Realtor Marketing Ideas Using Video | How to Dominate With Real Estate Internet Marketing

Realtor Marketing Ideas Using Video | How to Dominate With Real Estate Internet Marketing

below one end still to saint joe and i a
m a marketing and s your consultant based out of denver colorado and today i
actually want to talk a little bit about realtor marketing
now as we know there are a whole lot of realtors out there so
that means there’s a lot of competition and and it takes a lot to really
breakthrough that competition standouts in front of your target audience so it’s
very calm ones talk to you real quick about video marketing malcolm you can
use utilized video marketing to really stand out so first of all i see a lot of realtors realtors out
there who are trying to use real estate video marketing but they’re not really using
it in the correct way i’m i’d like to use video marketing and almost like a an
attraction marketing type away where i give up out lot of value in a lot of information for
free most importantly by a lot of value consistently to my target market and i don’t see a lot of realtors to
that so but i’d really suggest for real if your realtor out there go out and make make some videos you
know they don’t have to be long videos two minutes three minutes tops nexusrs give out a lot of valuable
information that’s good help people in your local area make sure
that in the title in in the description of the the video that you will go up to
you to you want to put obviously your name and this city date you were in the
date you’re representing the next the next thing that’s that’s a
little more tricky is because there’s a lot of competition a lot of realtors out
there a lot of realtors don’t know how actually optimize those videos number one on you tube into ranked
number one this is where like bsc o’connor tricky
stuff comes in what i wanted to do is i want to offer
you something for free uh… there’s gonna be a link below types out till cinco dot com four slash
seven minutes as you go to that link he can get access to a bunch of free stuff
i didn’t get in hebron freaky about directly access to in live webinars that we do uh… i think twice a day now and it’s gonna give allot of information
away of how you can really rise above your
competition now so how you can learn some of the basics of s_c_o_ this
will really help you get more customers this’ll get your phone ringing more
often these are proven methods i work with a group of marketers they’re all
around most americans we actually uh… collaborate on what when we work
with local businesses these strategies work so click that link below and you
can get access to a bunch of free information uh… once you go through
that and information and you implemented and it works come back to this video
made me a comment because i know you’re you’re gonna love absolutely love what
you see uniquely battling take care and i hope you enjoyed this video about
realtor marketing and real estate marketing

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