Models under fire for promoting Fyre Festival

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100 Replies to “Models under fire for promoting Fyre Festival”

  1. Okay, to be fair, models are hired to promote all kinds of things. These models probably had no idea that this was a scam.

  2. Invested hard earned dollars , I don’t think these kids have worked hard for anything in there lives , watch the doc so obvious this was the only hardship in there entire lives

  3. Leave these women alone. They were hired to do a job, which they did and why would you hold them responsible for the actions of a con artist? They were conned too

  4. I don't understand. How is Fyre Festival a complete scam despite the poor event planning, poor budgeting, and poor event management and despite Ja Rule message that Fyre Festival "is not a scam".

  5. Where is the fraud here? All I see is respect for the free market; and the millennials who consented in giving money away. If someone wanted to give me a million for an apple thus making him homeless, let him.

    All this will do, if people make dumb mistakes would teach them not to be so stupid next time, and do some research

  6. The Xbox has created a generation of retards living in a fantasy world. Millenials are sheep. For tickets at that price they could at least have been given a booth to cry in and a teddy bear to hold when facing the unbearable reality of life.

  7. Why is there such a surge for sexuality, nudity, lasciviousness? It will become boring to the wealthy + wanabees, then wonder how deep into the darkness of the abyss of the minds of evil humans will worse things evolve. A new law just passed in a major state that proves how blatant life has no value already. God have mercy.

  8. I don’t think they’ll turn out to have any culpability in this. Nobody knew that early that it was going to turn out badly. The questionable ones are the folks that hung around to the end. I understand why they did, but I have to hope that when I saw the light I’d have gotten as far away from McFarland as I could have. They definitely should have.

  9. The promoters (super models) should be charged ,they took the money they took part in the scam. Dont matter if they knew or not they got paid with the money from the scam. The term is acomplice.

  10. They got paid to do a commercial, and paid to tweet it. The guy was a total fraud before during and then after he was out on bail did some other crap. Deserves more then 6 years.

  11. Unbelievable that those models who had PR people did not even bother to "vet" the event; all those Millenials flocked to the fake event……….

  12. Who cant scam millennials, they are idiots, lazy, want everything for free, worst generation ever in America. I'm sure they paid with their mom's money. They are buying junk like this but want everyone else to pay for their education?  lol what idiots

  13. Where do I go to form the FREE BI LLY MC FARLAND COMMITEE so he can do it again…… least you called them performers not artists

  14. And then Billy became unstuck in time once more. He was no longer on Tralfamadore. He was in Prison, serving time for a festival that scammed thousands of people. Poor Billy.

    so it goes…

  15. No part of this story revolves around millennials. There was no advertising of it as a millennial festival or anything, and there was no millennial exclusivity for buying tickets. Fox drops a millennial line to give you all another opportunity to hate

  16. Ha. People buy into vanity thinking that they'll be part of it. All they would really get to do anyway is watch other people. As if that's fun. You can watch people and celebrities all day long through a high powered sniper scope. Way more exciting…

  17. Interesting, this guy gets 6 years for $26 million. Elizabeth Holmes commits fraud to the tune of hundreds of millions, puts people's lives at risk, and she just gets a fine.

  18. if you shelled out more than a grand on anything just because some instagram skank told you to, you deserve to lose your money. which probably wasn't earned by you in the first place.

  19. These models SHOULD be held accountable. Do your research before blindly taking that paycheck and you won't have this kind of an issue.

  20. This is nothing but Millennial "Fake it till you make it" culture. Why go through the pain of creating somethingn, when you can just feeeeeeel like you already did it!?!

  21. I think that the models should have to disclose whether or not they're being paid to promote a product, but it's a stretch to hold them accountable for fraud. My guess would be that Billy didn't pay them what he said and is hiding the money somewhere. When he was on bail clearly he was still living it up.

  22. I don't see how it is the models fault. If you are paid to endorse something and you disclose it is a paid endorsement, that isn't on you. I somehow doubt they knew the dude was going to screw everyone over.

  23. I feel sorry for a lot of people they can't think for themselves anymore once they see someone they dream of being or getting close to they will spend crazy amounts of money, I love to travel, go on adventures, and experience things but I do it on a budget. There is a lesson here to be learned the great influnencers on Instagram, the models/actors/musicians, the wealthy people know how to spend there money, they know what purchases will make their lives better, and how to make their money work for them, they know they can get people like these ticket holders to buy anything because they are easily influnenced by others. The ones who bought tickets will be the ones who will go broke fast because they haven't learned the true concept of money and how to make it work for you. Please stop buying into what these people are selling save your money they don't need anymore money.

  24. Really fox? Get your story straight…. They never filed chapter 11 bankruptcy. Do your research and "SHOW YOUR EVIDENCE"!

  25. It seems that the models can blame their modeling agengies. If their modeling agencies didn't do their due diligence that is not the model's fault.

  26. GTFOH They were there and paid to do a job which was promote the festival, they did their part its not their faults the other side of the company couldn't fulfill their roles in making it happen.

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