Next Gen Stagnation: Sacrificing Gameplay for Graphics

Next Gen Stagnation: Sacrificing Gameplay for Graphics

oh wait we're on PlayStation 3 it's a blu-ray disc dual layer – no need to swap dammit Otacon get a grip yeah what an age we live in ha steak wonder what they'll think of next video games cost a lot of time and money to make now an overall doesn't seem like the quality the products we're receiving is really improving at the same rate budgets our consoles and PCs are getting more and more powerful and yet despite this the only thing modern tech seems to be getting used for is making games more graphically intensive or the cost of everything else visual flair is nice but let's be honest it's probably an aspect of a title that has the least effect on its quality and yet here we are 2015 in consumers have been conditioned by the industry itself to equate a game scoped how impressive the visuals are it's gotten to the point where video games are beginning to stagnate because of it at least in yours Truly's non-programmer entitled consumer opinion it's a simple equation really with all the system's resources going towards textures graphical effects another visual flim-flammery and/or dev time being put into these tirelessly crafted cosmetics there's little room left in a triple a game to push any sort of real new boundaries with every generation technology improves with all the power on the new machine simply being put to use to make things look pretty and we rarely get to see games leap forward and change all that much a third-person shooter on ps3 is going to play mostly the same on ps4 it will look nicer but what most the resources set on that and what room is there to expand or anything else the size of the environments enemy counts loading screen times in scope the players abilities have in the game world all of these things will stay pretty much the same from generation to generation because the superfluous visuals are prioritized even the game running properly has become secondary to bump mapping the pavement or whatever it's embarrassing scene company's devising such lame justifications to excuse shoddy performance when it's clear to everybody that a good framerate is just being traded off the fancy visuals now imagine for a minute a game that sale looks like a ps2 title but ran on modern hardware there could be massive environments with giant enemies or huge enemy waves with mechanics given to the player that could dynamically affect the game world in far grander ways than we're seeing now probably all at a sturdier framerate – technical constraints aren't really the key to all this though I'm sure there are plenty of limitations that will still apply no matter how toned down the visuals are but with the extra time it takes to create such detailed modern aesthetics out of the way it would probably be much easier to develop much larger titles than we get now because devs would actually you know have time to make the game part instead of texturing walls all day to me downgrading graphics to reach these goals doesn't seem so extreme after all game stand the test of time visually farm on their art designing their raw graphical power more to the point there are hundreds of ps2 games that are way better than today's big titles that were able to be made much faster with this simpler assets so now the devs have so much power at their disposal what would be wrong with dialing back and bringing us titles with grander gameplay features I mean I don't know about kids today but all the games look fine to me as long as they play good the impact they have is the same so let's grow some balls and stop pandering to these shallow demographics that crave each new games visual standards to jump to Heights the system's they're wrong can't realistically reach without compromising other features anyway when I think of improvements my favorite older titles made on subsequent Hardware I don't think of visual improvements I think of the features the more powerful machines were able to add to the gameplay and you know there are some games coming out of modern consoles that look to be adding decent gameplay improvements from running down fine so I don't know maybe everybody else is just really incompetent you know beats me for those of you wondering I doubt the power of the PC will save us because most companies need their games to run on consoles to maximize profits though I will admit this platform has allowed for far more versatility in this regard it's when console games are ported to PC where there are glimpses of what could be possible if we scaled back the visuals a little the PC is capable of making games way better looking than say you know DMC 4 for example but thanks to being a humble console game put on the PC the devs are able to include features like legendary dark knight mode where hundreds of enemies are thrown at the player creating a novel and exciting experience that the PlayStation 3 simply won't have been able to handle at a stable framerate this is also the case when games that outstretch their technical capabilities are ported to a new system whoa suddenly the game runs really good I only had to wait for another generation buy the game again and it works now truly the game industry is a thing of beauty my point here being that if games like these dart back their visuals on the original platforms maybe these speeches could have been added then instead of everybody having to wait for a rerelease on a more powerful system and no I'm not saying whom Pindell will save us because the hardware is really old and that's totally the same thing is what this charming internet man is saying no I'm saying use the modern tech at ones disposal I just mean use those resources with something other than cosmetics that hinder the purview and performance of a potential work I want to believe that devs were way better at handling system resources time and money in the past because just look at this image these are just ten of the games that were available on the PlayStation 2 just over a year after its release genre-defining titles classics that pushed boundaries by using the new tech at their disposal to create giant walls without loading times fresh types of gameplay that reinvented established formulas created novel and exciting mechanics for a player to use that could affect the game world in a variety of new ways and even formulated emotional and engaging narratives without sacrificing gameplay now think about what we have on ps4 just over a year after its release can you see a difference you

