Online Marketing and SEO Tips | How to Get a Great Content for Your Videos and Blog

Online Marketing and SEO Tips | How to Get a Great Content for Your Videos and Blog

hi and welcome to this quick video where I’ll be talking about YouTube video marketing and what basically works and what’s the best way to optimize your business for maximum exposure and maximum potential and business growth right so as I’ve mentioned already it’s video marketing and specifically SEO SEO is a highly effective way of generating online traffic towards your videos or any other web properties and most of the marketers are using SEO and they really kind of hope they really are looking for the different ways the different loopholes how to get most of the traffic but the main thing is very obvious well don’t make me Ronco video is your works where a pal works for me we work for many others but what’s the most important is that you need great content right don’t take me wrong condescend because if you don’t have a if you don’t have a you know the great strategy and you have a plenty of content you want to really succeed either you need both but if you have a great strategy in the place and you don’t have a content or you don’t have a good content that’s big loss as well because why because people like great content okay and if people come to your videos or website or your blog and they find some kind of a gibberish not good content not informative not unique people will leave ok people won’t really give a damn or that they want to really interact with it within your website or watch your video and they were quickly leave which gives a bad signal to the search engines like Google or YouTube or whatever search engine really try to optimize for it gives a bad signal to them that your content whether it’s video or article is no good quality and that it doesn’t help people or or doesn’t help people or doesn’t help to solve people’s problems so you need a great content and a lot right it really matters from business to business it depends what kind of business you’re in and what expectations you have and what kind of goal you set for yourself to reach but if you want to be really effective in search engine optimization for your videos or websites you really need a lot of great content which is the kind of pain in the neck because where to get it right it’s it’s really not easy to get a lot of great content there are different ways how to obtain how and where to obtain the good quality content and I’m just gonna quickly go over those ways so how and where to get it so first course you can write it yourself if you are informated about this particular subject or it’s your home and you know load of information about a particular subject even if you’re not great writer you can probably write it yourself and then let it proof read it by someone else if you’re not confident if you’re good writer you can write it yourself anyway and if you are a very good writer you will probably find out how to write about particular topics that you don’t know much about right you will just use your little section right above but most people are not in that category right most people are in the first or second category and the first that they are not good writers but and the second that they are kind of okay writers yeah so writing yourself is the option but it’s load of it’s time-consuming and again you need to know some good information some valuable insights about the particle subject the second is to pay all the writers order people to write the content for you right so or to create the content for you right this goes also for the videos right for the video scripts for creation the scripts so you can either create the scripts yourself or you pay someone else to create or write scripts for you and this could be very good option if again if you have already a good income and you already generate a good profit from your business then you can afford to pay the other people the writers and save a lot of times for yourself right this is a very good option when you already generate the income because this could be very costly on the on your side right to pay the writers to get a good quality content don’t pay someone like I don’t know five dollars for five hundred thousand volt article because it’s not gonna be that good contact write you we are in the range for a twenty dollars per article if it’s thousand words article then you kind of be assured that it’s good content and it’s been researched and the writer knows what he’s writing about okay the third option is to buy PL PL our pl ours right you know it’s it’s a good option when you don’t really much care what people gonna read or if about it to placate content there is the some issues which are the duplicate issues about this and yes of course there are tools such as word spinners that the article spinners that you can basically paste it in and spin the article with the different variations and make it more unique but still a lot of people are using them and you will probably end up with a lot of similar article sentence brake issues and on the on the user experience side it’s not really cool because they’ve already read that article somewhere before it anyway because it’s all over Internet so many people buy PAPR ours and so many people use them so this strategy is only good if you are on a very tight budget and you don’t really care about people who read and you do it just up for search engine optimization purposes which sometimes could be how true and beneficial and sometimes not sometimes could even hurt the business ok so and the fourth option we have here is curated content right you basically curate there’s someone else’s content who wrote it but it’s not really good for building the business because you have to give the attribution you may ask isn’t it to placate content as well it’s not as far as you provide attribution link where you found the article right and then it’s not curating then it’s not duplicate content it’s got curated content and it’s perfect and fine to do so but this strategy is only useful for informative blogs or informative nonprofit organization or probably channels or blocks right because you cannot build your brand up on someone else’s content right first of all it’s a copyright and stuff then there are some legal issues around it so it’s it’s good just for like nonprofit or just