Search Engine Marketing (Technophobes.EIM.Academy)

Search Engine Marketing (Technophobes.EIM.Academy)

If you’re interested in learning about Search
Engine Marketing, then you’ve come to the right place. Hello I’m Mark Attwood, founder of the Entrepreneurs
Internet Marketing Academy and creator of the Technophobes Guide to Internet Marketing
Success. The Technophobes Guide to Internet Marketing
Success is a complete 6 1/2 hour video online foundation course in digital marketing principles
specifically designed for small business owners. It is the culmination of my 18 years experience
working online and my nearly 10 years experience working as a teacher of online marketing to
entrepreneurs just like you. In it, I break down everything so simply that
even my Granny could understand it, with the assistance of four cameras in the studio,
a technical screen so you can zoom in and see what I’m doing and the use of an interviewer
to make sure that if I do get too technical, he brings me back to make it as simple as
possible for you to understand. It contains my 8 Pillars of Internet Marketing
Wisdom, which are basically the same principles that I used for one of my own businesses to
generate over £40 million sterling in online revenue. And the same strategies that have seen some
of my clients and students see their own revenue soar by over 1000% in less than 12 months. The content covers everything from: 1. My Red/Amber/Green/Gold Keyword research
system. 2. How to optimise your website from the ground
up so Google loves it from Day 1. 3. How to Maximise your website’s conversion
rates from the get-go. 4. Why WordPress is King and how to use it
super-effectively. 5. My Google Adwords ProfitLab strategywhich
shows how I’ve managed over £4million inside Google Adwords effectively. 6. How to use Facebook marketing and autoresponders
for list-building profits. 7. How to jump over your competition by using
video marketing that actually makes you money. 8. How SEO, or Search Engine Optimisation,
really works. I started teaching digital marketing to other
entrepreneurs back in 2008 because I hated seeing people ripped off by pay-per-click
agencies, SEO companies and website companies that didn’t know the first thing about creating
campaigns that actually made money for their clients. I am passionate about helping small business
owners like you get the knowledge that you need to get you on the right track, to help
you avoid making the same expensive mistakes that I did and to give you the knowledge so
that you can have and online marketing strategy that consistently delivers more leads, more
sales and more profits to give you the life that you dreamed of when you set up your business
in the first place. And the best news is, that you can get over
60 minutes of free online video training from me when you sign up today at I’ll see you on the inside.

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