PS4 Games Facts - Did You Know Gaming? extra Feat. Greg (PlayStation 4)

PS4 Games Facts – Did You Know Gaming? extra Feat. Greg (PlayStation 4)

hello and welcome to did you know gaming extra in this episode we'll be exploring trivia all about Sony's latest home console the PlayStation 4 before we get into the video however this episode of did you know gaming is sponsored by salon game and their new open-world sci-fi adventure second galaxy second galaxy's open-world gives players many roles to choose from trader Explorer or even a warlord in the time we spent in the game we went on quests to fight pirates explore upgrade our ship and trade if you choose to take on this adventure you'll have many options for combat exploration trading and strategy with whatever role you choose having a critical impact in the game's narrative the game is set 3,000 years in the future where humanity has begun colonizing the Stars and has formed an empire called the second galaxy the game's universe has five regimes each of which has an ever-changing relationship with each other and players must form their own allegiances within this dynamic political landscape second galaxies can have half a million concurrent online players and handle thousands of players on screen in real time combat you can also team up with other players to form corporations and secure resources trade and barter with each other or engage in enormous space battles these battles take place all over the game's massive world which has 50,000 stars across more than 1,000 light-years of space the game also has 150 classes of spacecraft and thousands of different upgrades and fixtures for each second galaxy's beta testing version is now available on both iOS and Android devices click the second galaxy official website link in the description below to register a beta account and now back to Greg with the trivia the PlayStation 4 was released back in 2013 and at the time of this video is nearing 100 million sales worldwide this places it firmly fourth in the top 5 best-selling home consoles of all time alongside the PlayStation 2 and the original PlayStation which still enjoy their first and second place spots respectively as well as the PlayStation 3 now in fifth the ps4 has enjoyed some heavy hitters when it comes to its exclusive games with instant classics like blood-borne anticipated sequels like Uncharted 4 and infamous second son and surprise hits like horizon zero dawn and baby designers often spend time considering a characters outfit not just a reference previous adventures and tie things together but also to show a story in itself with uncharted 4 thieves end Drake's costume designer aimed to make several outfits specifically to make him not stand out this was to make sure that Drake's outfits wouldn't distract from the performance of his motion actors facial animations and give the sense that Drake was an experienced character who has been adventuring for some time another game with focus in his outfits is god of war despite the game's change in style from previous god of wars this iteration is still a direct sequel and the developers made sure to let the players know sometimes in more subtle ways a conscious effort was made to keep visual references from earlier God of War titles such as Kratos wearing his Terra gasps seen in previous adventures there's also another callback to previous games in the franchise by looking at the tracers clothing a red sash can be seen wrapped around his waist based on the pattern featured on the apparel it's clear that this is crate as his old loincloth from early god of war games with the wild popularity of the Marvel Cinematic Universe references to the franchise are everywhere and God of War is no exception one of the most clear references is in the shattered gauntlet of Ages talisman as with other items this talisman can be upgraded once it's fully upgraded it can be fitted with three enchantments there are six enchantments in the game which referenced the six Infinity stones of Thanos's gauntlet when any three of these enchantments are placed into the gauntlet the power granted by the gauntlet is upgraded from an energy blast to firing projectiles another possible reference to the MCU can be found within the game but this one contains end of game spoilers so if you don't want to know skip to the time shown on screen I'll give you a second after defeating the two trolls of Tears vault Grendel of frost and Grendel of ashes which in itself is undoubtedly a reference to the Old English poem Beowulf at Reyes quips this could be a reference to Marvel's Avengers in which the Incredible Hulk pounds Loki into the ground and follows it up with the line while it could be merely coincidence the idea of this being intentional is reinforced when it is revealed at the end of the game that at Reyes actually is Loki horizon zero dawn released to rave reviews and was the third best-selling PlayStation 4 game in 2017 this was in part due to guerrilla games proprietary game engine decima originally created for Killzone shadow fall and then adapted for her after his creation in 2013 the engine remained nameless being referred to as only the engine this was until Hideo Kojima parted ways with Konami and had to leave his Fox engine behind with kijima in search of new tech and with guerrilla games besotted by the works of the famous developer the Dutch devs offered to provide him with their engine in honor of the company's working together they dubbed the engine decima after Dejima Island this is an island known for its trading post that created a strong bond between the Netherlands and Japan being the only foreign country allowed to trade with Japan in the 17th century in January of 2019 Kojima even traveled to Amsterdam to pay his partners a visit and show them what he'd done with their engine in person for his upcoming game death stranding horizon director Matthias T younger said that the demo left him speechless to continue the homage to Kojima and his production company gorilla included a number of Easter eggs in tribute to death stranding throughout horizon amongst the huge number of collectables throughout the game the player is able to find a number of stranded items the three collectables are the stranded necklace which is a clear reference to the necklace donned by Norman Reedus in the first teaser for death stranding the shackles from this teaser also appear in horizon as the stranded shackles lastly the stranded figure a small baby doll is virtually identical to one seen in death stranding second trailer not only this but the icon for these collectables is a silhouette of Kojima Productions logo horizon zero dawn also contains some slice directs from titles from gorillas past a particularly sneaky reference can be found by climbing to the top of the devil's grief vantage point when looking towards the stadium and using the focus scan it's possible to get a glimpse of the stadium in all its former glory on closer inspection the player is able to see the logo of frig's mechanized combat league throughout the game the player can also find numerous collectables known as ancient vessels the old mugs show logos of