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25 Replies to “Next Gen Stagnation: Sacrificing Gameplay for Graphics”

  1. Graphic can only go so far in a game it can only look so real it takes the feeling of a game should be it's not supposed to be realistic but creativity

  2. So how does this statement hold up in light of DMC 5? Gorgeous and a consistent 60 FPS on console.

  3. Then there are games like a hat in time and yooka laylee where they run at 30 even when they are not that graphically intense. I get it indie devs but still.

  4. I think the main demographic who focuses on the graphics over the gameplay are casuals that are teens to young adults. Kids don't really care about graphics as long as the game is fun for them. Teens and young adults would be the likely age people would be thinking first "Wow look at those graphics" over "Wow that looks like fun".

  5. Since today is the 4 year anniversary of when you uploaded this video, I'm about to watch it again for the first time in a few years.

    EDITS- 5:27 P.M.: finishes video 9 minutes later
    5:27 P.M.-5:37 P.M.: This video feels like a time capsule now that the main issue gamers have is the implementation of microtransactions in many AAA games. Plus, Nintendo's graphics got better with the release of the Switch.

  6. If I had the time and resources of a modern AAA title, for the game I'd make, graphical fidelity would be around GTAV for the PS3 and same goes for Hub world size, and a locked 60+FPS frame rate, but my focus would be on other things. Varied locations, minimized load times, gameplay variety, etc.

  7. THANK YOU! This is truly a huge problem, one of my favorite ps2 games was GTA San Andreas and I bought for the 360 and it's still more exciting experience than most of the AAA titles released today in 2018 almost 2019. I look at games like COD which are releasing regularly but in my opinion, are just COD 4: Updated graphics and story expansions, with no real innovation to multiplayer which is the only reason most buy it. Or another popular title that's geared more towards solo experience, the Far Cry franchise, which had a lot of attention brought to it with the release of FC5, but really is just aesthetically pleasing, but I called it before it even was announced that I bet you start out with a map that's fogged out and you'll need to climb some type of tower to open up large portions or just explore to do the same. They'll give you an incentive to climb them by making weapons available for free or cheaper while letting you craft items from animal hides after doing a stupid tutorial that is literally present in every FC since 3 So never even playing the game before I'm like, "I already know how to craft new items. Move on!" Essentially, it's FC3: Midwest United States. Lol, they should let me port my characters from previous games so I can skip crafting entirely, the items are always the same and at this point they just feel like a chore.

  8. this should be required watching for everyone that plays or makes games. Im so sick of grapjhics over systems. Its getting to the point anything with light rpg elements is making peoples heads spin

  9. There are too many games that sacrifice gameplay for graphics (fifa, star wars battlefront I'm looking at you) but then there are games like dragon age inquisition, doom and witcher 3 that have fantastic graphics and gameplay at the same time. Not every game with nice graphics has shit gameplay but there's plenty that do. Just like there's plenty of games with shit graphics and shit gameplay, too many to count in fact. I don't need up to date visuals to enjoy a game but if that game already is good in the first place then by all means gimme all them graffix. I tend to either play visually dated games that are good or visually beautiful games that are good. Either way, all you gotta do is stay away from the shit games. Gameplay above all else in my opinion. If it plays like shit then i don't care for the rest of it.

