Long Tail Pro 3 Review Keyword Research Tool

Long Tail Pro 3 Review Keyword Research Tool

Hey, guys. Thank you for joining me on my
Long Tail Pro Review. Today you�re going to learn how to do keyword research the right
way. I�m also going to teach you how to discover low competition keywords in competitive
niches. But most importantly how to transform that
research into profits. You�re also going to learn how to analyse top 10 results for
any keyword. And I�m also going to show you why Long
Tail Pro Research Tool is the best keyword research tool on the market. So, let�s get stuck in. This the main interface of Long Tail Pro.
This is Version 3 that was recently released while I�m doing this review. And just a
bit of history this tool was actually launched in 2011. As of this date there are over 70,000
SEOs using it since it was launched and 4 years on, we are now arriving into Version
3 of the software. So I�m going to give you a quick overview.
I�m going to show you some of my keyword research and dig into some examples and then
show you how to do research yourself for any keyword that you choose. So first of all let
me just show you around the interface. At the top right hand corner here you can find
your various settings. You only need to connect your Google account and a free Moz account
to pull backs on some of the data. Once you�ve done that, you�re ready to rock and roll
and begin finding keywords. But before you do that, you can see up here is a drop down
of all of your different projects and you can add a project by clicking here you can
call it whatever you want. Additional settings here like to include adult ideas, select your
target country and also research network to use. Most people are going to use United States
and Google. But you can choose any country you want so it doesn�t matter where you
are in the world, you can use this tool to complete your keyword research. Within your
project you have a list of the keywords you search for here and then you have the main
results window here along with filters where you can exclude or include keywords in real
time just by using the filters here and also for local searches, global searches competition
and keyword competitiveness. And I�m going to go into keyword competitiveness in a bit
more detail later on. But for now that is the entire interface, that�s not really
anything complicated about how to use it, everything�s laid out really simply. So, let�s start by taking a look at some
of the keywords I have already investigated. Now when you want to do a search for a keyword,
you just click on Find Keywords, add some Seed Keywords in here. You can choose to pre-filter
the keywords with minimum search volumes and the Advertiser Competition for example and
pull back additional data like Global Search Volume Domain Availability so you can Check
Match Domain available as .com, .net, .org, co.uk and various global extension here or
you can choose to pull back Google Title Competition and Bing Title Competition. So for all the
keywords I�m about to show you down the left hand side I have entered these as Seed
Keyword within this project and then hit the Generate Keywords In Fetch Data bottom. So I am going to show you this project that
I have set up with lots of different keywords. It�s down the left hand side here and I
have looked at all these keywords to decide, you know which blog post am I going to write
next because by targeting my content strategy with keywords research increases the chances
of ranking higher and pulling more traffic from Google. And I�m just going to show
you a little bit about that here. If I was to decide, ok I want to write an article about
link building book and I wasn�t entirely sure of which article to write. I could come
in here Find Keywords link building and here you can see a complete list of keywords related
to link building and this is where I would start to get ideas from. Now as you look for
your Keyword List, don�t forget you can sort by searches and global searches. But
more importantly if you come over here you can click on the calculate the Average Keyword
Competitiveness. And as you can see that has come back to 66 now. This is a sliding scale
from 0 to 100. I typically target anything around 45 and below and there is a formula
that Long Tail Pro guys use to calculate that competitiveness and I�ll show you that in
a minute. But for now you can clearly see this is 66 out of 100 in terms of competitiveness.
And if you click on the keyword here, it will expand out and show you the top 10 results
for that keyword in Google right now along with some other information like Page Authority,
the number of links to the Page, how many of those links are actually passing any value
or any actual Juice to main Authority Most Rank, Page Rank inside page. So it is with
this number as an indicator, these take all these factors into consideration to come up
with an Average Competitiveness and then report is about here. So, if I want you to write something about
link building I can say ok, that 66 that�s pretty tough there must be something better
that I can write about. So coming down here, we can see best company 44. Actually if I
sort this, we can see that we only have competitiveness of 29 about 3,600 searches a month, the term
backlink generator. Now you can mark any keyword that you would like as a favourite by just
hit in the star like that or on star. You can see I have done that with backlink generator
and you can also add notes to keywords by just clicking on the note here. And you can
see I have said to use this as a Seed Keyword to find more ideas. So the backlink generator
keyword has more potential in it and I will go and do some further research on that. But
on its own you can see if I wrote an article about backlink generators and link probably
with some affiliate links to various programs and applications that do help to generate
backlinks that could be a very profitable keyword for me to target in my next post.
