New Facebook Algorithm 2019. Coaches and Consultants Need To Watch This

New Facebook Algorithm 2019. Coaches and Consultants Need To Watch This

As a digital marketing agency clients
come to us saying they don’t have enough leads they’re not making enough sales
but they have a great product and they’re frustrated and the reason why
they’re frustrated is they’re not seeing the whole picture and understanding how
to get a customer right through the whole journey from meeting them right to
the end and here’s what we found we found there’s a really simple
approach that if you’re a coach or a consultant speaker author if you’ve got
something that really serves people in a transformation something really unique
look we spent about a hundred thousand dollars a week on different Facebook ads
in Google and YouTube and then we discovered this last year in 2018 there
was a massive shift in the Facebook algorithms a massive shift on YouTube
massive shift with Instagram but also a massive shift in the market and so what
worked in previous years it really stopped working for us in the middle of
last year and we had to really hustle to figure this out
and so I want to explain to you in detail on this video so first we have to
understand the customer journey it starts off at the beginning here where
someone becomes aware after they’ve become aware of who you are they then
decide to engage with you they then become a subscriber now most of us know
this and the old way was to write an ad to have them click and then have them to
opt-in now once they subscribed and they opted in this then allowed us to then
move him down here to nurture/educate and then to turn them into a
buyer and then a happy client okay and so the old way was once they opted in we
would nurture engage so we would send a bunch of videos value videos we would
get them to some sort of webinar or sales page and eventually they would buy
or go away they would work with us and then become happy now this is the old
model and the truth is what happened is this keeps getting more and more and
more expensive and really coming into our margins to the point people say
thank you to Facebook Ads even work you know what’s the answer
Chris how does this happen and so since we’re spending so much we were able to
see the differences and what actually had to happen so the first thing that
you must shift is no longer do you want to do short ad so it used to be short
quick ads now you want to do long you want to create long ads you want to
spend more time with the customer the next thing is when you engage with
somebody here this is actually done in one now so instead of getting the ad and
the click that ad is actually bigger so the click isn’t so important instead
of aiming for cheap clicks and having your sales page do all the work like I’m
told that it’s all the rage about funnels for the last three or four years
and the truth is you need to be taking a lot of that off the sales page
off the opt-in page and putting it into your ad and meeting them right at the
beginning then what’s interesting is this opt-in is crucial it used to be
that people would give you anything now instead of us worrying about
anything else if you’re a high ticket seller the one thing that we want you to
do is get on the phone not get on the phone but instead of using email you
need to get on their phone there’s two ways to do this SMS and using facebook
Messenger we see eighty-seven percent open rate on facebook Messenger and a
hundred percent open rate on SMS now if you compare that to email you’re down at
two three five sometimes if you’re really good ten percent open rate this
means you’re actually getting people to see what they’re opting in for now
here’s what comes next is we used to do do this and we used to send it to them
now we can no longer do that people know they can get free information everywhere
so instead of sending this to their email now what we’re doing is
we’re using retargeting campaigns to actually chase that person around the
internet with only one goal which is to become top of mind now can you see the
shift already the first shift is from a short ad to get a
cheap click to a big long ad that we’re not so worried about the click get aware
and engage right there instead of opting in the old way with name phone and email
now we’re getting people to opt in just for
phone we get their phone or we get messenger so they opt in there and then
it shows up right on their phone so that’s where it goes then this here this
bit here is actually taken right out this nurture and educate no longer fits
in our funnel this works afterwards we go straight from here to see whether or
not people want to buy they get what they opt in for and we move them
straight to buy fast what we’ve found is that people who look at a really long ad
a long video like this one a long written ad and then click they’re way more
interested the old way was get quick clicks and then do all the work
afterwards the new way is get a small amount of clicks but do all the work
upfront move people quickly through to where they can purchase from you and if
they don’t then go follow them around and retarget the shift was real when we
implemented this shift we did one thing and it made all the difference to get
people here off the phone and that’s exactly what I want to explain to you in
a video so in this video I’ll show you exactly how this works and how you can
make it work in your consulting business and your speaking business in your
coaching business in your high ticket selling business whatever it is we’re
using this right now in our gyms we’re using this right now in our education
our consulting our coaching I’m going to give you demonstrations cases of exactly
how to sell high ticket on Facebook using a long format using an opt-in to
either messenger or to the phone and then skipping out the education getting
them straight into a quick video and ask them to take some action it is mind
blowing mind blowing how this is working so get
the video right now click on the link there is nothing to buy on the video
there’s no sale there’s nothing like that so just don’t worry about that at all when you click I’ll ask whether or not
you want me to send it to your Facebook I’ll send it to your phone and you can
choose we’ll send it there you can watch the video and then please come back and
let me know if you liked it or not so click the link and grab the video

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