LinkedIn Followers | LinkedIn Business Page Marketing | LinkedIn Tips

LinkedIn Followers | LinkedIn Business Page Marketing | LinkedIn Tips

In this video we’re going to talk about exactly
what you should do with your LinkedIn company page to increase engagement and followers. All right, so you’ve got to LinkedIn company
page and you’ve been posting to it or you just started a company page and you’re starting
to share content. What we’re going to talk about today is how
can you increase your engagement and increase your followers? Let’s look at the main purpose of your LinkedIn
company page. So this is the page for the corporation or
the company to put out information and then this is the part that a lot of people miss. Then the employee share that content to get
it out there. The types of content that you should be posting
about. Number one, do not make this about Facebook
as much Facebook type posts. That’s where if you got heavy things into
culture and things like that, that’s a better place to put on a Facebook company page to
allow employees so then share it and engage and show their friends and bragging rights
and all those things. You should show some of that culture on your
LinkedIn page or you should also not only put it about, hey, we’ve got a job opening,
because that’s what a lot of companies are doing. They’re just saying it’s LinkedIn, it’s a
personal networking for your future job. I’ve got a job. I’m going to put on the company page and I’m
going to post it and then HR person or somebody else is going to share it and then there you
go. You get all these applicants. Typically that’s not going to happen unless
you have already have thousands upon thousands of followers on your company page. You’re not going to get that much traction
from a post. Or You could post on your company page a job
opening and then share it through email, share it through other networks. Yes, you can do that, but you have to look
at who are you trying to attract to your company page? Who are your potential customers or people
that you want following and think about their persona, so we’re looking at the persona of
the person that is going to follow your page. What is it that they’re into? As a person, what type of interest do they
have? What type of hobbies do they have? It’s not just about you. The number one mistake companies make is if
you look at their posts, historically, it’s all about them. It’s all about their sales, their product. They’re not really giving a lot of information
out there. They’re just more talking about how they’re
better than other people and it’s more of like a look at me, look at me. If you look at our company page of 5 Fold
Agency, we produce a ton of content, but it’s content that is relevant to the people that
we’re trying to bring in as potential customers and our target demographic. We’re basically giving away free content and
we’re posting to our company page. Even still, we still will share other content
in the market that’s not our. So think about your company page, should not
just be posting things about what is it that you guys sell or what is it that service that
you offer and it’s just all sales, sales, sales. You have to think about the persona of the
person. They may be into whatever it is that you’re
doing, whether it’s something technical or something non technical or it’s a consumer
product or something like that. They’re into that, but what is their persona? What is their lifestyle? They’re not just all about the one thing that
you’re selling or the service that you’re offering. If you look at our industrial and manufacturing
type companies that we serve, and even the tech and software, they’re going after people
that are in engineering or they’re going after people that are in operations or things like
that, and yes, they are into whatever it is that our clients are servicing, the service
that they offer or product that they’re selling, but if you look at their lifestyle, they’re
also into other things like automation, robotics. They’re into hunting, fishing, they’re into
cars and automotive and technology and new emerging technologies or new software stuff
or new gadgets and products and things like that. So you want to try, and essentially the overarching
theme here is you want to be a new source for your followers. So you’re not just strictly putting out content
about you, but you’re also putting out content that is relevant to your industry or relevant
to the space that you’re in and also relevant to the persona of the person that you’re trying
to bring in. So let’s say you have 100, 200. 500 followers. In order to grow that, you need to one, start
producing more consistent and better content. So the first step is going to be change of
strategy and say we are going to produce content that is not strictly about us. It’s about things around the persona and things
around the interest of these people who are into. Number two, you need to be posting four to
five times a week. You’re not going to overkill this. When you post four to five times a week. Think about the algorithm behind LinkedIn. The algorithm works to where they’re not going
to see every single thing. Even if you share it every single day, your
entire network is not going to see everything because maybe they’re not on LinkedIn. Depends on when they log in, how many followers
they have, they have what else is in their feed. They’re not going to scroll all the way down
to the bottom like 10 minutes of scrolling to get to your post that’s buried because
they have 4,000 connections or a thousand connections. So don’t think that you’re going to flood