informative website right you may could maybe just build a blog or whatever and display the advertisement like a Google Adsense ads on the blog would be fine but if you would be selling some of your products or someone else’s affiliate products I don’t know if it’s good way curating content works but again a lot of people doing it and it’s someone else’s content that you are using so out of these four options the best would be the second one or the first one right but there is one more option which is the fifth option and it’s to combine all four options kind of right you put all things together and you come up with something that is kind of a hybrid way of creating content articles or even videos or PDFs right I will just talk about it later show the tool and it’s using intelligent tools right that’s the way I would have you do it you could do all of it manually as I said but it takes time it’s time-consuming or it’ll cost a lot of money and stuff and there is some kind of middle golden way right which is using the intelligent tools obviously as well intelligently right because the tools could be useful when you only wanna use them intelligently right you see number hammer on this picture here a hammer can do the really big damage if not used intelligently right but then on the order under on the other hand when the hammer is used intelligent it can really really help right and like no hammer in the nail how else would you get the mail inside of whatever wall or how else could you pull out an angle of the wall if you you know what I mean right used intelligently it could be really helpful so what kind of tools I’m talking about right now I’m gonna teach the slide and I’m gonna just quickly jump in and talk about two tools for content creation that I use and right I found very intelligent and useful okay so I’m gonna teach the slide here and jump into the first tool that I use that it’s kind of like a peel IPL our version combined with with a weighted article writing because these articles are written by the people but then then they are kind of put all the different like sentences and phrases and paragraphs and mixed and always put back together and create a very unique article perfectly readable right it’s not the content spinning really it’s more like a content how to call it like a I don’t know like a shuffle right like more like a shuffling it’s a great tool you end up with a great articles quickly right here are the main categories that you can go for main tactical should go for a home business you click home business you can use super spun content or you super spun expanded content which gives you more uniqueness it’s still readable but the readability sometimes there are some little errors or typos but you can fix it with a grammar like you’re easily not a big deal here you’d set your amount of words you want how many articles and you just click build my article and that’s it you end up with a perfect great article that you can also if you want to rewrite or add couple of more things you can read through see how it is maybe change a little bit there it’ll be here and you can paste it on into your block if you want to automate here is there even the option in our ticket border that you can add in your own WordPress blocks it must be WordPress blocks built on WordPress CMS right and you can add them there and automate all the content pumping into your blocks right as you can see I have quite a few blocks here right I’m using it for a couple of my blocks right and what’s great about it is that it’s kind of hands-off and quickly get you quickly get the content yes of course there’s so many people using this as well but if you need a quick article and you don’t have much time it’s a group good option the second tool I use is instant article wizard it’s from the same people it’s same same creators and this tool gives you the kind of very different approach to creating articles and if you want to know more about this tool there is a very good training once you get this tool Terry sir I believe a refund period as well so you can just test it out if you like it or not and you will see how it works in their own training because I would have to go over it in next another 20 minutes which I didn’t want to make this video too long right but in the general how this tool works is you create a project it’s on the credits based kind of system you create a project you add your keywords and you basically it and for example I adhered Osteopathy articles you add in the keyword to URI and it researches the vet Internet based upon your keyword and brings in loads of different versions of information about the particular subject about your keyword right so and it pulls in our load of information so then you have these kind of snippets here on the left side here in this I know that are basically curated from the website websites on the internet right and there is loads of them and you can go all through them see them hide them paste them in here and once you have a couple of them that you like you know you kind of check what what’s good what kind of information you want to add in and once you have a couple of you here that you then go ahead and you rewrite it right that’s a kind of available work it implies a little bit of work but it’s a brilliant system once you get used to it you really can create unique written articles yourself hundred percent unique it’s your article and you don’t even know need to know a lot about the subject that you’re writing on because you basically have everything here written for you right so here is the articles that I was putting together right so you basically here you can read that you have aches and pains are most common symptoms of which patients seek treatment and just rewrite the sentence making it even sometimes longer so you add in even more words and it’s easy to rewrite something that you already read right and then you basically can customize it here as you want and even like paste it to your work out to Monica so thanks very much for watching I hope you understood kind of what taste it’s about what content marketing is about and even if you’re using your video SEO or you’re using it for your own website you need a good quality content so I hope it was useful and thank you very much for watching and see you in the next video training bye bye

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