Opened a Mystery Box From The Dark Web (Disturbing) Very SCARY

Opened a Mystery Box From The Dark Web (Disturbing) Very SCARY

I got this white bag that's what the who is that oh my god oh this is there's something moving inside and oh my god that stench oh my god what's going on guys so here we are that's a long last it's time for me to open this dark web mystery box that's been in my room for the past two weeks now I received this box before I went to vacation and I thought about bringing this on vacation with me crossing the border I was worried that we would get stopped funny coincidences that we really did get stopped and our trunk got searched because they thought we were bringing fireworks over in New York so I'm glad I didn't bring this box and the reason I say that is because if there's something in here that would have got me in trouble not even just me but my girlfriend and my two friends if it got all of us in trouble we would have been in some shit yeah so here we are on the thing about this box it's been driving me crazy right now is the fact that it smells like death like it smells so bad I left it in my room overnight last night and oh my god it's horrendous it I don't even know what's possibly in here because they did not smell that bad when I first received this box so now I'm worried that if there's something like living inside of here that is why I need gloves also I have some paper towels back there just in case it gets messy so nonetheless I say we just jump right into this one before this video starts guys smash that like button down below in the comment section and also let me know if you were notified I mean the last video I did I did a 5 Anna's on gift card giveaway and the winners are now in the description so congrats to the winners um also I did a livestream this morning and a lot of you said that you guys wanted me to do another giveaway so here we are I'm gonna do another Amazon gift card giveaway I only have one at the moment but I will be doing the giveaway in a couple of days so I'll get four more five potential winners so be ready all you got to do to enter is just like this video share this video and then comment down below what's your favorite scary movie at all time that's it um let's get into this video so let me go get my knife and my boobs already got my stuff so let's get to opening this guy Oh still has a candle wax Oh when I was opening the Dybbuk box with this thing already I'm probably a fast bowler at this part because no one wants to see me open a box for 30 minutes oh my god it smells so bad okay okay alrighty here we are let me show you guys click preview on the box there's a couple of things in there there's like this box that's obnoxious lis wrapped with rope there's some keys over there some rope a bag and envelope some stuff under it so it's me interesting let's get it I'm going to be using my phone flashlight for the majority of like showing you guys what's inside of the box for a simple fact that I don't know where my flashlight is and yeah sucks actually as a matter of fact I'm just gonna turn the lights on so let me get straight into this okay I bought a couple of pairs you know thinking ahead see I think of you guys you guys tell me to wear it below this oh we're close already no look at my garbage can – just in case there's some nasty shit in here where to first oh my god there's like so many different smells in here smells like grass death charcoal I don't need about smells disgusting let's continue first thing and pull out is dis contraction I don't know you know bitch outdoor so there's that I have no idea what this is hold on no way oh okay so I turn this right couple times I press this button it's like a flashlight so I assume it's not good to assume okay I'm sorry there's gonna hurt your ears guys but that's so cool it's like one of those Chernobyl flashlights I'm sorry I does it blind me that's so cool I kind of want to keep this I might keep this take that right there that's a really cool holy there's a lot of little things in here that kinda want to get rid of immediately so I know for once there's this hair tie don't know where this has been whose hair is been on if any so I'm just gonna nicely stick that in the garbage all right let's continue um let's do that again sorry my late was off how am I decided to be better for turning around so here we are um there's this rope now the thing about this rope that I hastily notice is like one side is really really white you'll notice like right there and then tours like the other half it's really dirty like right so um this is pretty big to the spa so I'm kind of gonna leave this in the box for now alright oh this smell is so bad I feel like I'm starting to like lose my sense of smell to be honest with you but nonetheless next we have this little box right here it's like this little wooden box here it is I'm gonna open this on the camera with you guys – what the heck is that okay so that this was inside this alright so next up we got this little box it's a six six right thick bag Wow just tight okay my flashing so we have a couple of like weird dolls in there put my phone flashlight right here so there's like these little tiny dolls inside of it let me show you one by one it's really hard to even want to grasp of these there's this song this one okay so this one actually has like legs interesting and then there's two other ones that look very similar this one doesn't have arms and there's just one more right here no idea I'm gonna put these down I'm gonna take a look a still frame aerelon alright so there they are there's a little family right there if any of you guys have any idea what this is please let me know down in the comment section below I don't know if this is some type of Voodoo stuff going on but I really would appreciate if you guys could tell me so there's that let's get back to the video guys all right so they went over the rope I'm over that see there's this red envelope kinda wanna oh it's really sealed I'm gonna save this for last sure see I don't know oh yeah let's disgusting so there's like these weird like I don't even know what that is on the on the outside but there's something on the inside they open that up how am I supposed to get this out piece of paper it's just a bunch of letters and numbers okay oh I'm gonna I'm gonna blur this out for the majority but there's this piece of paper right here and it has a bunch of letters and numbers on it and then on the back side it says dot onion enjoy so for those who don't know dark web websites are actually they don't use calm they don't use net not or that education they use that onion so that's that's the extension that you need to use to reach whatever website this is and I'm assuming that this guy wants me to go on this website so this could be a setup but I'm gonna keep this in mind and I put this to the side as well right next to my flashlight so okay we've got the rope next things I notice there's two of these but there's like these weird branch things there's another one here some like this it's two of these I have no idea what this is oh that's most funky oh my eyes are watering i'ma leave this in here you guys know what that is please let me know comment section below oh that's strong alright next thing I see it's pretty massive is this wallet that's been open um it looks like there's money inside yeah but there's not it's fake money here let me show you so we got like these fake quarters inside of here it's definitely fake I've probably been this ya know I can't I'm not strong enough but they have like fake dimes in here and also fake pennies pretty good replicas honestly really good but that's it for that side on the other side whoa on the other side there's something like bulging out right here it's pretty thick let's open it up [Applause] okay