Lord of the Flies (10/11) Movie CLIP – Piggy is Killed (1990) HD

Lord of the Flies (10/11) Movie CLIP – Piggy is Killed (1990) HD

*Savages shouting* *Conch blows, shouting stops* *Conch blows* I’ve got the conch! Let me speak! Get outta here, Piggy. *savages shouting and booing* Get outta here, fat ass! Boo! Yeah! Stop that, Roger! Let Piggy speak! *wolf whistle* Please! This is serious! Get out, fat ass! *shouting continues* Go back to your own camp! What I wanna say is…. If we don’t get rescued… We might have to live here for a long time! Leave! Maybe the rest of our lives! Leave, fat ass! If we are stuck here until we get old… Then we can’t go on acting like kids! We’ve gotta be sensible and make things work! NO!!! You’re not gonna get away with this. Yeah? And what are you gonna do? Huh?! What are you gonna do about it? You’re out of it, pal. You’re on your own!

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100 Replies to “Lord of the Flies (10/11) Movie CLIP – Piggy is Killed (1990) HD”

  1. Ok I thought Piggy's death in the first movie was bad. But here the rock lands on his head and flies off with a weird sound effect as if this was a comedy

  2. can we all agree that the story would have been so much better if piggy didn’t have such a brutal ending😭😭😭he was the best character ever😭😭😭😭

  3. Omg 😢😖😖😖😭😭😭😭😭😭sorry we all had to get it we gotta go we had some great Christmas party I could do something I i Love you ❤️

  4. thєч ѕhσuld вє dєαd ín hєll nєvєr cσmє вαck lífє íѕ nσt tσ kíll σthєrѕ hє juѕt whαtєd tσ tαlk thєч wєrє mєαn thαt'ѕ ч thєrє pαrєntѕ lєft thєm cuz thєrє α ídíσt lífє íѕ tσ mαkє fríєndѕ nσt tσ kíll σr hít pєσplє thαt'ѕ ч gσd mαdє thє plαcє ѕσ wє cαn lívє α вєttєr lífє вut thєч kíllєd ѕσmєσnє thαt juѕt whαtєd tσ tαlk í fєєl вαd fσr hím líkє íf u αgrєєd cσmmєnt íѕ u díѕαgrєєd tσ thíѕ hєlp pєσplє ѕαvє pєσplє thαt nєєd hєlp í fєєl rєαllч вαd:(

  5. Bruh this brings back so much memories, we read this book in my 8th grade class and than watch the black and white movie version. Crazy how much time passes.

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