Marketing Reporting Game Changer

As a marketer, you probably use a large number of marketing and analytics platforms. And on every platform you have tons of metrics to be tracked. It’s a lot of manual work to collect your data for reporting and analysis. So you either don’t do it or you have to spend a lot of your valuable time on this boring task. Either way, it’s not great. Here comes Supermetrics to the rescue! On one side, Supermetrics connects to any marketing platform you use: PPC, SEO, analytics, social, email, — you name it! On the other side, it connects to wherever you want to use your data: spreadsheets, Google Data Studio, BI tools like Tableau, or your own databases and data warehouses. Most importantly, it automates the whole reporting process and saves you from all the boring, repetitive, manual work so you can focus on what matters. Supermetrics. All your marketing metrics in one place.

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