Loretta  | Google Super Bowl Commercial 2020

Loretta | Google Super Bowl Commercial 2020

[instrumental music] Hey, Google.
Show me photos of me and Loretta. [laughs] Remember,
Loretta hated my mustache. [chuckles] Remember, Loretta loved going to Alaska. And scallops. Show me photos from our anniversary. Remember, she always snorted
when she laughed. Play our favorite movie. Remember, I’m the luckiest man
in the world. [screen door creaks]
Come on, boy. [dog collar jingles, door closes]

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100 Replies to “Loretta | Google Super Bowl Commercial 2020”

  1. Congratulations, u made a commercial worse than the abused animals with arms of the Angel's playing…u know what happens when that comes on..my GF either changes channel or turns off the tv…I have tried skipping this ad and the second ad is this ad again…don't even let us provide feedback on the ad to say…repetitive cause is a Google ad. Stop playing this ad every 5 seconds.

  2. As a person who has a grandmother with severe dimensia, this really hit home. This might actually make me buy one so she can remember things. And this really was a nerve striking commercial I cried like a baby.

  3. Everyone watches the video scrolls down and sees the “crying” comments getting the most likes. Then proceed to comment how much they themselves are “crying” (fake crying) from this ad. Lol Pathetic

  4. Its the way he ask how not to forget…the way he laughed….the way he said scallops…his voice in general..the music…the beautiful photos.. This little commercial was impactful. I've been worrying about basic things all day. I came across this and remembered the big picture. Best and most simple super bowl commercial.

  5. I didn't like the commercial at first because i never gave it a chance you know how adds are so annoying and waist a lot of time but i finally gave this 1 a chance and didnt skip it and i fell in love w it now everytime i love to c it and i cry every time. This poor man i feel so sorry 4 his loss of the love of his life. Makes me really value my women and dog and my small family and i cherish them. Good 2 c how technology can b used for good. Love this commercial……

  6. I just got an email from google that they're sending my information to some random lawfirme because I wrote a review about them. Don't trust Google first they want you to write reviews then send your information to them. Don't know if they are selling my information or not. but I don't feel safe. Use bing or something

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  8. Grasias. Loskiero. Mucho alosdos comosifueran mis. Papas. Porke. Mispadres estan con diosito iparami ustedes son momejor gracias

  9. Google! I want to thank you for your loving kindness to have such heart to make such an app. My name is John Seaman. Son of Richard and Sally Seaman. My family has a perfect romance story between my parents. But I thought I would tell you exactly why I appreciate this movement. My parents just had there 57th anniversary this year. I'm from a family of six. all of us were adopted from Asia minor. Casualties of some kind of foriegn war. But was adopted by the world's best Christian family had instilled there faith and beliefs in me. My dad just retired from Oral Roberts university with 45+ years of being a biology professor. I am the youngest and would like to do something for them. My dad now has dymincha and is losing his memories of all of us fast. And doesn't even remember adopting me. When he personally came with my mom to get me and my biological sister Rachel and adopted both of us after losing my biological father to the korean war. I'm very poor and don't have any money but they do deserve the best from me after everything they've done for us and accomplished in life. Thank you

  10. Proud to be a Spartan. Go Green.

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  13. The idea that someone in their 80s or 90s is going to scan in such variety of those photos… Or want to talk to Google and tell them to remember stuff, is unlikely. And I know he's gotta be older than 70s bc my mom is 72 and her young photos are from the late 60s. I know that's nit picking, but I couldn't be touched bc it wasn't a real thing to me. Maybe I'LL be doing this in 2070 tho!

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