Portal 2 Authoring Tools - Elevators

Portal 2 Authoring Tools – Elevators

once again guys this is james from squid gaming bringing you another portal to authoring tools tutorial today we will be doing level transition elevators as I know a lot of people have wanted so just quickly fix my map you need to have a map with to 128 by 128 holes in the walls and also elevators should be the very last thing you ever put in a map they will cuz once you put them in you can't move them without breaking them and then you'll have to redo a few steps as I'll explain later so just do them last they also replace the player start entity so you no longer need to put a player start and a portal gun next to each other at the start of a thing it will do all that for you so yeah one to eight by one to eight hole in the wall then go to your entity tool double click and go in func underscore instance and click apply go to the fix-up name and I've been arrival arrival elevator and in the VMF file name i want you to click browse and search for the basically common steam map oh sorry program files whatever your steam is in steam steamapps common portal to sdk content maps instances and then into turbine elevator I put this in 1080p HD and I'll probably do that for the rest of my videos ever so you can see that and select the arrival underscore elevator a for base and click open and click apply depending on the speed of your computer that could take quite a while to apply and also it may just turn into a little red cube if that happens just restart hammer and it'll be there so now you have this extremely large yellow blob which is the elevator model so you don't dare draw each individual part yourself because that will take a very long time and then rotate it and line it up with your 128 by 128 hole in the wall like I'm about to do this can be a little bit tricky as it's not always perfectly straight but you get it eventually and you want to sink it a little bit into the wall so I like the front of your wall or corridor whatever you're using on the edges of your hole it doesn't it's not flickering between the texture of the wall and the no draw texture because that could cause it to bug out and make a hole in everything and not be good like it's it's flickering yeah so you just want to zoom in put your scale down nice and small and then just move it across one and now it should load fine then you want to spin around and go to the other end of your map and make do the same thing Phunk instance and fix that name for this one we exit exit elevator call it whatever you want that just for simplicity sake then you click browse again in the VMF file name and it should take you to the same folder where you will select departure elevator underscore a for base just the same thing whoops my mic which is the same thing but instead of arrival its departure and click apply on that and it should load make sure you press the X on that window for it to load and do the same thing again line it up once again can be quite annoying you get there eventually and obviously if you do it right you only have to do it once and then once again just sink that into the wall and that's the placement of the elevators done zoom out you'll set these to bigger things the exit one has a large pole going through it while their arrival one is a little bit smaller now this is the slightly tricky bit start with the exit elevator if it doesn't actually matter which one change your scale so it's nice and zoomed out and hold down shift drag it across one and then drag it back to exactly where it was whoops make sure you don't do what I just did and have this scale you've selected to not fit what you already had those cancel that so hold down shift and drag out and then drag it back into exactly the same place it must be exactly the same place I think this is yeah that's good and then double-click and you're selected one of them doesn't matter which one and rename this to exit logic and then in the VMF file name click browse again and select the departure underscore elevator underscore a4 underscore logic and click apply and the X and you now have the elevator and the logic module for that same elevator in exactly the same spot if they are not in the same spot it will not work not sure what happens but it's not good and if you want to select the logic you click this bottom cube on this sort of F shape and that's the logic and the top one is the agile elevator now do the same for this one hold down shift drag across and back let go and then this arrival logic and select the arrival underscore elevator underscore a4 underscore logic and click play and the same rules apply with the F the F sort of shape and you now have the two elevators now the final step to getting this to work is to create a final entity anywhere in the entire map so it doesn't have to be visible in the game in a room it doesn't have to be anywhere really as long as it exists somewhere and change that entity once again to func instance if it's fix-up name to just to transition and it's vmf the final name should be the arrival underscore departure underscore transition underscore n dot v MF which is somewhere yeah hopefully oh wait sorry it is in a different folder right about that come back to the go back one step up to the instances folder and then go to transitions and do that same name click apply and exit and you'll have this little these three little boxes to which and that's pretty much it I'm not sure how to make it go to a level that you want it to go to that's I guess we'll be the subject of a future update video for this one I am working on that it's quite complicated as well as this tutorial was as it was the first time any of you using instances probably or many of you but that's it and now we will run and compile our map and it would look something like this okay so this is just the loading screen so I'll show you the actual transition and we come off the elevator and here it is there is a way to change these the movie on those screens I'll show you that as well in a future video and this is my room as you can see here is that whole thing I was talking about that is spazzing out I obviously didn't insert this enough I think I yeah I did it with this one but when I move that in against need move it one more so if yours does that that's the problem just move it in a little bit more and do exactly what you did with the arrival one if that one works you'll see also that it comes with an emancipation grill which if you don't want I'll be making another video at some point showing you how to edit instances and delete and add things to them so you could get rid of that and then when you hop in the exit side let's go off you go up and it says end of play test unless you know how to make it change level which hopefully you do because I don't so thanks for watching guys this is james from squid gaming I hope you learned something and see you next time

