Promote Your Online Business With Alternative Marketing Channels

Promote Your Online Business With Alternative Marketing Channels

James Schramko here with an internet marketing
news update. I’m going to talk about PR’s like press releases, staff equipment and different
marketing channels plus an announcement about two new courses.
So, at the end of 2012, press releases went under the microscope again. Also, PRWeb put
out a press release that it probably regretted putting out and have since tightened up their
stance on what they will allow to publish. They’re really looking for genuine news,
so what can you do as a marketer? Well firstly, only have news-worthy press
releases, that’s a good tip, and get a professional writer to make your press release. There’s
plenty of those out there. We do them from
Another thing is to consider different suppliers. PRWeb are very powerful and strong however,
I suspect they’d probably had a change in the way that they syndicate their articles
and there are other providers out there. Some of them more expensive and more picky. Some
of them less expensive yet people still report great results. There’s a few threads on
this in FastWebFormula right now so go and have a look through those and see what you
want to do regarding press releases. I still think press releases are a good thing
to do for your business and they will help you bring new traffic to a new website. It’s
one of the best ways to get a foundation going from some established websites.
If you have an online business, then remember that the internet is just a marketing channel.
You can actually promote your online business from offline marketing channels. I’m not
saying that you should go out and get a billboard or rent the side of a bus, but perhaps there’s
a spot for you on radio, perhaps there’s a spot for you with direct response marketing
or some local directories that are in print papers or print publications. Maybe not the
LA pages but industry trade journals are good and you can sometimes take the same piece
of content you’ve made for a press release or a feature post or article on your site
and submit that to a real publication for publishing as an expert author.
You might then also take some advertising right near that feature publication and in
some cases it’s not expensive. I remember when I was taking out advertising for Mercedes
Benz, I was able to take out advertising in the local school paper which had around 700
parents reading it and it costs something like 75 dollars a quarter, so it was very
inexpensive but ultra-targeted in a local area for that specific business.
Think about who your perfect customer is and what offline publications or mediums are you
likely to find them. What do you do if you have a team and their
gear is not up to scratch? Well, I’m in favor of helping them get the right gear and
not making them pay for the whole thing themselves, certainly not having to pay it back straight
away if you have to lend them something, because that puts a strain on their household budget.
It might actually tempt them to need to take extra work and of course, they don’t have
the control, in some cases, to be able to regulate that so usually I will give them
the equipment because I know that it helps them but it also helps my business.
When I have a happy worker and my team member is focused on the job and not sweating on
how to put food on the table, then it’s going to make them happy and I’m happy because
our customers are getting looked after. And that faster equipment, things like faster
internet speeds, bigger computer screens or a more effective powerful computer can actually
really increase the output of some of your team members. So if you have full-timers and
you have an office and your business is something worth caring about, consider upgrading some
of your key team members who have been loyal and have really helped your business.
There are two new courses inside FastWebFormula. One is SuperfastPPC that was a high-level
master class where over weeks, we actually recorded webinars and then we put out some
really top-level information. This costs thousands of dollars but it’s now inside FastWebFormula
for members. Also, I’ve put in there Super Affiliate Master Class that was another webinar
master class series with a SuperAffiliate and that training is also inside FastWebFormula.
It’s available from day 1. We don’t do drip-fed content around here, we put it all
in there from the beginning. It’s up to you to find the bits that you like and if
you want help finding the right bits, then just ask me, I know where everything is. Also,
we continually add content each month so I’m not worried about holding back or just giving
you little bits and pieces. You can have everything from day 1 and go for it.
FastWebFormula is effective not just because of the training. That’s certainly one element
but the most important thing is the community. The people in there make the community and
we have live meet-ups all around the world. We’re having a live event this year and
we also have the ability for coaching. If you ask for help, you will get answers.
So if you want a place to go with a community that’s concerned about their success and
your success and you want great access to training material and me and coaching from
others, then get into FastWebFormula for one low monthly fee, it is a bargain. That’s
why we have over 500 members now. You know, there are other things you should
learn other than just building a website and I think that things like communication, business
negotiation, sales, learning your numbers in the business are far more important for
you to learn at that critical stage where you’re trying to jump from having a full-time
job to making a real business of this. So stop learning about html and stop consuming
so much stuff and start exploring how you can build your business skills.
Read those Kindles. You’ll get more value in a 20 dollar Kindle than you will from a
2,000 dollar guru course. Do that, come along to FastWebFormula and you have a recipe for
success. I’ll be there waiting for you, I’ll see you there.
Well, I’m James Schramko, I hope you’ve enjoyed this internet marketing update. I’ll
catch up with you soon.

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