And just looking through the results there, you can see lots of SEO tools most highly
competitive and nearly twice as hard to rank for as backlink generator. So my next link building are to be called
will be about backlink generators. And that�s how you take the Keywords Research that you
see here and make it profitable. But just to give you some more ideas, I�m going to
quickly flip through these keywords and show you some of the things that you could do.
So a Seed Keyword has build backlinks. Again we have backlink generator, free backlink
generator both cropping up really low competitiveness that we can combine into what we saw before.
But we also have some over really attractive keywords buy quality backlinks, what are backlinks,
backlink watch which is an application so we could write backlink what to review and
insert affiliate links to make money there exactly the same with buy quality backlinks
we can re-sell someone else�s service and take commission or perhaps you own a service
well that�s relevant and you sell directly. Now moving into PBN where this software comes
really in handy is PBN to SEO means PBN, private block network it has no overt meaning. And
on the surface this PBN keyword is ok, it�s not super competitive and it�s not low competition
but we can certainly do some damage with a score of 40. But when you click into the keyword,
you�ll see that PBN could mean Providence Business News, Pacific Business News, Pacific
Broadband Networks. So on the surface with my SEO had on this keyword looks like a great
target but it could be that the majority of the people searching for this keyword are
not looking for private network at all, they�re actually looking for the Pacific Broadband
Network and I search this makes it not a very good keyword to target in the long run. It�s
really not specific enough for that easy to rank for. Moving through the list a bit more,
we have blackhat SEO again I�m going to sort keyword for competitiveness here. And
actually blackhat SEO with no spaces gets 1,300 searches a month and with a space 2,900
both relatively easy to target. Also SEO certification and cost effective SEO look like great keywords
to target with content. Instead of running through all of these, I�m
just going to pick out a notoriously difficult niche to rank for one of the most competitive
niche online is make money online. And I�m going to show you how with Long Tail Pro even
in one of the most competitive niches online, I was able to find the keywords to target.
So, straightaway you can see down here at the bottom, I have filtered anything with
a 40 difficulty and below and also has more than 1000 searches a month. In fact this one
with a difficulty of 37 has 8,100 how to make money at home. And we have over keywords here
like earn money from home, how to make money on the internet, how to make extra money and
one that is really important is how to make money online for teens. How if you�re a
teenager in this current day and age you�ve grown with the internet from day one. So how
to make money online for teens perfect, start a blog send them somewhere like just host
or give you around $60-$80 commission per sale and that�s a really nice way to monetize
that keyword or also targeted at the younger audience. Moving forward we have much more
keywords here. The keyword research one is actually one that I created for the blog post
that�s going to go alongside with this video I�m recording right now. And I�m going
to be targeting best keyword research tool within my post along with how to do keyword
research. Now I wouldn�t recommend targeting anything over those kind of 40-45 market it�ll
get a bit difficult after that. But with the Authority that my blog already has and the
long form content that I produced along with the video, I stand a pretty good chance against
these top 10 results here. Instead of going through all these keywords
let me bring you to the favourites. So in the list of favourites these are all favourite
keywords that you�ve marked across all of your projects. So you can quickly get an overview
of which ones to target. So if we want to take at the easiest keyword, we can perhaps
look at blackhat SEO or infusion soft with a space. Infusion soft with a space has a
competitiveness of 25 nearly 3,000 searches a month and a sale of infusion soft pays nearly
$1,000 in commission. So there you go, very low competition keyword with a very high commission
product of the backend of it. And right now, we can see that the top 10 results are currently
dominated by brand results. We have since the infusion Facebook account, Twitter account,
YouTube account or Wikipedia page and the infusion soft page itself. So that certainly
means there�s room for us to manoeuvre there just by publishing infusion soft review or
infusion soft related content. Moving down further, how to make money online
for teens we�ve already spoke about and get response with a space again with the space
makes the keyword really easy to target, really low competition, this gets 5,400 searches
per month and the GetResponses affiliate program is very generous and pays nice recurring commission.