various fictitious companies from within the game world however one of them has a familiar visage the KZ vessel clearly features the face of a Helghast soldier from killzone in fact it seems identical to the image from the Killzone 3 box art while we're on the topic of Killzone and horizon zero dawn kills Shadowfall one of the launch titles for the ps4 actually contains a reference to Horizon despite being released a full four years earlier the Easter eggs a small hologram of what appears to be a corruptor from Horizon Twitter user Jake SNL posted the find online and the game's director responded confirming the Easter Egg saying well spotted robot did undergo some changes though game developers can face a wide array of struggles during production but for judgment Ryu GA Gotoku Studios problems came after the game that hit store shelves in Japan sales of the title were halted and the game was recalled in early 2019 after it was revealed that the famed musician and the game's primary antagonist Pierre Pocky was caught up in a scandal investigators searched takis car as well as his Tokyo home after receiving a tip off the authorities were in search of cocaine and although they were unable to find the substance in Turkey's possession he was made to take a urine test which came back positive for the drug the actor admitted to breaking the country's drug laws and taking a small amount of cocaine after this news broke sega judgment publisher issued a statement informing the public that the game would be removed from digital storefront and physical sales would be halted the company also removed all mentions of the game from their official Twitter account this wasn't the first time that Sega hit issues like this Hiroki Norah Mia was also removed from the earlier released inclusive for after heat too was wrapped up in allegations of cocaine use taki scandal has further reaching ramifications in Japan besides judgment as he also provides the Japanese voice for Olaf in frozen panic ensued within disney japan who also halted sales of home video releases of frozen and had his voice replaced in a patch for Kingdom Hearts 3 with judgment the team make the decision to replace the actor within the hour of light being shed on the allegations this was the first time the team were made aware of the situation as well the game which was already going through localization for the Western market had a lot more work set out for them with the team replacing not just the character's voice but also his entire character model it having been previously based on performance capture of taki including pre-rendered cutscenes the character ended up having an entirely original design instead and was reavoice for Japanese already is by Kyra hey Himura as a result of the team's fast work on replacing the actor these alterations didn't necessitate the delay for the international release and now it's time for this episode's random piece of trivia today we'll be taking a look at the sims 2 or rather a review of it from Steve Hager tee written for PC Xone magazine this review written for an expansion pack of H&M themed clothes was so skating that it resulted in somebody from EA getting personally involved not just blacklisting ha gotti but also attempting to have him fired his brief review is as follows here's what I think happened but did not happen at a recent party when one man in a suit met another man in a suit next to a punch bowl filled with molten diamonds one man said his job was for want of a better description to pump out awful money sponging updates for the sims 2 the other man said his job was for want of a better description to generate soul-destroying advertising deals for a clothing company they both cited at this point and looked into one another's vacant eyes words weren't needed this content pack was created then Harold what's wrong a wife would later ask her but draggled husband this one's really bad Sarah he would admit it's 60 sodding outfits from H&M and we're charging 10 pounds for it people will still buy it she insisted Harold raised his hand and struck his wife hard across the face spilling his scotch on the carpet the carpet they'd bought with that devil money he knew she was right that he hated what they had both become he hadn't sailed in 7 years maybe he should go sailing again those were the last random thoughts his suffering brain delivered to him as the Rope tightened around his neck how cruel his frantic kicking relaxed he was sailing now this content pack really is unmitigated bum the final nail in the coffin was the provided review score of 5 out of 100 the following year EA published another expansion for The Sims 2 this time providing a variety of Ikea themed items Hager T wrote another review being told to simply just stick to the facts this review started with this is a Content pack for the video game series The Sims 2 in it you'll find the following Hoggett e then simply listed the items included in the expansion followed by I have considered the benefits and cause of this pack and settled on a representative numerical value that's all for today but I hope you enjoyed this video I'm still laughing about that review its we appreciate you all watching I really do hope you enjoyed it with a great day that's all I'm gonna say about that and was that reading of the review P have fun doing it I think I'm gonna start recording audio but promise they only read porn no don't leave that it cut it out I read more than that I'm gonna cut uncultured I'm a college it fellow

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  1. Decima originally a first person shooter engine, adapted to a 3rd person adventure game with spectacular results.

    Frostbite, originally a first person shooter engine, adapted to a 3rd person action adventure game with spectacular failure.

    Swedes arent just inferior to the Dutch in football but also in games development.

  2. In Japan they remove a game because the main character is voiced by a drug user, In America we make fun of Drake for Half Xan knocking him out for 20 hours

  3. I was neutral on the review until we go to the spousal abuse and suicide. That was overboard cruel, especially the suicide part, for a video game he didn't like.

  4. Occasionally, very occasionally, I'm proud to be British. That review at the end had me on the verge of saluting and belting out God Save The Queen.

  5. So what the guy snorted some white powder as if their fucking executives didn't do the same ditching the guy.

  6. After one minute in the video , I forgot what the video was about and thougth it is a review for some space game 🙂 🙂

  7. I don't understand the joke about the "representative numerical value" other than it means that's it's not worth the money. Can someone explain the joke to me in detail? lol

  8. What did he rate the IKEA pack??? And who told him to "stick to the facts," and who was informed of that advice, allowing them to spread it to the public and subsequently this video?

  9. It looks like Frozen is called Anna and the Snow Queen in Japan? I guess that is closer to the tale it was inspired by

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