New Breed Marketing: HubSpot Customer Success Story

New Breed Marketing: HubSpot Customer Success Story

Data plays a huge role in the way that we do marketing at New Breed, and we try to make sure that everything that we’re doing can tie back to revenue in some way, shape or form. As a marketer, one of the things that I’ve struggled with in the past is being able to prove my value to the company that I’m working for. There’s no point in marketing if it’s not resulting in revenue. We were trying to track things in such a complex way that we were spending more time doing that than getting results from our marketing. Prior to using HubSpot’s attribution tools we were using Bizible, which is a tool that Marketo owns. They’re not the most user friendly tools to use. Bizible was missing what we were asking it to do. Once we were able to start using HubSpot’s attribution tool a little bit more frequently, we actually made the decision to drop Bizible and to end our partnership with them and go exclusively with HubSpot’s attribution tool. At the time, we didn’t know we were flying blind, so now what we’ve been able to see with HubSpot’s attribution reports is the fact that these are actually some of the most valuable marketing assets that we’re creating on a consistent basis, and we’ve seen huge growth as a result of that. It is not hard to get started with revenue attribution in HubSpot. It’s out of the box. As soon as you start closing deals in the HubSpot CRM, you’ll have that rich insight about the customer journey and how that ties back to your company revenue. When I got here, I was new to HubSpot. I uncovered quickly the value and how effortless HubSpot is to use as a new tool. HubSpot’s always been a really easy tool to use, but now I’m getting a lot more value out of it because it’s so much more powerful than it used to be. I didn’t have to do any sort of setup. I literally just logged into the tool, and the information that I wanted to see was there for me, which made me ecstatic to just jump into and have it all pop up right there for me. The new marketing have enterprise is easy to use, but we did that without compromising the power that you need. So we’ve seen some incredible results nearly an 80% increase in the attribution that blog posts have had to revenue in the past year, and we’ve more than doubled the amount of revenue that we’ve generated from marketing this year compared to last year. It’s pretty cool. We went to great lengths to make sure that this solves for HubSpot’s biggest, most sophisticated clients. Our client base on an enterprise level, was finding tremendous value in moving from other companies into HubSpot’s tools. You know, the migrations, they’re light and easy. HubSpot provides a ton of support in doing it. We basically would Demo HubSpot’s Revenue attribution tool to our client base — clients like WineDirect, Exigent, Checkr — and they found a ton of value in this quickly. It was really effortless to get them to adopt it because they saw the value. And the reason that we recommend HubSpot to them is because we know it can grow with them, whether they’re a small business or whether they’re on enterprise company or planning on growing to that enterprise level. Anyone that’s evaluating any sort of software, marketing automation or otherwise, should consider is whether or not they enjoy spending time in the tool that they’re using. And if you hate navigating around in it, you’re probably going to be pretty disappointed with the value that you get from it. From my perspective, I can introduce HubSpot to one of my new hires on the team, and they’re able to just jump in and provide value instantly. And on top of that, it’s been one of the most powerful tools that I’ve had access to in the course of my career in marketing.

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