the market with too much information or overkill it. You need to post consistently four to five
times a week because you want to make sure that when that person does log in, let’s say
you post on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and you leave off Friday. If somebody logs in on a Wednesday but last
time you posted was Monday, there’s a high likelihood they’re not going to see that unless
that post got a lot of traction. So it’s where if you’re posting Monday, Tuesday,
Wednesday, they come in on Wednesday at nine o’clock you just post something at 8:15 you
got a couple likes, there’s a high likelihood they’re going to see it. That’s just the way that the algorithm works,
so posting consistently and then breaking up the post to where I would say 25% to 30%
of your content should be about your service, your product that you’re offering, that you
want people to engage with or be aware of or purchase something from you. The rest of it should either educational about
something in your industry or find relevant new sources outside of that, that are into
the persona or the overarching industry that you’re in or that type of group and that type
of field and post something from them. You obviously don’t link to competitors, but
post something that is relevant in the space, something that’s been published in the last
week or two or the last couple of days preferably and post that up there with a link. The third thing you need to do is look at
when you’re posting this and look through your feed, stop making your posts images not
fit the frame. LinkedIn has specific optimizations for the
pixel width. I believe on their site that says 1200 by
600 they’re going to somewhat auto adjust if they’re a little bit bigger, they’re going
to shrink the height shrink the with, but try and go with a 1200 by 600 size of your
images, and from a video standpoint, they’ll shrink those and so you could do 1920 by 1080
or you do 1920 by 1920 it’ll shrink it in and make it work. Or You could even use some of the vertical
formats, for the mobile and it’ll work there too. You can look that up to see what exactly what
the sizes are, but for an image 1200 by 600, what I see so many times is companies will
have this black box on the sides where their image is only taken up like this much of the
screen when they’ve got all of this. And it looks absolutely ridiculous. It just shows that you don’t care about the
quality that you’re doing when you do these posts that you’re just throwing something
up there quickly. Now, if you’re linking to an outside article,
the image that’s going to come in is whatever that outside article has as their featured
image for their website, that’s what’s going to pull in and it’s going to put a description
below it and it’s going to show the name of the URL. So if that sucks, you can go in there and
change it, but for anything that you’re posting organically or natively yourself. If you take pictures of your employees as
they had an event or if you take pictures of a plant or to take pictures of the office
or whatever it is that you’re doing, shoot them in landscape mode. Don’t shoot him in portrait mode. If you do have a bunch of portrait mode trying
new some post editing software took, put those into some sort of collage to fill the space
because as people are scrolling through their feed and once you start getting followers
and engagement, they’re going to scroll through their feed, and they’re just going to see
this team a little picture with all the space on the sides, and it’s going to look absolutely
ridiculous. This is probably the number one thing that
companies fail at. It could be the people that are managing it
and they don’t have a marketing department. Maybe the agency that they’re using made a
mistake or posted the wrong picture, whatever. But it’s so common, almost all company pages
that you scroll through, eventually you’ll find something that is not sized correctly. So if you cannot size it correctly, then don’t
post it. LinkedIn updated their company page features
to where now you can edit a post before, it was like the end of 2018 before that point
before a few months ago, when you post something on your LinkedIn company page, you cannot
go in and edit it like you can on your personal profile. You’d have to just go in and delete it. Now when you post something, you can go back
in and edit it. The best rule of thumb is if you don’t know
if it’s the right size or if that’s not something that you’re familiar with, and you can’t figure
out exactly how to see that, then just post it and then refresh your screen and look at
it and if it looks jacked up, then delete it and figure out how to make it look better. For point number four, we’re going to look
at how do you actually get growth and followers and engagement? Once you have … you’re making the right
amount of content, you’re posting it regularly, and it’s the right format, right size. Now we’re going to look at how do we get this
out there? Whether you have 10 followers, a hundred a
thousand or 10,000 if you want to increase your engagement, increase your followers. There’s only two ways to do this. Number one, run paid advertising for a sponsored
post, which is where when you create a post or it’s a video and article and image, whatever,
you go into LinkedIn self-serve advertising and you run a sponsored post, and you can
have the option to check a box, and it says add the follow button to that post. So when people see that in their feed as an
ad, they can easily hit follow, and you’re basically paying for followers. Don’t do that because it’s not effective for
