the customer. So that the customer can make the decision
in a much easier way. And also remove the distraction and keep the
focus on that one particular goal. Like my goal was to get the email address,
I was just giving the reasons and the benefits of my free digital marketing course, so the
person can just make the decision easily on putting their email address. And sign up for the free digital marketing
course. Also creating too many different options will
create a decision paralysis, and your conversion rates will drop. So overall a landing page optimization is
something that you have to practice a lot. Only then will you be able to understand what
kind of titles to add, what kinds of images to add, what’s the flow of the landing page,
how to add the testimonials, what kind of- what to be included in the video testimonials,
and also the benefits. How to show the benefits? And how to guide the people- As I’ve shown you in thrive architect as
well that you have to create multiple variants of the landing page to find out the one winner
which is giving the most conversion rate. Like we created- like in my case I created
7 different variants of my landing page just to try and find out which one is giving me
the most conversion rate. Or also whenever you’re A/B testing, just
change one element, like if you are just copying a landing page, either change the title or
just the headline or the color, but only change one element. Otherwise you won’t be able to judge which
particular change actually increased or decreased the conversion rate. So the elements of a landing page is an engaging
headline, a headline is an extremely important part of a landing page, because that’s the
first one that a person will read whenever someone lands on a landing page. The compelling offer is another important
part, you have to make sure that your landing page has one simple and compelling goal and
the offer is amazing enough for the person to complete the goal. For me, it’s the email ID so I’m selling
the benefit. Similarly if you have a product or a service,
just show your prospective consumer why they should get the product or why they should
get your service. Remove all their doubts or all the major issues
they might have. Also the imagery has to be good, the color
combination- as I told you earlier my Facebook Ads and my landing page has the same color
scheme. That also matters a lot. Similarly on my landing page I have multiple
call-to-action. Multiple areas where they can click and enter
their email address. That also increases the conversion rate. Also as you have seen in my landing page,
I don’t have a menu item. Like the home page, the blog menu item or
the all tools. I have removed that from my landing page. Because the lower the distraction the higher
will be the conversion of your landing page. And in the end the landing page is all about
testing. Create more variants, create more changes
and see which one is giving better results. Landing page- why is landing page important
for your entire funnel? You’ll see that- in this free digital marketing
course my goal for first of May 2019 is to at least have a hundred thousand people taking
my free digital marketing course. So landing page is the first point of contact
they will have with my brand AnkurAggarwal. Who is Ankur Aggarwal? What is he offering? Who is he to even teach digital marketing? What are the benefits that he is selling? So all that is- all that is shown in the landing
page, the first point of contact. So landing page is extremely important for
me, but if you’re selling something let’s say to an email list, you already have an
email list of 50,000 people and you create an offer. Then you might be driving people directly
from the email to that particular sales pitch which they offer. Then again you’ll have to follow the proper
structure of the sales pitch to get the maximum conversion. So landing page is not just used only for
the email ID, but it depends on the purpose. You might be giving a check- it’s one of
the most important part of the funnel. I would really request for all of you to create
your first landing page and share it in the Facebook group. So that I can give you feedback and all of
us together can help each other out in creating better landing pages. So best practices to get more emails from
the same landing page… I’ve already shared a lot of them with you,
while we were creating the landing page. The landing page should be easy to follow. One thing that I forgot to mention to you
was the mobile-friendliness. I have mentioned this multiple times in various
other videos as well, that majority of the traffic coming to you will be coming from
the mobile. Around 70% – 80% of traffic is mobile and
on the internet now. So you’ll have to make sure all your landing
pages, or even your website is optimized for mobile. It looks good, there’s proper spacing, proper
indentation, there’s no formatting issue. And it’s properly loading all the elements
are properly loading. So that is an important metric you have to
check for your website. And also use clear language, simple language. The best tip I can give you regarding this
is, use conversational tone or talk to your prospective customer as if you’re talking
to your friend. I have seen that this has given me the best
results. And have a clean design, follow a consistent
color scheme. Use simple images, clean images don’t try
to use simple contrasting images. Also look at the color palettes, like when
we were choosing for the theme for our website to be orange, we looked at various different
colors which go well with orange. So we looked at various color palettes and
then selected the one. And we have maintained the same color branding
throughout our social media, throughout our landing pages. Throughout our ad creative, and all of the
other places as well. To create a consistent branding. And the last thing is definitely the title
and the offer. Offer is everything, you have to create a
very compelling offer, in my case, I am giving a free video course, so I am getting a high
conversion rate because my offer is really compelling. So top landing page tips, definitely use software
like I use Thrive Architect, I highly recommend it you can use them as well. You offer is extremely important, have no
navigation bar, like I just mentioned to you. Title is the most important part of your landing
page. Lesser the optin fields, higher the conversions. If you see my landing page, I’m just asking
for the email address and the name. But if I increase the field even to let’s
say, when I ask for your address for your phone number as well… more the number of
fields, lesser the conversion rate. So always keep the fields to the minimum,
the least that you want. And proof is extremely important, social proof,
testimonials, video testimonials or even screenshots of good tweets or Facebook group feedback. Any good positive social feedback really increases
the conversion rate. So I hope you like this landing page video,
and your next task is to create a landing page for your own. And share it to the Facebook group so I can
give you the feedback regarding that, and I’ll see you in the next video. Guys in this video I showed you how to create
a new landing page, how to get new leads, how to integrate your email marketing company
with your landing page and much more in this topic. And in the next video we will be talking about
online reputation management, so I’ll see you in the next video.

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