  10. Holy straw man Batman. This entire video is "Look at these games that were actually half decent (besides you Order. Fuck you) or actually pretty damn good because I want to prove a niche point"

    Is that all your channel is? Is super niche

  11. I don't think there's anything wrong with 30fps. I play Bloodborne at 30 and prefer it's visual output over Dark Souls 3 which I play at a consistent 60 on the PC

  12. Honestly, your videos are the best! Tackling the real issues with games these days… I still love playing RE3 and RE4 and they look like crap compared to what we have now but the current gen games are just too shallow, gameplay is pretty much bankrupt, we keep getting the same type of it over and over again with the justification that there's 20% more detail in the textures now, woo! Now we can stare at realistic virtual grass! YAY! -_-'

  13. 3 years later and the video is still relevant as fuck. Just crash the whole damn industry already, get those movie vermin out. The vets already survived a crash, they can survive another and come out on top again.

  14. I wish more people in the gaming world thought like this (both devs and consumers). I have gone back recently and played lots of retro games (Vagrant Story, Crash Bandicoot 2, Spyro, Mega Man X1-X4, Chrono Trigger, Castlevania: SOTN, Tekken 3, Warzone 2100), and the old visuals don't impede my enjoyment of the titles at all. Remove the scanlines of old tvs, give me a stable framerate, and clear up the audio, then I'm good to go. I don't ask for anything else, because I don't care about all the extra visual bells and whistles.

    As an example: I am 26 and played Chrono Trigger for the first time a year ago with no nostalgic attachment whatsoever to that title, yet it is now my favorite game ever. The old sprites didn't hamper the experience one bit. Neither did Spyro's or Vagrant Story's simple polygons.

    What I would love to see is those sorts of games on today's hardware with modern power behind them. For a compromise, I'd be 100% fine with scaling back to God of War 2 / Okami / Halo 2 levels of detail with all the resulting liberated processing ability put into physics, AI, fully dynamic maps, enemy numbers, player numbers, and environment size. Sadly, I don't see that happening.

    Graphics are genuinely holding back the medium in my opinion.

  15. Unfortunately, Kids do care about this graphics. So do a lot of adults. Shallow, simplistic gameplay also sells better.

    People just don't want good stuff anymore, they want average stuff so they can pretend that they have the intelligence to compete in the modern world.

    People are more interested in dragging people down so they look better by comparison. Rather than becoming a better person. Because dragging people down is easy and isn't difficult to do by comparison.

    It's pathetic.

  16. I don't feel strongly opinionated about this either way. To me, whether a game runs at 60 fps or 30 fps doesn't really matter as long as it runs consistently at 30 FPS. Not only that, but if a game must run at 30 fps, then the graphics better justify that. In the long run I prefer 60 over 30, but it's not a deal breaker if it's the latter. Bloodborne, Ratchet and Clank (2016) and Dark Souls 3 all play well in 30 fps still, and I think certain aspects of Ratchet and Clank do require it to be 30 fps (in terms of animation, not so much overall gameplay, but the game doesn't feel that much worse than previous titles because of the frame rate). But I suppose I'm talking out of my ass, because MGSV, Doom (2016) and Titanfall 2 all run at a smooth 60 FPS on the original PS4. Granted, I think playing Doom on PS4 might cause my PS4 to be set on fire, but it works. Meanwhile Fallout 4, Skyrim, and No Man's Sky can't accomplish that feat, despite being overall worse looking games and a consolized 60 FOV compared to Doom and Titanfall 2' s adjustable FOV and faster gameplay. But I don't think 60 FPS is an end all, be all standard for consoles. Because in another scenario, if consoles can reach 120 FPS while the lowest is 60 FPS instead of 30, we would prefer 120 FPS, despite 60 FPS being fine as is. But that's just me

  17. I hate it when people argue against games because of their grafiks… People didn't want to play zelda BotW because of the grafik wtf?!

  18. I remember a quote from a Scifi author when he was asked to defend his medium when 90% of it was shallow crap. He said "90% of everything is crap" and that's true most of the time with anything. This is why we can look back and see greater eras of gaming, sure there will be winning streaks for publishers and developers, but the crap gets forgotten (at least until the next AVGN-like digs it up for his channel).

    You may look back on the PS2 era as a golden one with it's resi 4 and Silent hill 2. But you're forgetting it's "Resident evil Dead aim", Urban Chaos, Tony Hawks american wasteland, The matrix path of neo etc.

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