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42 Replies to “Portal 2 Authoring Tools – Elevators”

  1. problem,ive got a issue where it starts me outside the elevator,tried to fix this "problem" by placing down a player starting point,i started in the elevator but no trigger was happening,i had the logic and base both in it but i was just stuck in the elevator,also i didnt have a portal gun.

    EDIT:Elevator was working,no gun tho.

  2. I have a problem: Even when I restart Hammer, the "Elevator" will be a purple cube, or red if I select it! What could I do?


  4. @Hay1tsme you cant have any gaps or "leaks" into the black void or the map will not run. You will have to check for them

  5. @SkwittGaming i figured you of all people could hepl me. OK, so i've put in a departure elavator because its the starting room, and i have the player spawn, the portal gun on the floor, lights (Entaties, not visable ones) a door, and an elavator, but it won't let me run the map because it "Leked". HELP!

  6. @SkwittGaming please make a tutorial for level Transition! Open up the Authoring tools and click "getting started guide" and then you will come to a page in the valve developer comunity
    click the link "Portal 2 Level Design" and you will come to a page with many links. If you press the link "level transition" you will come to a page that tells you how to make level transitions or "change level" i does not understand something on that page but you will maby do?

  7. I have a problem with my entrance elevator for underground maps. Do you have the problem where it doesn't move if you spawn the player directly inside it?

  8. somehow my actual game says end of playtest and all the chapter names are gone can anyone help me???????!!!!!!!!

  9. OK WTF or explanation is bs and why dident you just make the logic in the first place

  10. @POPCORN454545 I figured it out already, your .vmt of the current map needs to be in the following folder: portal 2sdk_contentmaps

  11. @TrickbossTheSecond I had the exact same problem…and i don't know how to fix it either D:!!! HELP SKWITT. THUMBS UP SO SHIT CAN SEE

  12. @piper4123 i have no idea then, the best thing to do in that situation is delete all the elevator parts and go through the tutorial again very carefully and dont miss anything

  13. @killumanati777 i can do that, but before then in the panels tutorial i use a tiny bit of parenting, looks there it might help

  14. @SkwittGaming ok i did everything u did in the video, lined them up perfectly added thoes last 3 instances, all of that and now i spawn in the elevator which has no light except the patato and the buttons in the elevator. it makes the sounds of it moving but it never lands

  15. @piper4123 did you place the transistion instance and did you make sure that they are perfectly aligned

  16. ok i placed the elevator, but it keeps killing me when i run the map. i just fall with no portal gun in a completely black space. which isnt right because i put i giant box around the level so there arent any openings

  17. Elevators are probably the first thing you put in so you can actually make you level without it clipping into the elevator room. Also thank you for advertising yourself on my videos, im happy you didnt actually copy my elevator tutorial.

  18. @killumanati777 i have a panel tutorial, check the channel, it dosnt cover all of that but it will help. Objects triggering trigers is interesting, im not sure of its use and i cant think of a time in-game that it happened so i might not be possible. However you can make them trigger when they are destroyed

  19. @rvdm88 i didnt notice much of a difference, but my computer is very fast, but elevators should be the last thing you do so it shouldnt be a problem

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