that is pill bottle I'm gonna blur out what I can because that's probably really personal information but you'll see right there the name is tamatha the last name or first name I'm not exactly sure how it goes is actually blacked out everything is literally blacked out right here says take one tablet every blank hours if needed for blank on they scratched out the hours needed and they put a 2 there interesting I'm obviously I can open this up and another reason I say that is because it says date filled 2015 right there which means a number of things it means that these pills should have been finished either in 2015 or early 2016 and that these pills are definitely definitely like I don't know the terminology but not good don't ya I'm smooth throw that in there are so the next thing I mean we have this big roll box that's so obnoxious um press it up for last time I got this white bag it's what the what was that oh my god oh there's something moving inside oh I'm pretty sure that's what smells – okay I don't open it you guys will kill me oh yeah oh my god that stench oh my god all right let's make this quick oh my that's disgusting oh my eyes are so watery it's so disgusting I'm gonna pull this out quick I'm gonna show you guys I'm putting it right back in this I'm throwing it out and getting rid of it this is disgusting three two it's it as a black bag Oh oh my god no wonder it smells so bad in here holy damn alright next thing we have is this set of keys right here there's just two normal keys one two six five and one it says on it one two six five one oh so it's the same key just two of them I'm gonna set that aside probably to open this box in some type of way or whatever's inside of the box so I'm gonna put that right next to my flashlight like everything else that's important next thing we have Wow okay so next there's like this little wooden necklace kind of thing but what's interesting about it is that it has my name on it jas kale it's literally just like a piece of wood Jas kale okay next thing we have is this the world is like a magnet it is definitely a magnet sticking to the other magnetic item in this box I will show you soon so it's probably just to stick magnets onto it see pretty me oh I break everything there's just a standalone flash drive in here it's always fun I make this a two-part video or it may make this just a long long video so there's that there's three things left there is the envelope a camera and this box let's take a look at the camera really quick so camera is an older digital concepts camera 3.1 megapixels which is horrible I think like phones come standard eight now they need to have a to sell at least so it's like see it powers on okay I won't power on well it does have batteries so let me show you guys there's a little compartment on the side comes with batteries but there's a power button right here I'm pretty sure I don't know how this used to run it was digital so it had to have an SD card oh there it is casual won't come on is it well there we are we'll take a look at this whether it is this video we're the next we will take a look at probably this one oh okay next I'm gonna take her this box this is impressive it's really give me a couple minutes guys I was a boy scout back in my day so you know I could have time you that's insane that is crazy okay here we are it's one box it's really nice actually it's like I don't know what that material is called I don't think it's called laminated but it's like going on well it could be they put like the glue on and I'm just gonna stop talking but it's a really nice box so I get the top you'll get like the flowers on it a really old box really nice wood finish right there um let's take a look inside no no stop sending me syringes stop every single time every single time I get one of these syringes I have to go out of my way I have to go out of my way to a pharmacy to dispose of them properly because you can't just throw out syringes so please hop this one actually says something on it okay says test two two nine eight positive why 5:20 2019 let's call like old that looks on the bottom right there it's like crust it up at CVS after this think that's it for the box shit no it's not so it doesn't feel like there's anything in here kind of spooky oh there's definitely something okay let's get a closer look of this now we got this little note right here it says 2 0 6 0 1 Bohemia map Monta Rio California 9 5 4 6 2 and then like right here oh sorry and like right here it looks like some type of coordinates because it has degrees north and degrees west and the nest has an ID number one three eight nine three eight four password 1878 in quotation marks and it says no guests no woman probably talking about my girlfriend Jennifer um I bring her everywhere so she's gonna have to come with me if you want me to go to this little place right here um it says right at the top welcome mr. dragon Oh Vic which is actually my last name try saying that ten times fast but there's that nothing on the back what do you guys think of this let me know down in the comment section below I need your help on this one yeah about it honestly yeah literally that's it from the box only thing I'm keeping is my flashlight the cool prank one I got to show you that thing again man oh oh yeah the keys I don't have to use these for anything all right probably garbage about keeping their case to pay not as cool to you guys as it is to me but and then I also have the two wonderful wonderful items that we just love going through SD card and flash drive so let's get into this let's make this one long video I shouldn't matter of fact I'll go run to CVS quickly just so I could get rid that syringe alright so I'm back from CVS guys I dispose of everything in the box and also the syringe I'm here I am this is the SD card that was inside of the camera so these picture is assumer taken from the camera there's only one way to find out let's just drop right into it okay so we gotta leave this pentagram ik satanic thing on the floor okay second one we are looking at something very similar it looks literally identical just read and on concrete and there's two people there okay let's continue it's another one it looks like a girl's up there I don't want to assume their gender but another one there's all these like little designs around it I don't understand what are you trying to tell me okay arms continue my eyes are watering don't do this to the so they drew like one of those little red circle triangle pentagram ik things on the floor there's a bloody hand up here at the top right corner and then there's like a shadow of someone standing over it taking a picture I don't know if you guys know please let me know down in the comment section below already um let's try the flash drive see what's on there alright so here we are finally got it flash drive is here and there's one document and all it says is join us that docx so it has my information in the top left corner I'm gonna put a black box over that as my address my name and everything and then right here says and then right here says join us Bohemian Avenue we need you just as much as you need us – Ark ball yep I'm gonna turn all that off unplug everything and yeah so that's that for today's video that's probably the most disgusting box I've ever opened in my entire life and I've opened plenty let me know down in the comment section below what else you guys would want me to do remember guys all I gotta do to qualify for the giveaway today is just like the video share the video and then comment down below what's your favorite movie scary movie whatever it may be let me know and you're entered in the giveaway now winners will be chosen in five days like always so I'll see you guys then that's about it yeah come on like subscribe and peace see you guys thank you bye

