Reddit Marketing 101: 5 Steps Ways to Drive a Ton of Free Traffic from Reddit

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How to Find Backlinks from Competitors site । SEO Backlinks checker tool । How to check Backlinks

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Link Building Strategies on Steroids: How to Get Backlinks FAST!

Link Building Strategies on Steroids: How to Get Backlinks FAST!

In this video, I’m going to show you how to turn your backlink analysis into actionable link building strategies… fast.

46 Replies to “Reddit Marketing 101: 5 Steps Ways to Drive a Ton of Free Traffic from Reddit”

  1. You are right, It's tough to make reddit people like usual content. I posted three well written articles and two got negative response, people attacked me aggressively for posting that content in their Sub-reddits. But one was liked and got picked up by the person about whom I wrote the article and she also tweeted it.
    More than 5,000 people came together on my website that day. That girl's boyfriend showed the article to his live audience (8k+) and someone made a video about that article. People still visit to my website because of that article from Reddit, YouTube and Twitter. That article almost went viral, just because of I posted it on Reddit and it was relative to the sub-reddit.


  3. Thanks Neil, I made an account earlier this year, haven't explored. And their UI isn't impressive 😀 what you think?

  4. Forget Reddit, bunch of cynical arrogant morons on that site! Better to target platforms where most people are merely cynical simpletons like Facebook haha

  5. Great advice. Reddit can be hard and you can get shadow banned if you do things wrong. Join the convo, add value and replicate what’s already working but do it some what better. I think most people are to quick to promote their sites or offers. Reddit takes time to build trust as well so if your account is new and you spam/promote to early they will sniff you out + they have bots that are smart that pick things up very fast. Do things right and you get masses amounts of traffic. Actually had my server crash because I had a post go viral and wasn’t ready for the traffic lol.

    Love your work Neil, these short videos are my favourite way to get quick bursts of info that spark ideas 💡

  6. Amazing Stuff #NeilSIR. These tips will really gonna help me in getting all that traffic from Reddit more effectively now. Thanks for sharing :)…

  7. Hello Neil I've a Question to ask from you & I thing which is really important to climb the first step of SEO & the Question is How I can create a crazy amazing Website Design that will be user Friendly & Attractive to visitors like yours and Brian Dean's if you will give ans to my this Question it can be very helpful to me and it will make my day

  8. Hi i posted on reddit a link to a review on my website it was a short but good content review with great pics for an awsome game the game actually had no benifit for me i wrote the review myself it wasnt just an embeded video and i wasnt selling that game although i do have affiliate links on the site i posted an awsome title and have had some comments but just ones saying its click bait i dont get it because the review is good and i dont profit from that review actually it was my fisrt attempt but if everyones going to slam posts with links as click bait whats the point in linking stuff on your site ps the account wasnt brand new i had been using and commenting how should i of approched it im new to the whole using social media thing but i really thought it was a review gamers would want to look at it kinda got put down without them even looking at the review kind of like the other commenter on here in the same boat

  9. I got 17 karma by commenting,posting and reply posts in different sub reddit. It suddenly reduced 6 . Pls why the reduction in my karma?

  10. So I got 1900 views quickly without even knowing about reddit. When I looked at the stats on YouTube it told me that 95% came from reddit.. how?

  11. 2019 is full of competition in traffic generation. Hi neil We hope a great guidance from you and specially I am really very excited to learn how can I generate my traffic from other sources until I rank on Search Engine
    Cheers Suraj.. From Pune India

  12. Love it! I also heard if your comment gets upvoted enough the link within will become "do Follow."

    Hey, Neil, I'm trying to put together a content creation, and promotions service focused on the E-commerce. Using the tactics you've listed like Reddit, Pinterest and blog and forum outreach. I also do on page SEO. My idea would be to track KPI's for the target keywords I'm promoting then have a monthly worksheet for the client, so all the work I'm doing is transparent. My question for you is – who is doing this really well that I could replicate and how could I track the progress to show the real value in the service. Any direction would be appreciated. P.S I just liked and shared your video to an e-commerce facebook group. 😀

  13. Yes, what he is talking is true and i used reddit for my deals website and it was nice but you can not get much profit unless you use a bot. I used reddittasker from tasker18 .com and they added lots of features now.

  14. This doesn’t explain… should I go on Reddit as my company name and comment on other stuff? I never see Microsoft, or Google or anyone from any other company posting. I see there are Community Subreddits for companies, but how does that work? Why not just create one of those for your company? And if so, how?

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