the cost that you’re going to pay. The other way to do it is have your company
employees share the post like it, comment, whatever. Now you may think, well, if I’ve got … It
doesn’t matter if you’ve got 10 to 100 or 1000 followers or 10,000 you post something
out there. It’s first of all, like I said before with
the algorithm, it doesn’t go out to all 10,000 of them right away. It’s going to test the market just as it does
on your LinkedIn personal profile, it does a small focus group first, rates the engagement
that you get back on that. Then it sends out to more people, it gets
engagement rate back on that and then it sends it out to more and more and so on and so forth. But it’s always going to do that test market
first. So don’t think that you post something that
goes out to even all your followers instantly ’cause it doesn’t. From an employee engagement standpoint having
them assist you with this, it is not as simple as just saying, hey everybody, I posted this
on the company page or look back on Tuesdays and Thursdays and Wednesdays when we post. Go in and share it, comment or like it. If those people aren’t growing their own personal
networks, then it doesn’t matter. You’re not going to get much more engagement
or increased followers or you will but at a very, let’s say, consistent, slow, steady
growth and slow growth, meaning half a percent of growth of followers month over month, which
is pretty weak. So in order for you to make this strategy
work, you have to have the people that are sharing and from your company that are liking
and sharing and engaging in the content to push out to their network. They have to actively increase their networks. We’ll put a link above where we show exactly
how to do that from a sales standpoint to a video where we talk about optimizing your
profile. But then the second part is once you optimize
your personal profile, how do you grow your network very quickly? So check out that video too, and you can show
the people at your company that are willing to put in the time and do this. It’ll show you how to do that. But if you’ve got employees that have 200
to 300, 500 connections, and you’ve got 10 of them, that’s a lot less effective than
five people that have 4,000 or 5,000 connections because they’re constantly trying to add new
people into their network that are within the target demographic that you’re trying
to sell to. Without them doing that, this does not work. There isn’t a way to quickly and strategically
increase your followers without doing the paid advertising or without just being patient
and saying, this is going to take a long time to grow organically, and you’re not paying
attention to it that much and not trying to push it. You have to have the people that pick somebody
in, sales, marketing, engineering, whatever it is on the client facing side of your business,
the CEO, the COO, the CFO, whoever it is that’s on the client facing side of your business
that talks to clients, engages with them, produces content, anything like that. Have them go from however many connections
they have and multiply it by two, five, 10 times. And once you post the company page posts,
and the content is good because you’ve done the first three steps, then when they share
it, they’re going to get people that then will follow your page. That’s the way to quickly and strategically
grow. So that way you don’t want to have followers
that are not relevant to you at all. It’s not just about the followers. You’re not just trying to get that dopamine
drip to say, I’ve got more followers. You’re trying to make it strategic so that
when you do to post something, you get engagement because it’s relevant. So, that’s how you get the engagement. So, point number five is in order to get the
engagement that has good engagement, the connection and the people that are following your page
have to be relevant. Before back in 2017, 2018, you used to be
able to go LinkedIn company page as an admin and look at your followers, and you’ll be
able to see everybody that’s following you and I believe that we used to be able to export
that as well. You can’t do that any more. They strip that out in the middle of last
year, so you just have this number of people that are following. You don’t know if they’re good or bad unless
you just started and you’ve been paying attention to engagement, but you have to make content
that’s relevant to the target demographic. If you’re, company page is posting stuff about
bicycles and mountain bikes, and then you’ve got a bunch of real estate agents that are
following your page, unless those real estate agents also love biking, it doesn’t matter
that they’re following the page because they’re going to be crap followers. They’re not going to engage with your content. Maybe they’re following because they want
to sell you something, so you have to look at it from that standpoint that you want people
that are organic, high value, high engaging followers. The only way to do that quickly is to have
your client facing employees at your company. Connect with those strategic people, share,
like, comment and engage on your content and push that out to there and then go into the
feed. So hopefully those tips gave you guys some
good guidance on how to quickly grow your LinkedIn company page engagement and your
followers. If you like this content, hit the like button. If you have questions about this and want
me to dive deeper, leave ’em in the comments below and we’ll see you on the next one.

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