Salesforce Lightning Training | Salesforce Lightning Course | Intellipaat

Salesforce Lightning Training | Salesforce Lightning Course | Intellipaat

Welcome to Intellipaat. During this session, you will be getting an
overview about a very interesting and easy lo learn framework called Salesforce Lightning. But before we start off with the lightning framework, we shall be knowing what is Salesforce
? So here we go! As we all know, Sales plays a very crucial
role in your business and organization’s growth. But it is very tough to get it done correctly
and effectively. And, hence to reduce the complexities of sales
and everything else it involves , Sales force was introduced. Salesforce is one of the best virtual ( means
cloud based) Customer Relationship Management we have today. And What is CRM, we shall be discovering in
the next slides to come. So lets start with the major features it comes
with: 1) Virtual CRM
2) Feature to build innovative apps 3) App ecosystem. In a nut shell, Salesforce has applications
for sales, service, marketing, analytics and more which enterprises can deploy without
the need of IT experts to setup and manage. Now let us know briefly about what all these features do??? 1) Virtual CRM: CRM as I told you is Customer
Relationship Management. As name depicts, it holds the entire data
that you might be needing related to your customer. Like name, address, email id, phone num, profession,
previous interactions etc. And, it can be accessed by all the concerned
persons and departments. 2) Build Apps Faster: Even if you do not have
any technological knowledge related to coding, still you can build apps using drag and drop
events. The feature hence makes the task happen faster. 3) App Ecosystem: The AppExchange provides
you n number of Apps that can directly be sold to the customer. And these apps are available across the Salesforce
ecosystem, which can be used by all salesforce users. I hope you guys have got a little idea about
what is salesforce!! After Features, lets talk about the components Salesforce comes with:
It has got four major components: 1) App Exchange
2) Lightning Platform ( this is what we are going to talk about in the slides thereafter). 3) Heroku
4) App Cloud Mobile. This was a general overview about Salesforce. Now let us go in detail about Salesforce Lightning
Platform. Let us first understand – what is Salesforce Lightning?? Salesforce Lightning is an ecosystem of readymade
apps and components which enterprises can use to build next generation user interfaces
and Apps. It basically consists of two components-
1) Lightning Component Framework and 2) Lightning App Builders
And using the both, innovative Apps and UIs are built. So, Lightning is a framework which is used
to build Application and User Interfaces.I hope it is clear to you Lets us go in detail about Lightning Component
Framework; which forms the most important portion of Salesforce lightning:
So the first feature is : Out-of-the-box component: 1) This is nothing but a collection of components
which can be used to create Apps. 2) These are reusable components, once created,
can be used by any salesforce user to develop the App.
3) The components can also contain HTML, JavaScript, CSS like web enabled code. 4) The same components can be used to create
new components. 5) Detailed encapsulation: That is to say,
though components external images are visible to the component users but the internal functions
are reserved to the component author ( the one who has created the component) and hence
authors can change the implementation details without letting the user know about the same. 2) Event Driven frame Work: This feature allows
the developer write handlers that responds to user interface events as
they occur. 3) And finally Open Source Aura Framework
: It simply means, you can build Apps regardless of data that you have : structured or unstructured. In short, you have got everything that you
need to develop an app and build User Interface without having the need to being technically
acumen. After knowing the amazing features, let us
talk about lightning framework usage.. By now you all must have got the idea what
Lightning Platform basically does. But let me elaborate it a little more for
you guys: It is used for building personalized apps. 1) Using lightning app exchange, your developer
can build the app the way they want that is to say they can customize it. there is no standard way to be followed,
you mold it the way you want it. 2) These apps are reusable. The developer can reuse it and access it even
from mobile. 3) You can continue working in the lightning
framework in the absence of internet connectivity, and again can connect with the Salesforce
ecosystem as and when network resumes. 4) The app shall be present across the ecosystem
and hence can also be used by other developers as and when they required. Build App Faster
1) The out-of-the-box component enables the developers to develop apps faster using these
components. 2) You don’t need any coding, simply these
drag and drop components can be used for the same. 3) Developers also have the option to build
the innovative apps and appealing UI using web enabled codes HTML, JavaScript and CSS. Customize the CRM:
1) Salesforce Lightning enables its users to customize their CRM anytime. So that they an use it effectively and successfully. Now let us use an example to get a clear understanding as to how Lightning App builder works and
how easily you can develop an app without using coding. Now let’s create a lightning application,
for that will go to lightning app builder, below schema builder. Click on new, lightning app builder is also
a click interface, visual interface. So, app page, we shall create a single page
lightning application. Click on next, here it would ask you for a
layout. let’s keep it default. Here you need to specify label so let’s
say flow demo or feedback app. ok click on finish. Now here is the main page. Where you need to get the components as I
told you, apps are build using pre- built components. So, we will take
visual force page from here and add this as a component. So, we can add these components from here. If you have custom component created, you
can find that here. So here is the flow demo, u can see in the
drop down all the visual force pages which are enabled for lightning, you can see those
in the demo here and now click on save, activate, feedback app. You can give any icon you want. You can change it You can activate for all users or for system
administrators only. Salesforce lightning Add page to application, so where do I add,
so feedback app added here , you can also change the sequence. Click on save. Activation is successful. Now we want to test our app, so to open salesforce
1 app on your computer get rid of everything after
Type in now this is a mobile app you might see an error
popping up So, to run salesforce 1 on your computer,
you can have some extensions on your computer which would convert your computer into mobile. So, I’m on Firefox and have used an extension
called user override, user agent override So, what will I do ,,,,,I ll tell it that
I am not a computer and I am a mobile. Ok, now we can see our salesforce 1 app, so
here we are. If we click on this, we have our feedback app here under the application. If
I click on feedback app � so see flow demo has opened here, it is the same but now it
is getting opened in the mobile as well. So, name—– And we have you can see how
easy it was app builder and publish that application into
salesforce 1 mobile. Also ensure that you use such plug in…because
earlier it used to work on desktop as well but now if you try to open Salesforce 1 on
desktop it will definitely give you an error that salesforce can be used on mobile only. Since now you must have got a clear picture of what do we exactly do with salesforce lightning,
let us talk about the career growth it offers you:
This is how your career grows as a salesforce developer. 1) Cloud is the new workforce in the software
market. And Salesforce is one of the best Cloud CRM
softwares available and hence most organizations are shifting to Salesforce CRM.
2) Salesforce was ranked first in Fortune’s “100 Best Companies to Work For” in 2018 wikipedia
3) It has got immense opportunities in terms of Salesforce developers. 4) According to, 2 out of the
10 best jobs are salesforce specific. 5) And 3.3M jobs will be created in the ecosystem
by 2022 , if the report of IDC is to be believed. To me, It sounds quite promising in terms
of your career growth. Isn’t it? And finally, let us know the salary you would be earning for being a salesforce developer. According to, you can garner
up to $125 per year. A great start, certainly? Get 360-degree knowledge about salesforce and lightning at Intellipaat and make witness
your career grow. For any enquiry Contact us anytime at the contact numbers
and email being displayed. Thankyou.

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