NEW KeySmart Urban Slim Wallet 2019 | RFID Wallet and Tile Smart location!

NEW KeySmart Urban Slim Wallet 2019 | RFID Wallet and Tile Smart location!

all the way from Chicago a keySmart Urban Slim Wallet. This one’s kind of special. In this detailed review I’ll show you how you’ll never lose this wallet, and how you’re completely protected from digital theft. And we test it’s performance material properties. On the front some unique functions of the wallet. I’ll talk you through those in a moment. The Wallet it is packed with features you may not expect for a minimalist wallet design. First it’s worth taking a look at the box as it does make a good gift idea. I think you’d be impressed if you received it as a gift. I like the raised shiny textured surfaces. The pull tab opens the sliding tray and inside a stone gray keySmart Urban Slim Wallet I think they now call this color slate. Also available in black. keySmart kindly got this wallet out to me in return for an honest review. I try and keep these videos concise and factual so you’re better informed if you’re thinking of getting a product I’ve demonstrated. If I did a good job let me know with the like button or subscribe. Thanks. Minimalist wallet designs have a big appeal but normally with practical compromises their useful if you’re going out without a jacket and you’ve limited front pocket space. The key smart slim wallet is small enough to share pocket space with your phone or keys and with storage for cash and cards. The keySmart slim wallet holds up to six cards. That’s three on each side. All cards are guarded with 360 degree RFID protection. This functionality is not normally found in a minimalist wallet. It prevents hackers from wirelessly scanning your card information in crowded public places. With your new RFID wallet all of your contactless payment tap and go cards are now secure from digital theft electronic pickpocketing. Pretty smart. Cards are easily thumbed forward for fast access. The profile ridges are designed to make the wallet slide into your pocket more easily and remind you it’s a premium product that’s carefully thought out. I think they make the wallet look futuristic like a sci-fi spaceship door. And now a surprise. Many slim wallets are just for cards or sometimes have a money clip to attach cash to the outside. a keySmart slim wallet has a dedicated internal easy access compartment, and right in the center. It’s expandable and your folded cash is secured here. I promised you a wallet you’ll never lose! Your keySmart slim Wallet has a dedicated purpose fit pocket for an optional Tile Slim device. If you’re unfamiliar with the Tile Bluetooth finders they allow three modes of locating your lost stuff. Just open the app on your phone and ring to see if it’s nearby. Check the map on your app for your wallets last-known location or report it lost and ask the Tile community to help you find it. A Tile slim bought in combination with your keySmart wallet is great value compared to buying each item separately. In the description find a link to keySmart online store where you can browse the options available. For disclosure it is an affiliate link which means I may receive a small fee if you buy an item; this helps make more new channel content. The Tile is well hidden and not immediately obvious if someone steals your wallet. Off screen I’ve placed two real embossed bank cards into the front pocket. I noticed that with the Tile Slim located in it’s slot that the cards.. or even one card is a little tight in the reverse pocket. This is brand new out of the box so I’d expect it may not be the case after some extended use. In the meantime place the cards you use the most in the front pocket. Cash still goes inside just as easily as before and we still have a really slim minimalist wallet packed with some smart technology. The wallet’s made from a high-performance heavy duty material called Tectuff. Said to last up to 10 times longer than traditional leather, It uses a proprietary chemistry that builds strength from the inside out. Super tough and resists abrasion and scuffs. It’s described as being fused at a molecular level making it impervious to dirt oil and stains. Let’s find out. First we’ll test the PFC free waterproofing. The water beads and runs off easily. So that’s a convincing pass. Next my nemesis. Red wine. I spill this stuff a lot and none of the daft remedies or how-to videos online ever helped me clean this up properly so I’m eager to see how it stands up to this test. Well if I even tried to rub it in a little and the wallet is completely unmarked by the red wine. That’s great now I just need to carpet my whole house out of this stuff. Next I gathered up some dirty engine oil. I rub this quite hard into the textured surface and with a little water it cleans up just like new. Inner pockets are lined nicely with attention to detail throughout. A lot smarter and compact then compared to a regular bifold wallet and comes with a 2-year warranty you’ll probably not need. I measure the wallet at just under 10 centimeters by 6 point 7. Subscribe for more new products. Next time the KeySmart Pro with Tile smart location. I spent some time to live with this every day carry essential to make sure you get a properly informed lowdown. Don’t miss it. See ya [Music]

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  2. If I don't use a Tile, can I store cards or cash on the "Tile Pocket"? This is with the intent to store 10 cards and 3 bills aprox.

  3. Always on the lookout for new slim wallet and actually this is VERY interesting! Good looking and great design. I pass simply because I also need a coin pocket/flap but great review and product.

  4. Where did you find the info about RFID protection, trying to find it on their page and the box doesn't say anything about that in this video. 🤔

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