Again if we take a look at the top 10 results there, we can see for the most part it�s
GetResponses official page, social profiles, they are at the App Store. Most of the top
10 results don�t even have any links a passing Juice and have some very low page authority
numbers. So again it�s another keyword we can do a lot of damage with and I should point
out I�ve found a lot of these keywords in less than an hour of playing with the tool. Moving forward, we have backlinks generator,
free backlinks generator, seo packages, what does seo stand for. A very simple one real
estate seo, you could write a tutorial on how real estate can rank their sites. There�s
a good commission opportunities there, how to market yourself, sales management software,
lead generation software, best crm for small business. Again there is 3 keywords offered
up for opportunity to promote infusion soft nearly $1,000 commission per sale. So I hope
you�ve find the results how powerful they are. You can really delve into niches and
keywords really quickly to discover real gems and also check out your top 10 competition
just to see how you would stack up against them. But all of these keywords are all to do with
internet at marketing or SEO in one form or another. What if you work outside of that
niche, well I�ve already prepared some examples for you and a few different niches. So if
we�ll just launch off the project. We�ve got dog leash, memory form mattress, fitness
watch, marathon training and pocket knife. And again if we just delve on some of these,
I can hit the�sorry I didn�t mark any of this as favourite. But we shall look at
dog leash, average keyword competitiveness and straightaway we can see embroidered dog
collars 2,400 searches a month, super low competition really easy to rank for. The same
for best dog harness, cheap dog clothes, custom dog collars, shock collars for dogs. There�s
a whole range of keywords here that really easy to target. And of course, there�s a
lot more here that I could search for and calculate the competitiveness to broaden that
even further. Equally you can take any one of these keywords and then click on find keywords,
edit to seed keywords to find even more opportunity for you to rank for. Moving in to memory foam mattress, again you
kind of got the idea now, full size mattress dimensions nearly 10,000 searches a month
and only 18 keywords competitiveness. You could provide that information to someone
and then push some de-print your e-commerce or that hopefully sells mattresses. Fitness
watch, these variable fitness trackers and such things have become very popular in recent
times. The easiest keyword that I�ve found here nearly 3,000 searches a month, fitness
watches for women. Again very easy to create some content around, just find the 5 most
popular fitness watches for women, write an article about it perhaps put a video together
and you�ll find yourself ranking very easily to that keyword along with commission on some
high ticket products that often cost in the region of a few hundred dollars. Moving into this niche further, best sport
watches, sport watches for men, bluetooth heart rate monitor, all with substantial amount
of searches per month. Just showing you the keyword filter a little bit more, one of the
ways that we can really make a lot of money with our keywords research. Instead of targeting
something general like fitness watch which means a person has an interest in fitness
watches but they�re not yet qualified as a buyer, we can dig down and target some of
them or buyer orientated keyword. So these are keywords where people are further down
the psychological process. They sort of figure out these fitness trackers, fitness watches,
they are pretty cool I want to learn more about them. But the people we want to target,
the people who have already made the decision they want to buy one. So, to target people
that want to buy something we can use keywords like best and you�ll see this filters all
of the possible keyword ideas for best. That means someone�s actively researching which
activity watch or fitness bands, sport watches or whatever may it be to buy. The other way
we can do it is to go to review. Anyone that�s reading reviews actively we know they�ve
already made a psychological commitment to buy a watch and they�re still deciding in
exactly which one to buy. The other keyword we can target as buyers is cheap. These are
the guys that yeah, we know that I want a watch, I�ve kind of decided what I want
and I know what my budget is, so which are the cheap ones, which one will fall within
my budget to buy. Last but not least and probably is the most obvious one is the word buy itself.
You can�t get any more targeted than buy heart rate monitor. People are literally telling
us what they want all we have to do is give it to them. Looking at marathon training and
let me just take out my filter at the top there, again running and marathons and crazy
challenges like that had become a popular thing something that is not seen rarely trend
of in the last year, a year and a half. And here are some great keywords for you to target
in that niche, training for a 5k, training for a marathon, 8 week half marathon training.
All with super easy keyword competitiveness that you can easily create content around
to rank for. Again pocket knife, I�m going to sort by
keyword competitive here, engraves pocket knives, pocket knife brand, personalized pocket
knives, cool pocket knives, best pocket knives, all super super super easy keywords for you
to target. So, now kind of shown you around the interface
and some of my own keyword research and how you can link back into profits. Let�s take
a look at how to actually do your own keyword research from scratch. So just before we jump
into our own keyword research, I want to explain the keyword competitiveness number to you
in a little bit more detail. Now basically that means it�s a calculation of Page Authority
+/- Page Title Factor +/- Keywords in Domain Factor +/- Doman Length. And the Page Authority
Number is made up of several factors including Domain Authority, Page Authority, Page Links,
Juice Link, Social Signals and more. Now if you are new to SEO or keyword research, you
probably didn�t have a clue about anything I�ve just said. And I could make an entire
video dedicated to talking about this but instead you should just check out the link
on your screen right now and that will explain each of those factors to you in more detail.
