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28 Replies to “Opera GX GAMING BROWSER | Opera for Computers | Opera”

  1. Лично мне друг рассказал про этот браузер и я решил его попробовать. Браузер не подвёл. Как минимум твич работает в 3 раза быстрее в сравнении с Яндекс.браузером а также очень нравится функция ограничения памяти и нагрузки на процессор. Могу предложить функцию: минимум памяти для браузера. Это на случай если надо работать на большей мощности

  2. FIX your MAIN browser! After several recent updates, its performance has dropped and now even watching videos on YouTube or switching between tabs loads the processor under 100%.

  3. I use Opera since 10 years or so. They were always innovative. But this time… Guys, come on. GX only differs by colour setup and Twitch added to sidebar. So there's nothing new here actually.
    BTW one should be able to add/remove stuff to/from sidebar freely, not just turn on/off what's hardcoded there.

  4. Would be nice, if you can change the edges on new stabs on speed dials. Or allow us a option to change the edges. Would like that part of the browser simple

  5. A fucking gaming browser? You mean a reskinned chromium with an awful "gAyMinG" UI with even more spyware included? You got to be fucking kidding me.

  6. محتصر متصفح القيمنق اداء مقابل السعر يعنى انه متشريش تجميعه قويه وتلعب بى موصفات ضعيفه مقابل شراء العاب اولاين واستهلاك نت

  7. Meh, still cant circle throught the tabs with the gesture rightClick + Mousewheel… Dont know why you removed this feature. That let me move to Vivaldi.

  8. I have been using it for a bit.
    Where is the homepage button? I can't find it neither can I add it.
    Can I change the placement of my icons at the sidebar in a different order?
    If not pls add these two features.

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