Promotions At Work For LGBT Employees

Promotions At Work For LGBT Employees

Hi Gina here, LGBT and psychological safety
consultant and trainer. Back with your daily dose of LGBT inclusion best practice. Promotions.
In more than half the world, LGBT people may not be protected from discrimination by workplace
law. This means that LGBT employees can be rejected for jobs, overlooked for promotion
or fired for being who they are. So many LGBT individuals are overlooked for promotions
(I was one of them), with unconscious bias in interviews being just one factor for that.
What can you do to encourage the LGBT people in your organisation to develop for leadership
roles? Consider providing specialised coaching with an LGBT specialist. I’d be happy to
have a chat with you to create a bespoke leadership programme for your organisation. I’ll see
you again tomorrow when I will be sharing more LGBT best practice. I’ll see you then.

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