But if you don�t care about that and don�t really want to know all the nerdy technical
details and you just want to know should I target this keyword or not, then you can use
this little table to get a good indication of whatever you should be targeting something
or not. So anything there is 10, no competition. If you see a keyword is no competition you
target that as quick as you can. 10 to 20 � extremely low, 20 to 30 � low, 30 to
40 � moderate and so forth. Now my recommendation is you never target anything above 40 unless
it�s really attractive if you might push to 45. If you want to get the best results
possible for as little work as possible, you want to be cherry picking those keywords of
40 or less. The lower the number the better it is for you. So now you understand the keyword
competitiveness a little bit more. Let�s actually move on to doing your own
research. So in Long Tail Pro, you just need to create a new project by clicking the plus
(+) up here and the project title, let�s go with camping. You can see some over options
I always choose to include adult ideas, choose your target country and then network that
you�re targeting in. In this example I will go with United States Google and hit Create
Project. Next just click on Find Keywords, you have to enter a couple of Seed Keywords.
And the Seed Keyword what Long Tail Pro will do is take that keyword in generate up to
800 related keywords and pull back all of the data that you saw before. So, let�s
just add a couple of seed keywords in here and I�m going to go with hammock and also
portable barbeque (bbq). Now, I have no idea what kind of results these are going to return.
I�ve never search them before. I�m very much flying by night here. So looking at the
over options, you can choose to pre-filter the keywords so you could say ok, don�t
show me anything with less than 1000 search volume. Personally I like to apply the filters
later on so I always leave these as default and you can hit set default there. But the
options you should pay attention to at least for tick boxes down here. Now Global Search
volume is really handy because you can just see the local search volume in the United
States and then the Global Search volume from all over the world. Domain availability, if
you�re doing your research don�t yet have a domain, you can also choose to search for
Exact Match Domains or Hyphenated Domains. Now I would never touch a hyphenated domain
personally if I�m building on each site but high quality site build on an Exact Match
Domains are perfect. So just for this example, I�m going to take that and leave .com selected.
You can also choose to include the Google Title Competition and Bing Title Competition
and if you want a bit of an explanation, you can click on the question marks here. But
I tend not to use that when making my own judgments and there are arguments against
that and for it. So that�s just a personal reference thing really. Once you�ve added
your Seed Keywords, you can adopt to 10 and select your options here, click Generate Keywords
and Fetch Data. And at the top head, you can see that�s doing that right now. And I�m
just going to pause the video while it completes that process. Once Long Tail Pro has pull
back all the results, all you need to do now is go through, filter them pick up your favourites
and then from that you can make your content strategy. So, by default you�re going to
be looking for old keywords, I�ll just like to stay at topic focus. So I�m just going
to look at the hammock only once. Typically I�. you know these 801 keywords here to
go through which takes a bunch of time but we can save some time just by increasing minimum
searches change to 1000 on each of the filters here. If you are looking to build out a micro
niche site you could also filter out on domain availability. You can see here this with the
red and cross out no domain available whereas these are in blue do have other domain available.
So, once you filtered out any keywords that don�t match your criteria. First of all,
I search local high to low and I�ll just go through these keywords and anything I think
might be interesting or I want to target, I will just come here and click on the calculate
bottom work through these results. Anything that I find interesting, I�m going to hit
calculate and see what comes back from that. So, I�m just going to work through here
hammock with stand, enohammocks off the top of my head, I�ve no idea what that is but
I imagine eno is a brand. So let�s take a look at that typically brand type keywords
are pretty easy to rank for baby hammock, hammock camping, hammock chair stand, how
to make a hammock. You get the idea just work through here, we know all these keywords with
a minimum requirements. You just got to work through and calculate which ones to target.
