PORTUGAL video diary | a week in Porto, Lisbon, Lagos 🇵🇹

if you think about it, the world is kind
of small. Sometimes you make plans to meet up with friends at the Panera 10
minutes away, and sometimes you make plans to meet up with them 3969 miles
away in Portugal. This is Cat. Cat was coming to Europe in December and I was
already in Europe, so we were like, hey, why don’t we be in Europe together for a
few days? We thought about Spain, Malta, Portugal,
and eventually decided on a path that took us from the north of Portugal all
the way to the south. First up was Porto. I’ve heard from a bunch of people that
everyone who visits both Lisbon and Porto ends up liking Porto better and
from my limited experience I would have to agree with them, it just feels cozier
somehow. Lots of good views, good times, good laughs,
good food, subpar food, strong wine, and very, very steep hills We didn’t stay up very late on New
Year’s Eve which was good because the next day we had to catch a bus to Lisbon.
If you recall, the last time I was in Lisbon I tried to recreate some
childhood photos but I ran out of time, so that was my top priority this time
around. The palm trees there definitely either grew or they’re just completely
different trees but I think I did a pretty good job with what I had. Our time
in Lisbon was very short because the next day it was on to Lagos. Our Airbnb host
picked us up and took us to this really cute apartment and then we went grocery
shopping and cooked this fancy schmancy home dinner for two. we saw lots of beautiful views in Lagos.
We did catch a little bit of a cold so our plans for surfing and kayaking kind
of went out the window but also the water was really cold so maybe we didn’t
miss out on that much. Either way, I think seeing this sunrise definitely
made up for a lot. And that was our last day. Then it was onto Barcelona for me and home for Cat. I hope you like this
little video diary and thank you for watching.

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