Market Maker : Market Research

Market Maker : Market Research

Whether you’re a local fresh produce
farmer for the manager of a supermarket market
makers the perfect resource to help your business grow market makers’ a comprehensive
interactive database of food industry marketing and business
data it’s one of the most extensive collections of searchable food industry
data in the country and it’s free for all to use. Welcome and thanks for taking time to learn more
about market maker. In this video we will look at the powerful search
engine that market maker offers we will demonstrate how to search for
specific demographic market to sell your products a business can’t be all things to all
people instead it’s a good idea to design your business to
reach specific customers, and satisfy their particular needs. As
an entrepreneur you should identify those customers and
understand as precisely as possible what it is they want. The process of
finding and studying potential customers for your venture doesn’t have to be complex or expensive
but it is extremely important to your success. This is why market makers such a
valuable tool the ability to do market research enables you to discover everything you
need to know about the customers and markets you intend to pursue, With this information you’ve got a stronger
opportunity to capture those customers for your business the US Census Bureau collects data about
everyone living in the United States every 10 years this state is consolidated into census
tracts containing about 4,000 people, the census tract data is then
consolidated into larger units such as cities, counties, States and the
entire country. For example Iowa ha 825 census tracts so let’s do some market research. We will begin here on the homepage and
look at the market research area first lets choose income as the parameter
to search in then we will choose households with
income between fifty thousand dollars and ninety nine thousand dollars click search this brings up the market
research results for Iowa sure we have the typeof parameter we
chose income the subtype which was our income level and we are searching by state which is
Iowa. Just to understand the map results this changes the level of transparency
that is revealed and here’s the ratio of results. These represent households the dark red
color represents the larger number of households and the lighter color represents the
smaller number of households the map tools are the hand tool. This moves the map around the
magnify tool, allows you to zoom in on specific areas
info tool allows you to select an area which will
then change the census profile results watch as the census info changes as I
select a different area now that we know the area the population
we want let’s search for businesses in that area
click on business search and business results. Click on begin new business search here
is the business profile prompt, let’s say we have a crop of apples to
sell, we begin by choosing food retailer from this list then we
choose grocery convenience stores now you’ll see the list have businesses
that will buy your apples in the whole state and under search by change the drop down
menu to current map. This allows you to see your specific
area you have chosen let’s get more specific and just choose
grocery stores. Now we see a small amount of businesses
to work with click on the business name and you have contact information at your
fingertips. As you can see, finding a target market for your products
and the businesses to sell them to is simple with the market maker website.
Thanks for watching.

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