So backpacking hammock, how to hang a hammock, free standing hammock and so forth. So I�m
just going to wait for it to pull in these results. And now that has completed, you can
see here we have some numbers in this end column. And I�m just going to search by
average keyword, competitiveness here and straightaway we can see loads of load of competition
keywords with decent search volumes as high as 14,800 per month for camping hammock. We
can just date for some of these results now. Best hammock only a competition score of 32
but a highly commercial keyword. Looking here 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 results the ranking in the top
10 without a single Juice Link. Here�s another on without a single link at all. Here�s
one with 2 really low quality links, one with 9 really low quality links. This is an easy
keyword to rank for the all the high converting and highly profitable. How to hang a hammock,
again less competition but this keyword doesn�t have the same commercial intent. These are
people who�ve already bought a hammock so you might be able to ought sell them into
some hammock straps or hammock ropes or something like that. But these people aren�t looking
to buy a hammock, they�ve already had one. Equally we can come down, hammock for sale
even easier to target, highly commercial 6,600 searches per month digging into those results
a little bit more. We can see top 10 results ranking with not many links at all. For the
most part these are all e-commerce stores which means you can go right over the middle
with some high quality content and easily rank for this keyword. But you get the idea
and you saw how quick and easy was for me to uncover all for this highly profitable
keywords and niche I know precisely about it. Jumping into portable barbeque (bbq), I see
exactly the same thing. Search by local searches and then just go through and then you have
stand out to you. Just come and calculate the competitiveness. You can also do it by
global searches because sometimes the global search is much bigger than a local search
really depends on how you set up. And again you can see the domain availability on the
right side made here. so I�m going to go and calculate some of these quickly. Now we�ve
got that data, we can search by the keyword competitiveness and you can see I did a bond
share. Let�s go right down to the bottom the�.. actually the keyword with the highest
commercial intent barbeque (bbq) sale actually has the lowest competition 4,400 searches
per month. That is a gem of a keyword right there. So we could mark that as a favourite
to follow up later and looking through the rest of the results, portable gas barbeque
(bbq) 3,000 relatively easy and�let�s just jump into the barbeque (bbq) for sale
results, you can see there�s a bunch of sites mostly e-commerce sites around which
is always a good sign. If the results are filled with e-commerce, the results are social
profile it�s a good sign for it is easy to rank especially when you combine that with
the fact that there are so many pages ranking here. we have zero Juice Link although domain
authority pretty competitive, you can do some damage with this keyword if you were to work
in this niche. And portable gas barbeque (bbq) again not very competitive, the no. 1 and
2 results have zero high powered links tool or some�. Carry on looking napoleon barbeque
(bbq) no idea what that is I guess it�s a brand or type. Yes, we can see from looking
at the results so they are. They have 4,800 searches a month and it�s very low competition.
1, 2, 3, 4, 5 of the results have zero links, we can see a mixed of social profiles and
e-commerce sites so that keyword is good to go. So you get the general idea here of how you
can find keywords no matter what the niche. And easily work through those to come up with
a winning keyword strategy allowing you to find all of the lowest competition keywords
with the highest search volumes to make sure you�ll get in the best that you can out
of the time you invest into your site. That is the keyword research part of Long Tail
Pro. But there is a couple of niche thing as well.
The first one I want to share you if you decide a quick idea off the top of your head, you
can actually get a quick look at the top 10 results really easily. So for example, let�s
take a look at how to advertise on Facebook, we can click on add (+) and straightaway this
will go out and find all of the details just that specific keyword default volumes and
also pull back all of the data for the current top 10 results and as you can see that the
pulling data in there it will then fill up the keyword competitiveness and bring back
the average keyword competitiveness. You can see earlier I did one for backlink generator
and you can see here, we�re looking at the top 10 results. And you can then find these
later on by selecting my own keywords down at the bottom here. So, that gives you a really
quick and easy way to get an overview any keyword that springs to mind if you write
in the poster anything like that. The overall handy tool is the Rank Checker and again using
the example I have just given you, I�m going to put my domain in there, add along with
the keyword how to advertise on Facebook. Now I should point out that when I wrote this
post originally I use Long Tail Pro I�ve got a dedicated project for up here to find
a bunch of keywords to try and tag it with this post. In fact I will just show you the
post here, you can see how to advertise on Facebook as clearly as my title. I also have
it here and I was also targeting in Facebook marketing strategy, social media marketing
strategy and Facebook advertising campaigns. It�s all of the keywords I found within
Long Tail Pro. Jumping back into Long Tail Pro, let�s see where I�m ranking for that
right now. You can enter into your URL, your search term, your target country and then
just hit Check Ranks and that will go out and find the ranking of that ranking page
for you. As you can see it�s already pulled it back. I�m currently ranking in position
12 on Google and 16 on Bing. And the Yahoo results it�s taken a bit longer but that�s
not really relevant for me anyway. I just want to show you the Rank Checker quickly
so you can easily see how your performing any of the keyword that you find here. So that brings us to the end of the Long Tail
Pro Review. I hope you see just how easy it is to find low competition high traffic keywords.
Not only that keywords of commercial intent and I showed you one but easy to rank for
keyword that pays for $1,000 commissions. It�s really easy to use and any one can
master it in less than 30 minutes. And it makes it really easy to analyse keyword competition
and the current top 10 search results. That�s no need for you to load out with expensive
proxies to use the software and best of all it comes with a 30 day money back guarantee.
You�ve literally got nothing to lose by trying it. so that wraps up the review. Thanks
for sticking around and I�ll see you on the blog.

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