Marketing Tips For Any Product, Service or Business – The 80/20 Rule

Marketing Tips For Any Product, Service or Business – The 80/20 Rule

If you’re struggling with converting leads to sales, you can use these marketing tips for any product, service or business opportunity -using the 80/20 rule. All that’s coming right up! Many online marketers don’t understand the difference between Marketing and Selling. That’s why so many affiliate marketers, online marketers and online entrepreneurs in general, struggle with converting leads to sales. They’re Selling rather than Marketing. So if you should be marketing 80% of the time and selling only 20% of the time, then what are you doing wrong? And how can you focus your efforts? Let’s talk about the marketing aspect, which is 80% of your time. You should be – Building Desire, – Cultivating Trust – – Establishing Authority & Credibility – -Educating – and – Qualifying & Disqualifying – So first, let’s quickly jump into who we should be targeting. The three best groups to target are 1. People searching for your thing. Not specifically searching for the name of your thing, but searching for the category. Let’s use skincare as an example. Rather than searching for or targeting for Proactive Skincare, you can be targeting the category, which is Acne Treatment Products. 2nd is people with a history of buying your thing. A great example is the weight loss industry. So for example, are you on the Atkins diet? well.. Let me tell you the truth about the Atkins diet …. and then you transition into your diet. And the 3rd thing is people who have a problem that you can solve. For these people, you want to talk about them. And you want to talk about their problem. And you want to talk about how to solve it. You don’t necessarily want to talk right away about how YOU can solve it. But you want to give them some ideas… and where do you find all of these people? You find them in congregations. I learned this key point from a guy named Russell Brunson, and he talks about how people with similar interests Congregate in similar areas. So one obvious example would be Facebook groups People with similar interests will go to the same Facebook group. Same thing goes with forums and other social platforms dedicated to unique Interests. So now that we talked about that, let’s jump back to our 80% – Building Desire: determine what questions they might be asking before they buy. So for example, what is the best travel destinations for young couples? You can answer that question by saying ‘X’ destination is best for young couples who want to _____ ‘X’ destination is best for other young couples who want to ______ Cultivate Their Trust – always lead with value rather than information about your product, service or business opportunity. For example, you could have an article headline that says “3 things you hate about your boss”. People going to this link would probably be open to a business opportunity. Establish Authority & Credibility: Show your proof. Show some social comments, or your Commission’s dashboard or show some testimonials! Educate – now, this might possibly be done back in the “cultivate trust” area, but basically, you can provide them with free training or a free video on how to solve X problem and you educate them on why doing it this way is the top solution. And lastly you want to Qualify & Disqualify – because obviously, it’s going to be more useful for your time in following up with people who are quality leads. So for example, this new diet is for people who have tried other diets before and have failed. Rather than someone who’s starting a new diet. So here’s a couple examples of Selling VS Marketing. Let’s say we have the world’s best grass seed so selling we might say “we have the best grass seed in the world” Marketing we might say “3 simple tips To the greenest lawn in the neighborhood”. Or maybe you have a business opportunity: “The greatest comp plan in the history of direct sales. We payout 15 different ways.” That’s selling. People are gonna look at that and be like – “loser!” That’s BS! That probably doesn’t work… But marketing you can say, “5 proven ways To make a side income even with a full time job”. Now people might actually be interested and say “hmm I wonder if these 5 ways can work for me”. Or how about we jump back to the weight loss industry “Our weight loss shake is made from the highest quality ingredients”. That’s selling. Marketing on the other hand, you might say something like “10 fast easy Fat burning recipes your whole family will love” and within that article you might say “Hey that ingredient you used in this recipe, You can get it over here.” And that might be an affiliate link or a link to your product. So after hearing some of those examples, Do you think you’re selling or your marketing? Comment below with the word “BUSTED” if you think you’ve been selling rather than marketing. And finally, the Selling aspect. 20% of your time. It’s probably what you’ve been doing most of this time. You present your offer, you sell it. You have a video sales letter. You have a long-form sales page. If you’re not sure how to sell, I would suggest to learn how to create sales funnels. Check out my sales funnel playlist for more information about different types of sales funnels. Now that you’ve learned some great marketing tips for any product, you can start to master your strategy for 80% marketing and 20% selling. If you’re still struggling with your marketing message, Join our facebook group where we talk about passive income and marketing strategies. The link is in the description below. Like and share this video. Hit subscribe. And as always, thank you so much for watching. I’ll see you on the next video.

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  1. Are you SELLING or MARKETING? Did you get "busted" selling? Comment below "BUSTED" if you caught yourself Selling BEFORE you've done your Marketing.

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