Polish ICT promotion stand at CeBIT 2017

Polish ICT promotion stand at CeBIT 2017

We have been present at the CeBIT fair
for the fifth or sixth time in a roll. This is one of the most important events
for the ICT sector in Europe. To be honest, this edition seems
to be smaller than the prvious one, though it is still very
popular among Polish companies. We are here with the Polish ICT
promotion stand, together with several
Polish companies, including those which received
direct support from the Polish Agency
for Enterprise Develompent. Finally there are several Polish companies
present which are supported by us during B2B meetings
in the hall nearby. We came here this year
with the Holohostess, as well as with our new company
called VP Software, in order to promote Polish IT programmers
on the international market. We are very pleased that we were
invited to the Polish stand and we believe that
this is a very good way to promote Polish
companies internationally. We hope that this fair will help us
gain new customers and new contacts and that it will be a place
where our company will be able to spread its wings even more. The atand looks very neat
and int attracts customers. I think that aur Holohostess
is also a nice addition to the stand. We specialize in high- and low-level
programming language software development. We are a young company, over one year old
and we came to the CeBIT fair with the PARP’s support
in order to promote our services. We are very pleased
that the support of PARP made it possible for us
to be present at the fair and to broaden our horizons and promote
services on the western markets. During the CeBIT fair young
and small companies such as ours as well as big companies
have an oppertunity to meet each other. These big ones make it possible
for the smaller ones to grow with them so that it is possible to start interesting cooperation
on many different levels. We are the company that has a tool to automize step-by-step
documentation to help users working
in a software, in any web or windows
space software. So we are interacting
with software companies and looking for partners
in every country of the world. Therefore I was visiting
the booth for Poland to check out whether
the software companies are here and luckily I found already one, had a nice conversation. Your booth looks great! You know,
when we came into the hall, we saw it immediately, so you have a good position here
and nice people to talk to. So, yeah, good booth!

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