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42 Replies to “Opened a Mystery Box From The Dark Web (Disturbing) Very SCARY”


  2. I love your channel, i don't really have a favorite but the ones that has freaked me out is pet cemetery evil dead and the visit 😂

  3. That address is to a location to a restricted invitation-only campsite for men. "Bohemian Grove," I think is what it's called. Apparently, it's like a secret thing for a lot of politicians.

  4. Hey! Where the note in little paper that has a onion site in tor. And probably the user and password that gaven to you is the key to access the site or anything that you can login in. And also the key is the key of the house location in the letter. What you think? Create a part 2 please and i hope you read this my comment. I Love Your videos so much. Thank you!

  5. the one paper had a cordents and use the keys when u go to the place where it says no guests and no woman's

  6. Brain Damage scared the shit outta me when I was a teenager. Keep up the good work on the videos. Dude you should get a sponsor in latex gloves lol so you never run out


    PS: you can find at least the 2nd picture on Google if you just search "supernatural devil's trap"

  8. Where do you get the funds to buy these? Paper House is my favorite scary movie.

    Here is info on the Bohemian Grove

  9. uhh.. your name is on the list of Bohemian Club members..

  10. Those two funky smelling things are called sage you burn them to cleanse an area of evil spirits or dark entities

  11. The med is hydroxyzine aka Vistaril. It’s an antihistamine(allergy med), similar to Benadryl. It’s used short term, (4 months) for acute allergic reactions but is also used for anxiety or sleeping since it causes sleepiness/relaxation. It should be taken no more than 4x a day, so it should be 1 tablet every 6 hours for adults. Since they’re from 2015 the medication is just less potent and degraded. You can just get rid of them at a medication drop off. They’re nothing dangerous!

    edit – OH and my fave scary movie is The Rite

  12. Why doesn’t any of the stuff ever go to the police? It doesn’t take a genius to see some of those items could be related to past crimes and such … especially when you find names of missing or dead individuals…: unless this is all a gimmick and you tubers are assisting exploiting and decimating evidence 🤫

  13. The little dolls are called "Worry Dolls" they are handmade dolls from Guatemala. With these dolls, you whisper a worry to one, and do not tell the others, once you tell each doll a worry, you place them under your pillow and go to sleep, the next day, the dolls were supposed to help in some way, with your worry.

  14. The Branch things look like some kind of smudge sticks. You burn them like incense and normally use them to clear a space of negative energy, but those are something other than sage or have something on them.

  15. Hahah the second to last pic reminds me of supernatural when Dean and Sam summon the crossroads demons 😂

  16. Those pills are Hydroxyzine. It's used to treat anxiety, nausea, vomiting, allergies, skin rash, hives, and itching. They don't do much tbh.

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